Saturday, July 22, 2006

Weekend..... sorta

Had a few big nights ok so they weren that big just got home late like tonight tomorrow is my weekend the boy wants to go to his mates for a BBQ not really interested myself but I'm guessing that I will have to go or risk the mate thinking I don't like him, which is sorta true he's a nice enough bloke and will do almost anything for us even offered to put his house up for us to get our own but he's also an alcoholic and a highly opinionated advice giving man between him and the boy I should have some big old kickstart thing cause they're better or something like that anyway hes one of those people who are great in small doses

I would really like to bum around and do nothing tomorrow maybe go for a walk and take a picnic to the park we used to have lots of picnic when we lived in a flat just down the road from the park have yet to find a picnic worthy park near here I'm sure there is somewhere appropriate just gotta find it

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jen said...

mmmmmm a picnic, gee been ages since I've had one, geee be nice. If tomorrow is a fine day, might go get the grandies and go to a park and do that!
Hope you had a good weekend.

Keep smiling,