Monday, May 29, 2006

I lost!!!!

This week I lost 1kg ...WOW ... how good is that last week it was 0.5 so that makes a total of 1.5kg

I have walked the dogs 0 times this week
I have eaten chocolate every day this week
I have not had much work this week
and I still lost 1kg, I know it cannot last but for the moment recognising that I am not hungry is working for me :-)

loose loo

This morning a new guard brought a train in, he went to use the loo,a few minutes later we heard a crash bang,the guard came out of the loo looking shaken.

He mentioned something about the tap being broken and wandered off everyone came from meal rooms and offices to see what happened.

this is the "Broken tap"...... have no Idea how you manage to do that to a loo

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I wish

I called Vodafone today to get my video phone set up, since then I cant Email or surf from my phone I hope it didn't muck the thing up I hate calling people that I don't know and asking for things to be fixed how easy would it be to have a special section on their website .... I want this service and that service but I don't want that or that ... tick the boxes wait an hour or so then start using , I really hope that it's just part of the setup

I wish now that I had a digital video camera I have been looking through blogs with spippets of video in them how well does video show what you want the world to see I'll have to get a helmet cam as well Philby told me that you can attach remote cameras to digital video cameras and have the recording from that ... Awesome. That would be the best way to show the world or for that matter just anyone who is interested the amazing views on the roads I really want to do the Byron trip again the scenery was amazing on the way back but there was nowhere to stop to take a photo but to be able to show the view as I see it ... Brilliant

Saturday, May 27, 2006

how good

I have finally got email set up on my mobile how good is this

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Beginning

This is the beginning of my journey

I am a 23 year old electrician who works for what used to be NSW State rail, now they change the name every 5 mins, I ride a 2001 Triumph Bonneville which I am hoping to go somewhere on one day maybe when the boy gets his license back, I don't like to travel alone

I was inspired to start blogging by Tinydonna from Weight Watchers (WW) Message boards. I only have around 15 kg's to loose, but that's all that is stopping me from fitting into my leathers which I Lay buyed 3 years ago, by the time I got them they didn't fit and have only fit one winter since then

I am going to have to look into some sort of exercise in the next to months the plan is to walk the dogs ..... We'll see how often that happens