Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Walking walking walking

I have done 12086 steps today, and I think I don't have an active job, Ok soe i only did my 10000 at work the rest are around here, I took the woofs for a long walk again today I'm starting to feel it now , It was starting to rain so I was walking pretty fast so we could get wet as little as possible I felt much better today after a decent sleep, after I posted last night I went and had a nap, headache gone so must have been lack of sleep, I have the next 2 days off so I will try to fit a few more walks in before I go back to work on friday night

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Thoughtful said...

Wow Bel good job on the weightloss.

You own a motorbike too huh. My hubby owns one, I fear for him every day going out on it, not because of him, but other stupid drivers on the road. It's scary enough in a car, let alone on a bike!

I hope you get the beastie running! Keep up the good work!