Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yay I made a ticker this week see that less than 10kgs to go, less than 1/2 kg and I will get me a new rice cooker Like I said at the start I haven't got much to move which is probably why I don't worry about so much which of course results in slower loss. It really bothers me sometimes reading the WW community boards which are my equivalent to meetings when you see someone who is disappointed in a 0.8 lost, seriously I want to jump through the computer and slap them and tell them to wake up to themselves 0.8 is almost 1kg, over 8 weeks I have averaged 0.5 which is along with gains and stay the sames I'm stoked at that, ok Vent over, since I did so well this week I have bought some tupperware on eBay (much cheaper that way)

This week I
  • walked the dogs 3 times
  • took some sort of lunch every day
  • averaged 10000 steps every day
  • ate lost of chocolate
  • ate lots of marshmallows

Next week I will

  • continue walking the dogs regularly
  • do a shop for frezable meals found in my cook books
  • drag my ball out and do some exercises with or without weights
  • Think about goals and rewards

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