Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today is one of those throw away days, we went out for lunch to red rooster I had a strip sub meal but only ate a few chips and half the drink(No They didn't have any diet vanilla coke ) I got home after a bit of shopping and a cuppa with mum and dad and logged it into the new planner I am officially over my weekly points buy at least 7 and that's allowing for all of the walking around the shops, Its amazing how much a place can change in a year, anyway BBQ'd satay chicken sticks for dinner tonight then we'll get back into things

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Berrie said...

OH love your pretty skirt and yes it would feel different for you if you are used to wearing pants as your job entails it and you ride a motorbike too..thanks for your mesage on my means heaps to me..
Berrie xxx