Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday is shopping day is everybody happy....

Ok so the song doesn't quite go like that but you get the idea, I've been shopping this morning and we finally have fresh food again, and a freezer full of frozen veg and meat I looked at their (very small) range of plastic ware and bought 2, 1.8 ltr containers, I'll see what fits well in those then I might head off to howards or target or kmart next time think they will have more of a range, I bought some fresh gnocchi and sauce for lunch thats really good stuff Gnocchi I mean I though pasta made out of potato would be a bit strange, the longest part of cooking it was getting the water to boil too easy

My new gaskets from NZ arrived today so I'll be able to have another crack at getting the little beastie running, tomorrow I plan on servicing the big beastie I copied my workshop manual for one of the boys at work the other day he works on bikes on the side, usually the older bikes, he is helping a bloke out who has the same model as I do but wants more power out of it or something like that anyway he was very happy to have his own copy and said he will loan me the special tools for doing the clutch with when he gets them made up so it looks like my money box is going towards a new clutch kit, rather than the tools for the clutch first, but until then I will have to plod along do a basic service, it's been sitting in the shed for a few weeks because I couldn't be bothered getting my bum out there in the freezing cold shed the poor neglected baby, I might drag my nice new fan heater out there

I also got my new wireless keyboard and mouse set today so I don't have to sit so close to the screen Its pretty good too

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jen said...

You been a busy bee ehhh...hope you have luck with the beastie.