Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Like sands through the hour glass...

I missed posting yesterday, I've been trying to keep it up everyday mostly because it, getting my thoughts out into the world, helps even out my moods a little (I'm not that moody I just have dark days) and also if I don't this page will end up like all of my hobbies seem to, forgotten, anyway, I lost 0.3 this week brining me back to 76kg, I haven't made a ticker not sure if I really want to,

on Sunday night the boy's mate came over which of course means the boy drank more than usual and well didn't stop until he went to bed, I hate it when he does this it would be fine if he always got really annoying and then fell asleep but most of the time he gets sadder than he already is and carried on and on about all sorts of things one being that I met someone else online (I haven't) and should go and live with him If I want to spend so much time e-mailing he'll find ...... I'm not going to go there but it involved my lack of cleaning cooking and bedroom skills, I had a WW pudding, then decided to cook dinner I tried a chicken idea with drumsticks pasta sauce and pasta he wasn't interested but I eventually convinced him to eat which has to be a good thing because he went straight to bed......... around 11 he woke up and was still carrying on about how messy the house is, we had a long discussion which involved many tears on my side and lots of confusion on his (why should a person cry when their efforts to change their ways are not only unrecognised but they still receive the same criticism)
Anyway I have agreed that I spend way too much time on the computer and so yesterday only spent time checking my emails for some things on eBay we went out to dinner with my dad (mum is on holiday with her best friend) It seems the RTA has yet again changed its ID system without advertising it too well so the boys birthcard and phone bill weren't enough for him to join the club anymore, the poor lady at the desk coped a lot of complaint It was rather embarrassing but very unfair on the part of the RTA seeing as though he has been trying to get a proper addressed ID for ages did you know if you are over 25 you cannot get an 18+ card how stupid is that well now they have a plain old ID card I'm guessing enough people who being born in other states and unable to get a licence and over 25 were without any ID and complained seeing as though you need some form of ID to get into most clubs these days
Today was back to work 0645 what sort of fool decides we should start work that early I was hoping to get home and finish the service on the Bonnie which I started yesterday but I worked back today and didn't get home till after dark so it will have to wait


Mistie Moo said...

Hi Belinda love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. I was wondering how you put the pics up on your header? Its wonderful what you can do. I know you'll get there. Winter is an awful tiem to try to lose weight I have decided.

jen said...

heyyyyyy Belinda, keep plodding away girl, you are doing just great, keep up the great effort.
Your blog is looking great!

Jen xx