Thursday, July 06, 2006

Notice something different??

I've been playing around with templates for a few hours its getting to the frustrating stage where I can't get things to do what I want them to so this is it for now, until I figure out how to create one from start to finish, which will be twice as frustrating or find the things that I want to be on the page, any way back to the important stuff I cooked the lamb shanks last night for dinner I did the whole dinner in the microwave, and guess what I make really good cheese sauce :-) even if I do say so myself, I've always avoided making white sauce because I thought it was too complicated but thanks to my daddy who gave me a Common sense cookery book a few years ago, I dragged it out and dusted it of and found cheese sauce...... Ok so white sauce with cheese in it along with other variations, I made it for the boy who only had a little piece of his lamb shank and decided it was part of the animal that he shouldn't be eating, Like kidney, lambs fry, brains etc yet he happily munches on black pudding for breakfast, he claims it has nothing to do with the taste, oh well he liked the sauce on his vegies

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Berrie said...

Oh yes did notice it looked different well done on your changes and the pics of you at the top..
Yummo your dinner sounds nice I like lamb shanks too they are very tender...
Keep smiling
Berrie :)