Saturday, July 15, 2006

WOW....Post number 50

Yup welcome to my fiftieth post Yaaaaaaaaay...... anyone guess what I had for dinner today, I take the cooked vinegared rice some carrot and celery and whatever I'm filling with today was smoked salmon YUM and put it all together at dinner time, we also didn't have much work on, thats one real downside of being in maintainence you work whole shifts and eat lunch on the way home or just before going home or you are sitting around all day waiting for time to go home those are the worst shifts because well time flies when you are having fun today was a slow one

We (The woofs and I) got dragged for a long walk today to teach the woofs that the rain is cold and wet but you still have to go out in it, the tend to "go" under the BBQ when it rains and look at you like you are stupid when you throw their tug rope out in the rain so they got walked in the rain wasn't so bad untill we stopped at the shop and waited for the boy to go to the chemist, hes got a cold grrr that means in a week or so I'll probably have it too, we did get spring rolls out of the wait though, yes we, if I buy a sausage roll for the boy and I, I must also buy one for the woofs to share, yes my babies are somewhat spoilt but hey they are my babies, someone asked if they were pittys today, we have wondered about this but we did buy them as American Staffy X so thats what they are arent they sweet ....

We are guessing the cross is a distant Ridge Back or something similar

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