Sunday, December 31, 2006

new Year new plan, rules to follow

  1. just because its there it dosen't have to be eaten
  2. just because BF is going to guzzle the whole treat and it looks like you wont get any isn't important you can aways buy/make some another time and have the first bit
  3. nothing relieves thirst like water especially not coffee with 2 sugars and full strength milk
  4. the woofs need to be walked at least every second day and so do I
  5. why stare at the pantry/fridge when there is a bowl full of fruit, don't complain cut the iffy bits of rather than throwing a whole apple out

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Evil pizza conveniance

well its not nessecerily so evil but I have just discovered the new pizza hut website which allows pizza to be ordered online and you can pay with a credit card wooohooo in my case its a debit card which is even better

no more worrying about finding the Cash to pay for pizza ha ha ha

I don't intend on eating pizza that often I have just made up 22 freezer meals from this site which just have to be defrosted and cooked, it was pretty expensive to do but that was mostly because of the spices and canned things that I didn't have, I think next time I will get cheaper cuts of meat as well, tuesday will be the first one that I do I'm so excited to see how it turns out

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is over for another year yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Gee I'm a miserable thing but we have had a very big weekend on Saturday I went to mums to borrow the kitchen and make things for my grandparents, I'll only ever do it for grands it was a lot to do in a short time and because everything once made needs to be refrigerated and only lasts a week or so I didn't want to make them too early, after all of my making stuff I raced of too work feeling very asleep lucky me got the chance to crash for a few hours it would have been bad had it been a busy day but I laid on a bench seat and woke up a few hours later feeling much better

Sunday (Christmas Eve) My bossy cousin likes to have the family around on Xmas eve just like old times I can see it being really fun when my new little cousin is old enough to appreciate it and we can go and see if we can spot Santa flying around, it's a thing my uncle used to do with us every year we'd go for a big walk around the block the year my cousin took us he was whispering to him as we left, "Russ the planes the planes". so that's how we managed to spot Rudolf :-) anyway this year we had blood orange marmalade glazed ham for dinner it was awesome
we went back on Xmas day for breakfast and lunch because some people have other places to be for lunch we unwrapped presents after breakfast ..... I knew the boy got me something very expensive but i didn't know it would be this goodits much pinker than that close up I even managed to get twinkle twinkle out before we went home my oldest cousin is a very good violinist he has a real ear for music I remember one year me my bossy cousin and my oldest cousin played something together I had to play the full piece first off the music and then they copied I'd love to be naturally that good at recognising sounds

My Aunty also brought her little dog because it is on heat, there's some excuse about it might get fat if she desexes it, anyway this is what you get if you cross a jack Russel and a corgi

Monday, December 18, 2006

xmas diner with the inlaws

it wasnt so bad I suppose, the boys baby bro left at around 530 I was trying to get the hint to the boy that this is our chance to escape but he was too drunk to get me again, it was alright for him he dosen't have to do the driving, it's almost an hour trip we left whith his dad when I ended up tell ing hime we are going, it's hard these days since you gotta watch what you drink if you are driving, I had a bicardi breezer and a glass of champagine then water for the rest of the day, the boy had who know how many beers, he didn't even get the hint it was time to give the kids their gifts his SIL ended up doing it

I hate beer I hate spirits I hate that people get so addicted to such crap and calim they can't relax or have fun with out it, its all total and utter bull-dung he is satrting to talk about future plans for family some time after we get an investment property and after the knockdown re-build, if he still relies on beer that much when he the time comes that we do start seriously thinking he is going to get a big wake up call I can handle the unpredictability of his mood when he's had a few, ok so I usually go to bed and he gets an earbashing when he sobers up, the other night it was a 6 pack of scotch and coke premix, a bottle of champagine and half a bottle of red he didn't get to bed untill I dragged him there I rang home later he asked why I opened the dining room blinds, I told him how he opened them so that he could go and attack the next islander/aboriginal who walked past, he only gets like that after alot to drink, he went quiet and he didn't go to work, I can't wait untill they bring in RBT where he works with a 0 limit like I have.

weigh gain grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the things we need on it when we need them, then I stick it to the page on my diary when I go I got so close... so close to 70 now I'm almost back where I started, OK so I have been eating absolute crud for the last month or so we are now down to the plain old meat and veg which will make things so much easier, I have started sticking a sticky note to the pantry door and writingshopping much betterer than trying to think then comeing home with pies and susage rolls.

I made an attempt to fix our dripping taps today, i needed some help form the boy (mr bull at the gate) he managed to break one of the tap dressing peices then I realised he was trying to pull it off and that piece screws of the C thingy was damaged by my attempts of removing it as well, but when I got a new one it turned out to be the wrong type so I have to take that back and try again the bath taps didn't get done because I couldn't get the spindle off the tube spaner I have is too short I can't get the tommy bar throught the hole because the tap is in the way grrrrrrrrrrrr and its too far in the wall to use a shifter, if I ever get it off I'll replace it with a different one, the bathroom tap doesn't leak anyway

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I went to lunch today with a friend I went to school with, the boy reckons we don't really click like old friends should, but that's probably because we weren't friends at school, we knew each other but rarely did anything together, she go me a basket of garden stuff , strawberry's, herbs, tools, gloves and little frog thingies that you stick in pots and planters , I made a big jar of wholemeal gingerbread, I was so pleased with myself I even piped outlines or in the case of the tree shapes I covered them in icing, we went to the pub for lunch was a great meal then we went for a little walk around the shops and home again, it was such a great day

one thing that amazes me is the way that people insist on driving past every parking space in the shopping center hoping to find one close to the shop we went straight to level 4 then did a rough sweep of that level then at the top of the ramp on level 5 we found a park, it wasn't a long walk to the shop and we only got stuck in traffic trying to get to the ramp to go up the level we parked on had at least a dozen free spaces and I'm sure the next one would have been almost empty people are very strange or very lazy

the boy bought himself a new iPod Shuffle, the one that you can clip to, well, anything I finally annoyed him enough this evening that he would let me rip his CD collection on to it, he has got some good music I don't listen to music much, like many other things I'd rather be doing it than watching/listening it is a bit of a pain because I was planning to buy him one next week, I know he got me a fairly expensive present but all of the things I would have liked to get for him he bought for himself now I know how mum feels when I got out and get myself stuff

tomorrow is weigh day its also Christmas dinner with the boy's family day he said we'll leave early claiming places to be I thought lunch being around 1230-1ish we could make our excuses and be out of there by 430 or 5 at the latest, then he started talking about 7 or 8 gee I hope we get out before then I don't think I could stand his dad or his Sil for that long, and I know he'll be struggling with both for that long as well oh well we'll see how we go, its the first Sunday in a month that I haven't worked, I'll be working Saturday arv though which is a pain because that's when I plan to make chocolates for the grands the recipe is for orange liquor but I plan to experiment with peppermint and cream liquors as well and pipe orange, green and white and the flavour requires could be interesting it also could be a disaster I am lucky enough to be using mums kitchen at least which is much bigger than mine

Friday, December 15, 2006

Phone pics

I love my mobile phone with its little camera, I got tired of mum always asking what do you want for B'days and X'mas so I see something I like and take a picture I finally plugged my phone into my puter, which sucks the photos out of the phone then I upload themto photo bucket so I can post them where ever I want so here is my wish list
I also found some pics I took at work, I hope they don't mind but they're such good images of some people I work with

Thursday, December 14, 2006

wow a whole week

I tried to post yesterday, but it looks like it didn't come through, yesterday 'I put the Ute in to get the central locking fixed, one of the locks has been playing up for a while I waited at Westfield Parramatta all day hoping they would look at it before I had to go to work, of course they didn't,

did do quite a bit of shopping I got the new Sims 2 expansion pack and a game for the boy which is already wrapped under the tree, which I eventually put up on Sunday night.

I still wonder why I bother we don't have any little kids and we rarely get visitors and Christmas is always somewhere else, which by the looks of things will be at mums for the foreseeable future.
I found a reasonably priced universal remote for mum, I got sick of trying to figure out how to get a picture and sound on their telly "no the gray one", "Mum they are all gray","no they're not two are silver" well you get the idea, too many people insist on sticking with the four or five separate remotes required just to get picture and sound out of the box, let's see there's the big one for the screen itself then the big bent one for the sound then the little one for the pictures with the set top box then there's the 4Th one for the DVD player.

they rang me about the car at around 430, I started at 3 so I was at work by then its going to cost another $280 which makes it almost worth claiming on insurance but not quite turns out one of the upy downy units is faulty and the darlings who tried to break in have shorted the wiring to the other one,

I left it with them and caught a train home then walked, for some reason the buses stop at 11 which happens to be when afternoon shifts tend to end, I didn't have any change for the bus anyway and the money I had was for getting the car fixed so I didn't want to spend it on a taxi
lucky me one of the bloke from work was also walking home and lives on the way, we walked to near his place, he offered me a lift but I figured its a nice night and he probably wants to get to bed, its probably a 45-50 min walk so that was My exercise for the day, the dogs didn't get their walk today I 've been eating too much sugary crap lately which of course results in being awake for about an hour then hitting a rock for another 2 or 3 and wanting to sleep the rest of the day away I tried not to sleep but I couldn't quite drag myself out the door which probably would have made me feel much better than a waste of time nap

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

odd sock dayz

Sitting here in Parramatta i just realised i have odd socks and not weird odd. I got up early to get my car fixed threw some clothes on and now i am in odd socks in a big city shopping center grrr. Hope they call soon to pick up the car

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Very Busy

last week some little darling tried to break into the Ute ...... nothing went missing, not that there was anything to go missing anyway, I'm guessing that teh alarm went off and scared them away.

I got it fixed today, $410 , ouch, thank goodness for my little green plastic card absolute lifesaver, I think once we pay the bed off I'll get the amount decreased to around $1000 or maybe as low as $500 since it affects our ability to consolidate or get loans as even if it's unused they view the maximum limit as if it were totally drawn which makes sense it would be easy to rack up a big debt ob a credit card in a day, but $500-1000 would be enough for situations like today where its pay day but I may not get paid until 8 or 9 at night or even the next morning and I only had 200 in my account, and they couldn't give me even an estimate until after the work was done grrrrrrr

I have been told that I must walk the woofs for at least 30 mins a day, because the muck up too much, the killed one of our olive trees, the boy doesn't want a new one but I think we will get more olives if we have 2 trees so I might go and find one and plant it for Xmas or his B'day since I know how much he loves olives especially when we learn how to bottle them

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a discovery

I have discovered that it is fairly easy to upgrade a computer, the boy got medievil total war 2 which was way to slow. I found that the computer didn't meet minimum requirements so a lot of convincing and a trip to DSE and we have a new stick of Ram and a new video card which exceeds requirements hopefully it will last a while longer

Saturday, December 02, 2006


we have BANANAS Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, there are finally enough bananas to go around no more little tray with five or so hands in it, boxes and boxes of bananas sitting in the fruit section of the supermarket and they are half decent ones too not like the unripe ones available during the shortage for around $2 each next step banana smoothies, bananas in weetbix banana cake, banana split, banana bread although I suspect many banana breads use synthetic flavouring or perhaps they did until now :-D