Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Five foods Every one should try once in their life

Ok so I'm not so much a foodblogger but this is a project by The Traveler's Lunchbox after reading an english list of food you must try once in your life and being unimpressed melissa decided to do her own study they are creating a list of food bloggers' top picks for things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once in their life. Click here to read more about the project and check out the fascinating list of responses from around the world. (Nearly 1600 items and counting!) .
I read about it at Farmgirl Fare there are definatley some things that should be tried at least once in your life.........

  1. Mrs Macs Beef cheese and bacon Pie especially for breakfast
  2. Vegiemite LIGHTLY spread on hot(straight out of the toaster) toast which is dripping with butter
  3. Damper with golden syrup
  4. Roo steak sandwiches with onion tomato letuce and BBQ sauce
  5. Tandoori roast lamb

there are alot more I can think of but they only ask for 5 so there it is five foods everyone should try at least once in their life

Monday, October 30, 2006

this is it

Time to start again, this week was a gain of 1.5 which brings me back to only 3.5 kgs down ......grrrrr so this is it tonight right here I am promising myself I will get up in the morning and at least go for a brisk walk hopefully with a little more jogging than I did last night, it is difficult with one dog wanting to run with me and the other trailing behind, last night I ended up letting champ off the lead so he would have to keep up with us or get left behind which is OK when its dark but I'm always worried about the ranger coming along during the day and there's a couple of hundred$$$ gone even thought I can usually control them with my voice.... oh well another rule of course being breakfast, I have a big box of wheat bix on the table there's no excuse

I cooked food this afternoon so that will do for dinner for the rest of the week lunch will happen eventually, oh and no more sweet treats, I ate the last of my stash of neenish tarts today so no more and no biscuits either hmmmm getting to the time of year where we only shop for a couple of days at a time it should be a lot easier to eat fresh again,

yesterday the boy decided I have some sort of eating disorder after I ate a whole garlic bread on my own another habit which will have to stop, I Love my garlic bread and my neenish tarts and my Aussie pizza and of course steamed dimmis

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dalsight saving .....grrrr

I woke up way late this morning I was planning on getting up at around 7 well 6 in standard time. Of course I didn't get up untill well after 9 so it was way too hot to go for a run, hmmmmmmmmmmmm........................... we went to the boat shop in penrith to get bits for the trailer and while we were out got the woofs some pig ears, it seems girly is afraid of the pig ears while they are in the net

Our boat trailer now has a shiney new jockey wheel and a nice painted mast holder bracket
we had BBQ'd roo kebabs and salad for lunch and some black pudding seeing that our Chrisco boxes are coming in around 2 weeks its time to start emptying out the freezers again, we usually end up with the chest freezer, and both fridge freezers stuffed full the only thing we ever have to go to the shops for is the fresh stuff, like milk,bread and salad vegatables usually untill the middle of january even if it does cost more than sticking with the weekly shop there is so much less stress involved, one day when we have a decent bit of savings something irraparble is going to happen to the fridge freezer, Im not sure what yet but its gotta be better than the thing breaking down two weeks before chirstmas ande the boy won't even look at a new one untill this one which he got from his ex girlfriends dads garage sale for $20 around 7 years ago breaks down

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A new discovery

When you let the woofs sleep on the end of the bed no body feels much like running in the morning. tonight they will be back outside in their bed so we will see how tomorrow goes I did however manage a sort of scouts pace which was pretty good

we went to the boy's nans today to do more gardening, not so much work as last time but I am again covered in scratches thankfully today we took the last big load to the tip any further garden cuttings can go in her green waste bin the yard had been let go quite a bit with the boys dad piling up the branches in odd little corners and letting the grass grow over them so he didn't have to mow so much, no that it is all cleared out there will be more to mow but it will be safer and easier because there are less obstacles

oh well tonight is the start of daylight savings, yet again there is much debate about whether it is really necessary personally I would like to see standard time all year but then the people who work office hrs complain that they don't get enough time to do anything in the evening and it gets light at 5 in the morning, I reply with its harder to get up at 5 in the morning when its still dark and by the time I get home I'm too tired to do anything with the extra hrs sunlight anyway

Friday, October 27, 2006

A new Challenge

It has been decided that I should start running early in the morning..... now can anyone guess who decided this..... and no I'm not that keen but I think I might take up the challenge so... starting tomorrow, nice and early the woofas and I are off for a run If we are lucky I'll make it half way around the block

Now for those who are interested next week is Motorcycle awareness week check out this link to see this years add campaign, no I'm not in it and yes hopefully sometime next week I will have my baby back together

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


we took the woofs for a big walk, then I spent most of the day putting my carbys together only to find the new parts need a special anti tamper tool to adjust Grrrrrrrrr there goes another week off the road


We finally got our new chairs


we went to the 85th anniversary RAAF air show on sunday, those big planes are very exciting, we both go very sunburnt. The boy was a little dissapointed that he didn't get to see the spitfire on the ground

This is Saturday night

Pas Birthday Party

this is what happened on Friday

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pics and no pics

well, the kitchen floor is a peachy colour after all that, the benches are orange, the stove is white and the table is brown, there are 12 freddo cupcakes siting in the oven, hopefully rising in a nice shape, I have only ever made one chocolate cake which didn't rise funny and I forgot to put the eggs in that one

When I came home this afternoon, the bedroom door was shut which I assumed was to keep the dogs out ..... when I opened the door I had to laugh, he's so sweet some times, hanging from the ceiling fan was a very interesting piece of clothing. No I am not going to show any pics but I will say that it is red and black stretchy lace and I really gotta start putting and effort in where my bum is concerned.

now the pics I will share are of the really great kebabs we made for the BBQ with dad the other night and an awesome rose that was in Pa's front yard.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I'm tired but, I'm hungry but I'm hot but I'm bored, I want to cook but I need to clean first grrrrrrrrrrrrrr welcome to my life

I made a good effort we went and did a shop today and decided we will shop at the other supermarket in future after finding that this one no longer has bulk home brand things on the shelf, we used to buy the larges jar of stuffed olives every fortnight that was 1kg today the largest was 700 g, I used to like the lemon and dill seasoned bake in the bag chicken they only had savoury flavour

I have made an attempt with the kitchen three sinks of dishes in between,"Belinda come have a look at this". The boy spent most of the day on the puter, no he's not such a lazy bugger he's a big whinger and will complain all day about having too much to do and the place is a mess and there's washing still in the machine and I've got no socks and undies why are you doing whites when I have no sock and undies........ and he says I nag...............so I banned him from the rest of the house

we bought a little treat today, freddo cupcakes, I was thinking about making them tonight but well...... I still have a load of dishes to do and the floor needs mopping

I am hoping the lady who I bought these chairs off will get back to me soon, we have nothing in the dining room to sit on grrrr

I might just go and have another look at the kitchen and decide what to do with it

Monday, October 16, 2006

A New Toy

We sat here on Saturday night staring at the screen 5 mins to go, "bid now" says the boy, "No not yet"I say, 3 mins to go "bid now" says the boy, "No not yet"I say 2 mins "bid now" says the boy, "No not yet"I say, 1min 30secs "c'mon bid now" says the boy, "Oh alright"I say, carefully I click the bid now button. I still feel it to early to bid I prefer to bid with 20secs to go so than no one can jump in after me. slowly I enter the bid 1002.51, "Just to confuse them". and confirm bid.......

Current bid 680 1.15 to go
Current bid 721 0.45 to go
Current bid 752 0.30 to go
Current bid 812 018 to go
Auction ended
you are the winning bidder
winning bid $812

Breathe B, Breathe. I was trembling so much with excitement, so many times I have lost and auction in the last 30 seconds , but this is not one of them I thought I might throw the blow by blow account here for those of you who don't and probably never will understand the fascination of EBay

Now what did we buy for such a high price.................
this is to become our new weekend activity, as soon as I get a tow bar on the ute and a pair of life jackets and the boy wants to put new ropes on it too, I can't wait to take it out I can see we are going to have alot of fun learning how to sail after reading the book dad lent me

Friday, October 13, 2006

Pics From Mums B'day

Pa sent me a few pics heres a good one, we all forgot to get a cake but luckily one of the old aunties had made and decorated a fruit cake as a birthday pressie for Pa so we put some candles on that, they were pretty dangerous candles those ones with sparkles built in which also makes it very hard to blow out.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Garrymas day

yep today is my Uncles Birthday, Like Nan he is no longer with us he would have been 60 this year, it used to be great with all of these birthdays so close every one would get together to celebrate all three at once (Pa's B'day is on sunday) dosen't happen anymore.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum

yep it's Mums birthday today, I bought her a nightie from Peter Alexander Mum likes Jammies and nighties Last year Peter Alexander had a Mumma bear set, very cute she said that it now fits quite comfortably she is now below 100kgs for the first time in a long time, again it is the theory of eating only when you are hungry, she also hasn't told anyone that she is trying to loose weight for the X bilionth time, she said the other day she has tried everything from the iraqi soldier diet to Lite N Easy but always goes back to WW if nothing else I think No Count will do it for her, I hope oneday I can pick anything from any catalogue for her even if it is a large most makes, Large is around 14 which can be very upsetting

Monday, October 09, 2006

What happened to sunday

Well......... I dunno

we did have the usual sunday night Pizza ummmmm and I we got the boys tail light working, Less than 4 months to go, he's in the shed every day for most of the day every now and then his bonnie (from now on known as Old Bess) roars to life revs and idles and smokes then he turns her off every now and then,
For me well I'm stuck in the ute again, Its driving me mad. I ordered the parts for my bonnie almost 2 weeks ago shes been sitting neglected in the shed ever since, I sould drag myself out there and give her a good clean up but well its to depressing to do things like that knowing that I still can't ride her until I get these parts, Mind you the parst I need could fit in the palm of my hand, I don't understand why they dont have a set tucked away in the back of their werehouse in melbourne rather than having to get the parts from england. The Bantam is also off the road still waiting to get the bits back for that, hopefully I don't have to go for a blueslip again, the rego runs out on wednesday, I was going to get my brothers mate to do a pinkslip for me but the boy talked me out of it
I do know it has been hot although it is a little cool today I hate it when it gets hot, the boy is one of those hot bodies that sweat as soon as the tempreature rises above 20'C which of course means no sleep for either of us, and waking up every morning to a wet bed, grrrrrr

I can't wait for autumn again

Saturday, October 07, 2006

1 set gone things to do places to go

well, I did do better yesterday. I had a small bowl of weet bix, baked fish sanga for lunch and gnocchi with tomato and olive stir through, it wasn't all that great, I normaly go for a roasted vegie stir through the tomato and olive one was a little spicy but it is impossible to find sauce in single serve packs, If any big sauce companys are out there, I think there would be a market for single serve sauce and perhaps fresh pasta I am wondering how gnocchi will keep once it is opened. Since the renovations at work which gave us a really nice mealroom and the clever boys that they are, bought crockery, cutlery a pot a fry pan and a colander, now if the gnocchi can keep for a few days in a container in the fridge, I could buy a serves 4 pack and a jar of sauce for the week, and perhaps take something different to have with it occasionally, steak, chicken, chorizo after reading so much about it in good taste I have to give it a go

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jelly Belly

BLAH, I started here wrighting about weight loss and well I might as well admit it, there hasn't been much in the way of loss, it didn't bother me when I started to lose less and less but latley I've been getting no where

so starting, well tomorrow morning, no more mucking around, first up, I have to get up, then

  • Breakfast Probably wheat Biscuts
  • Lunch, will happen probably some form of meat sandwich, perhaps steak
  • Dinner, I have yet to decide on dinner I might grab some gnocchi I haven't had that for ages
another thing I must do is keep track of my snacks, I haven't been Paying much attention latley so I have been throwing something in the oven or on the stove and grabing a musili bar out of the pantry at the same time, no more choc coated musili bars, I should start buying chocolate again then theres no musili involve
Tomorrw is bound to be a busy day lost of things to do, I have to finish the gate to the veggie patch and get the dogs some food, also pepare for a BBQ with our dad's, Mum is going for a girls weekend

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'll be with you in Apple Blossom time.......

well, it is apple blossom time, which of course means come winter we will have apples...YAaaaaaaaaaaaay, the peaches are now mostly 2 cm in diameter, we have a mulberry growing, I hope more will follow, and the mango is in flower which hopefully will mean next year we will get mango's or at least 1 mango

Its amazing how spring sorta takes over, all of the plants at work are starting to flower, its funny seeing such beautiful things pop up in the middle of all of that industrialness

I love the big purple flowers, they are probably a nasty weed of some sort but they are really pretty

Spring at home is progress time, we have finally completely dog proofed the veggie patch, I put a small fence around my veggies after they decided to dig in them earlier but we also keep potting mix and gypsum and blood and bone in the place behind the fence dogs for some reason like tearing the plastic bags open and digging in the contents, we are also preparing to get our chooks sometime in the not too distant future which I'm sure the dogs would like to play with

Monday, October 02, 2006

WOW what a long weekend

I suppose I should start with Thursday, Yes I did go to work, with the help of a good dose of cold and flu stuff.
Friday I was the only one who was going to be there so I had to go, I woke up feeling a lot better though.
Hmmm Saturday, Saturday was a big one, the boy went to work early for an overtime shift I lazed about for the few hrs he was at work then we hit his nans place, armed with

  • a BBQ Chook
  • 1/2 doz Rolls
  • a Chain saw
  • chain oil
  • a line trimmer (aka whipper snipper or brush cutter)
  • a roll of line
  • side cutters
  • 2 pair of gloves
  • rope
  • 2 big sombrero style hats
  • 2 bottles of water
  • a Jerry can of petrol
  • a bottle of 2 stroke oil
Nan's garden is now much tidier, I'm not sure exactly how big the yard is but it is pretty big, I did the mowing, I love mulcher mowers, I've never used one before its so great not to have to worry about the little twigs in the way. The boy chainsawed any branches that were below 6ft so that you can walk under the trees comfortably, nan kept saying, "don't cut that its in flower", "OK nan" says the boy, as soon as she walked away that tree got its cut, there is now a big pile of branches in the middle of the yard I think the plan is to go back over the next few weekends and take a few loads to the tip.

Sunday, I worked it was a pretty big day. on the way home I had a mega craving for a MC Chicken, or a Big Mac, I stopped at Maccas and stood in the line with 15 or so people, there were three people serving so I figured I wouldn't wait long, then one went to take an order out to a car, another went to take one of those rolls out to a table, and the third just disappeared I looked up and saw 4 or 5 people hanging around the chip station and no one serving, so I gave up and left. I got home and the boy had gone to his brothers to watch the footy which left me alone, I was pretty sad I wanted to see him before he went, I shared a garlic bread and a home brand pizza with the woofs. since my nose was blocked it wasn't all that great, I slept the rest of the afternoon, I was in the middle of a really bad dream, something about trying to smuggle some keys out of a country and we got caught the result wasn't going to be pleasant, when the boy rang he thought I sounded sad or upset, I assured him I was OK , I went back to sleep until he got home when I had a drink with him and we went to bed

Today I woke up feeling rubbish, did some washing, played with the woofs the boys mate came over, I rang mum, I was supposed to go and put a power point in this weekend, they were gardening, after his mate left I went to mum and dads where I helped put in some garden lights, then we went and mowed grandmas lawn, her yard is pretty big but its pretty much all grass with 2 mowers dad and I got it done in half the usual time, lucky me got the section near the mulberry tree which resulted in a few ripe mulberry's disappearing as I passed (its a small tree).
After grandmas we went to a friends place to christen the pool, they kept going on about how warm it was, I was bloody freezing, dinner was steak and salad, desert was vanilla soaked pears mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I am going to try this with some of the fruit we get from the garden, first experiment will be peaches which are growing nicely, we will be setting up fruit fly traps very soon