Monday, July 17, 2006

Guess What

My Pants fit yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hahaha well they do up anyway I wouldn't want to be wearing them all day I'd end up felling crook sitting down too much, be fine If I would be standing up all day but well that doesn't work too well on the bike, its a little tight to tuck the shirt in too (new jammies I wear them almost all the time the boy doesn't like it when I go outside in them)
I have been thinking and decided when I get below 70 (little over 4 kgs) I'll buy myself a really good casserole dish since mine doesn't say whether it can be used on the stove top and using a pan which is good for now will result in more cleaning up for me which is one reason I don't really like cooking too much I will get there and hopefully in the process I'll learn to cook nice things I'm thinking Pork chops tonight just have to find out how to marinate it like mum does when I find out I'll throw the recipie for the marinade up here

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