Friday, November 23, 2007

I haveoved

blogger dosen't fit me anymor I am now here

Monday, November 05, 2007

are you clean now ? :-)

we had my baby shower yesterday, lots of fun didn't get bombarded like the sils threatened which is good, saw friends unfortunatey no cameras came out so no pics

we now have plenty of clothes and lots of supplies, I think I have enough wipes to last at least a month even though I was planning on using cloth ones I'll use the throw away ones first then have a go with the cloth ones and back to the throw away ones if I don't like the cloth ones (confusing enough?)

had bad sleep last night may be TMI but I leak, puddles everywhere, I have been told to wear Breast pads to stop the puddles, didn't have the heart to tell the MW that I generally sleep nakey and won't be changing that for a while

we have no food again I'm thinking kebabs would be good, ok so we have got food I just don't feel very creative atm and couldn't be bothered cooking anything probably because I haven't eaten for a while and that is making me feel a little sick

I'd better go and find something to put in my belly

Sunday, October 28, 2007

5 days to go

only 5 days till I finish work yaaaay
in 7 days I have a baby shower
5 weeks we might have a baby eek

I have started a new blog at wordpress I am thinking about moving this one over or I may just run with 2 seperate ones for a while. I'd like to have a blog that I don't mind family looking at I think this one has a little too much abrasive stuff for that I know I could clean it up a bit and then it would only be if they happen to go back through the archives that it would be a problem
so fresh slate it is theuy also allow passwording of individual posts which might come in handy

I'm off to find something to eat, the boy is snoozing on the lounge and won't get up so I'm thinking coco pops for dinner

Saturday, October 06, 2007

things to do places to go people to see - I don't wanna

Where do I start ... I suppose things to do is a good place,

first thing is the bathroom... its pretty gross..... I can manage to get the stuff off the bath and sink but there is stuff on the shower wall that just won't budgeI want a magic spray of some sort that will fix it with out me putting in too much effort

next will be the kitchen .... I have dishes to do, then the benches and the floor and the table

then there is the lounge room stuff everywhere grrrrr

I just couldn't be bothered

Tonight I am going to panthers with gummibears family her wedding is next week we are having dinner tonight

I have to call mum and find out if I can borrow her car next week and find out some addresses

I'm thinking it can wait till later I went to bed too early yesterday it has made me tired today I should go and put the washing away then I might think about a nap

Thursday, October 04, 2007

its a big day

I get up at 430 I get to bed around 930 it is a big day.

I am officially on compo, not that that is seen as a good thing but this fortnight I will be getting paid more than I have for a while because they pay an average so for the moment it is good

I saw a physio yesterday I am going back tomorrow, I can walk normally today so it must do some good I have to see a shoe specialist sometime next week in the search for boots with more support should be interesting, my "injury manager" was reluctasnt to allow it but the saftey man at work showed up some of his lack in knowledge, saftey man looked up my history, I have rolled my left ankle 3 times and right once in the last 8 months, and thats only the ones I reported

I'm tired I'm going to find something light for dinner and go to bed

Monday, October 01, 2007

I can dream

Thought I'd make a list of things I would really like not necessarily in order

  • a nice car doesn't have to be new or fancy just nice
  • A chest freezer that doesn't lose its lid every time you open it
  • A nice fridge preferably plumbed with one of those ice/water dispenser things
  • A new house, including bigger kitchen and bathroom
  • A laptop and router

Friday, September 28, 2007

a new kitchen toy

the old electric kettle has been banished from the kitchen due to its habit of attracting roaches it has been replaced by this

a small dilema - I want a wheel chair

ok I'm going to get a little distracted - I smell devon, at least I think its devon, it could be butcher rissoles(yum) I have been smelling it all day wish I knew where it was and what it is

Now where was I yes thats right .... Gummibear's bridal shower is on tomorrow...... I looked up where her new house is (gummibear and her DF bought a house Yay!) its on the other side of the next suburb, I looked up 131500 the sydney public transport trip calculator, I can walk 200mtrs then catch 2 busses and walk another 900mtrs :'-( (note to any of the Blogger team out there - I want little yellow smilieys like some forums and email have) thus the wish for wheelchair or even crutches either would make my traveling easier, I can walk to the stop at the end of the street but not almost a Km, I also wish to go to the shop to get a book for gummibear which would mean a bus then shop then train then bus :-S thinking the last bus may be replaced by a taxi or the whole trip replaced by a lift from the boy on the back of his bike :-S I don't like that Idea much