Wednesday, April 25, 2007


While many people awoke in the early hours of this morning to go to dawn services, or the city march, we slept and slept and slept, very sad I know.

anzac day is the rememberance and aniversary of the day that the Australian an New Zealand Army Corps hit the beaches at galipolli in the wrong spot, many died and after a few months they were forced to retreat, I have seen a movie which shows them making the retreat using rifles rigged up with a container and a dripping bucket above it so that they fired at different times ands the turks would think that they were still there, very clever.

watching alot of war movies today I am surprised at the fact that the old 1050's films show the men showing such affection to each other, I think one was the desert rats of tabrook (spelling?) one of the men started going off at his superior out in the feild and two men jumped on hime holding him dow and tipped some water over his head, after he calmed down the superior who was stroking his head Like you would to comfort anyone who is upset, asked him if he was ok befor they let him up again

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

Ok so it's last years pic and his birthday was yesterday but I remembered and today I got arround to visiting, no roosters this year a chivas regal gift pack instead wich turned out to be really good because all of his old whisky glasses have been broken so now he has two new ones , I'll have to remember that little fact about the glasses for when we get closer to fathers day

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm very proud of me

I got my info pack last night, the lady I had e-mailed had suggested a few names which were on the list of phone numbers included I rang the one who would be closest to me, she is new to the whole homebirth thing but has been working in hospitals for a while, she said she is going to a covention or some such thing tomorrow and is hoping to find someone to help her which of course will be the deciding factor as to weather she gets into the feild or not so hopefully she finds herself a mentor/ second opinion giver, it dosen't bother me that she has not worked outdside of hospitals she will probably have a few people to contact if she is unsure of something , the other suggestion lives almost an hour away

anyway I am happy that I have rung

also blood tests came back today

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

yep ...... now what

well I went to the doc finally and she confirmed I am 5.5 week pregnant... wow typing that sorta makes it real doesn't it .......... then she talked very quickly about tests for this and tests for that and which hospital do I want to go to, she was unimpressed when I said I don't particularly want to go to hospital "well where are you planning on having it then" was the very sharp short reply, I was hoping she would give me a list of options but no, I have done alot of reaserch over the past month or so Idealy I'd like to stay home....... call me crazy but I do live within 10 mins of 2 hospitals ....... the other option I had seen was midwife run centers which are attached to hospitals but no docs involved unless needed. to make it simple for everyone fairly healthy women have been having babies long before doctors were even invented obviously with varying experiances but still there shouldn't be a requirement for a healthy woman to go to hospital which in this country unfortunatley it seems there is (indpendant midwives are not covered by medicare) another reason is that the hospital I would most likley be going to a friend got hepititis when she went there to have her baby and more recently a lady died after a Ceasearien because she wasn't monitored properly after ther surgery..... she didn't even get to see her child.... the other one has lost at least one baby's body so probably not so bad. on top of all of that I really don't like going to doctors or hospitals if I can really help it.

I have contacted a midwife who is sending me an infor mation pack so we will see where we go from there

Sunday, April 15, 2007

the christening

I'm hoping I don't offend too many people with this one

today was J's christening, it was so hypocritical.

I sat at the back of the church, listening to the priest who obviously beleived very much in what he was saying and enjoyed explaining it all to others, which is always good rather than the old boring church service where you have to sit still, be quiet and try to stay awake while passage after passage is read from the bible.

Any way the hypocritical bit was when the parents and godparents had to speak on behalf of the child (in this case J) that isn't a problem if you know that they go to church most sundays and beleive in what they are saying, but all 4 of them hardly ever go to church which is actually the reason that j was christened so old (he is almost 2) it took them that long to find someone to christen the child of people that do not attend the church which I beleive is exactly what should happen.

I feel that they basicly lied to a priest in a church which is just not done I promised to raise him in the way of the church and teach him about god etc and on his behalf denied the devil acces or some thing like that but that is the first time in years that any of them have been to church it is all a thing that is done because of fashion, thats all I can see of it anyway.

no I haven't got to the Doc yet I might go tomorrow on my way home from getting the bike registered,

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

what a weekend

we finally took the boat out for a decent sail........ 4 hours to be exact ..................... my grandmother has a holiday house at nelson bay, we have been going there well since grandma was a little girl, its right across the road from the beach if you lay on the bed in the front room you hear the waves rolling in and feel like you have to lift your feet for the street sweeper to go past
this weekend we camped in the backyard I got up bright and early with mum for a nice 6am swim then the boy came out with some of the bits for the boat which we had put on the beach when we arrived so it was ready to go. mum suggested that we go for a quick sail before breakfast off we went me thinking we'd say close to the beach for around half an hour and have breakfast then go out again.................. we kept going and going three or four beaches along the boy said lets turn around here........... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA........... we tried then we started going backwards eventually he let me steer and I got us out to the middle of the harbour where the sand bars are with big waves, which was pretty fun then we had to try and get back to the beach lots of fun doing that, a nice man on a kayak gave us some pointers and we were off again we eventually got back to breakfast at 1200 mum had been worried about us and driven around all of the local beaches looking for us, we arrived back just as they did
we didn't go out again but dad and DLB went out for a bit they had fun, we drove home on Monday morning, very tiring, apparently nelson bay is 2.5 hrs from Sydney, I am yet to do the trip in less than 3 which is probably a good thing considering the road toll which is generally related to people driving further than they normally do in one go,
*******************seriously people nothing is better than pulling into a driver reviver for a cuppa and a bickie and a stretch, the beach will still be there if you get there half an hour later, the room/spot you booked will still be vacant , the family will be much happier having stopped and had a run around, trust me while I was growing up, dad went from the have to get there now style to the stop revive survive style it made the trip much more enjoyable, especially since we often did it leaving home at 11 at night or 4 in the morning************************

on another note, I'm 4 days "Late" and have 2 lines, :-) guess I'd better visit a DR sometime soon,
I'm a little disappointed,
I haven't been able to use my new cloth pads but I did use the pantie liner and found it very comfortable, I guess because its cotton feels like cotton undies.
I was expecting to be sick and a whole lot of other things, I do have tender boobs, don't hug too tight, how do you explain that one to a family member, and I'm really tired and moody, recovering from night shift , and I haven't had a good wee for what seems like ages(you know the one where you are absolutely busting, and you get to completely empty your bladder really quickly) OK so that may be in the TMI category.
as for mentioning anything to anyone........ My cousin said once with the wokness monster you cant tell everyone until its in,in and well and truly stuck to the side, or something like that,

I think after I see the DR I might mention it to mum, but she doesn't want grandies so I also might wait until people ask questions about why I never drink anymore and why I don't drink so much coffee although that doesn't provide for much support really does it we'll see, we, the boy and I, are not babies people, we just feel that now is a good time so it will probably be a shock to a lot of people until then life goes on, those who read this will be my secret keepers for now..................

Thursday, April 05, 2007

easter and the loooooong weekend

welll its that time of year again, so much chocolate so much temptation.................. well that is for some, I love the odd cadbury cream egg and red tulip bunnies but I have sort of gone off chocolate , we have choc chip easter buns.................. some one rang the radio whinging about the shops calling them easter buns it think its appropriate because they don't sell them hot anymore so they can't be called hot crossed buns.......................... they use dark chocolate chips, which I really like, I must be getting old, I like dark chocolate.
We are having pizza tomorrow night, the boy likes to make extra effort to go against the tradition of fish on good friday so home made meat lovers pizza it is, I'm planning to make the bases as well, with one of the recipies from a year in bread hopefully they will work out ok, despit my lacking a pizza stone, if they turn out ok I'll buy one
I'm happy that this year I will have 5 days off thats almost a whole weeknice I have no Idea what I'll do but I think it may have a bit to do with getting my routines back in order

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


wow two posts in one day look out thing might be happening again...............

I'm getting really descriptive about my titles at the moment hahahahahahahahahaha

during my very short nap, the parcel man arrived and delivered my lundry powder tin and my soaking bucket, which I didn't realise at the time are retro kitchen not just the type you get from spotlight so I am really happy about that, I am also turning green, earth friendly type green not the colour, I found out about re-useable sanitry supplies, so I will be testing some out, I currently have enough to last me 2 days which should be long enough to get the idea of wether I like them or not, that is providing that that is the reason I have had sore nipples for the last week or so, that is definatley one thing that is driving me crazy, they range from just tender to touch to take my top off and get me an ice pack, was really bad tonight when the job I was doing required laying on my chest while pulling big cables through the holes the belong in, they were bloody stubborn cables , I will have some lovley bruises tomorrow, there may well be a good pic to go with that

oh well thats me for tonight bed is calling

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ho hum

I was trying to pick this up again hahahahahaha obviously a bit slow in actually doing, I really want a laptop so I can get out of this silly cupboard.
I'm certain with the advances in laptops soon no house will have a specific computer room especially houses like mine, our use of the space could probably be better but that's not going to happen . the dogs pulled out the Internet connection twice this week, so I was not happy about laying on my back under the house, connecting little phone line wires.
One day I will move the modem to the front of the house and get rid of all of the other phone lines that are under the house we don't need them we have cordless phones the main one is a quad pack 3 in the house and 1 in the shed then we have the VOIP phones, in a three pack, throughout the house, we only use those to ring out its too much trouble changing numbers and the VOIP that we have at the moment is really temperamental.
The boy would have given up long ago, I just keep resetting it, keep rese-ting, keep rese-ting hmm doesn't quite work in text ....... think nemo and dory sad I know, me and my kids movies, seriously I love the animation all of the things they can do these days amazes me, I like to buy the special edition DVDs because they have the how it was made on them

and I thought I'd have nothing to type we got calendar girl's (new house member) wardrobe yesterday I have decided that when I get old and grumpy and don't want to so much any more I'm going into furniture assembly, I love it, its like a big jigsaw puzzle in 3D and at the end its something useful, watching mum and dad trying to put anything together is a nightmare, they usually call for help, I really don't get what is so hard about it but then there are a few girls I know who will call daddy to put things together too so it must be really confusing, I really like the ones that come with instructions in another language or that are poorly interpreted, it ads to the fun

me I feel like Ive been hit by a bus maybe its that flu shot kicking in, but I woke up this morning went to the loo and straight back to bed, I probably should see about that but it s also likely to be related to lack of sleep or too many pillows too, I am thinking about trying the new chiropractor down the road I'm also deciding, since I need it for tax purposes weather to go fully featured health insurance for $1000s a year or just basic hospital for around $80, I'm hoping they change the thresholds this year or next then I can go back to not worrying and keep my savings for medical needs and just have ambulance cover like I always have, I hate the Idea of paying for something I may not want or need or for some one else to use but with us both on motorcycles, I reckon there's a chance of a chopper ride and I imagine that would be very expensive thus the ambulance cover

I'm watching the Ute ATM its on e-bay lots of looks 7 watchers but no bids....... grrrrrrr it finishes at around lunch time I'm thinking a nap until then will do me good