Sunday, July 23, 2006

A day out

We went to the boys mates house today for a BBQ, it was ok we tool the woof to play with his old dog tyson, typical name for a rotti x shepherd, they had alot of fun,

The mates housemate/girlfriend/caretaker made a really nice salad and the mate made a really nice pepper sauce for the steak so it wasn't so bad a day, we stayed to watch the footy (Rugby Legue) which I find pretty boring but it was their favourite teames Parra for the boy tigers for the mate playing each other so there was much disscussion, heres a muvee I made on my phone while they watched the game

see here, here, here, and here for the clips I used to made the muvee with

eventually we left and seeing as though we were just around the corner from mum and dads we dropped in to say hello, its funny watching a fluffy little white thing attack our woofs she's pretty nasty mums dog but eventually they got over each other and sat on opposite sides of the room

Gained a little this week but I have been very slack eating crap for no particular reason not going for any walks etc, I have discovered gnocchi I love the stuff I even love the word gnocchi not sure what you are supposed to have with it I just throw it in some tomato based stir through, I bought some pumpkin gnocchi when I went shopping YUM

on to the important stuff
THis week I

  • ate lots of crud
  • didn't walk
  • didn't exercise
  • didn't buy the freezable food

next week I will

  • try to walk more
  • drag my ball out
  • eat better food

we will se how it goes I'm on afternoons again so there is no reason I can't get up and go for a walk before work

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