Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things to do and not much done

I've been getting pretty bad again, Sleepwise , Late nights and later mornings, I knew there was a reason I liked nights, I go to bed at a reasonable time and close my eyes roll over a few times turn the radio on then off then back on but quieter then off again eventually I do drop off after an hour or so, and so to avoid my nightly bed dance I go to bed later and later and.. Well you get the picture its 0122 I'm still up, the boy is trying to get onto a new late night quiz show which I'm guessing is trying to counter BigBrother uplate he's cursing because Our VOIP line won't recognise the number he wants to call so he has to call from the land line, its a funny thing VOIP if you ring say dominos or pizza haven which would normally direct you to a local shop to give your order it goes someplace else last time I tried it was north parramatta, for those who don't know Sydney the pizza would almost be cold by the time it got here it's at least a half hr drive, but the boy can ring his mum in Perth and talk for a few hrs for just 10 cents so its definitely worth having

Now back to the title .... We have decided to get a few laying hens , yep chooks, after talking to a bloke at work who keeps 6 in a small enclosure in his backyard and says they are quite happy we have decide to convert our old garden shed into a chook shed for 2 or 3 chooks so this afternoon before work I spent some time shoveling dirt from where the vegie garden will be into the garden shed which didn't have a floor since we moved it from one part or the yard to another and never re laid the pavers which were in it originally it now has an almost level dirt floor which will need some compacting providing of course the dogs don't get in there between now and then, the next step will be to cut most of the panels out to provide plenty of ventilation and maybe get some of that transparent or translucent sheeting to provide light, the plan is to let them out for a couple of hrs a day with the dogs locked safely in another part of the yard, first we have to have the shed modified,

I am going to start on the vegie gardens soon it's getting close to planting time for most of the seeds we have, I have noticed that my lettuce attempt which was destroyed by the woofs is starting to revive, if they keep growing where they are when the get a decent size I'll move them into the hopefully ready vegie garden they are those ones which you can pick a few leaves here and there but the plant can still grow, hopefully last years tomato plants which were destroyed as well, will also be revived soon then we have at least half a salad growing in the garden we have seeds for a lot of vegies, beans, pumpkin, eggplant, cucumber, capsicum (ick) and snowpeas we also have seeds for watermelon and rockmelon I don't know how they will go or for that matter the pumpkins they tend to be pretty messy plants , the boy wants to throw the seeds in willy nilly, I'm not too keen on that idea I like things to be a little bit organised I think they grow better planted in the same types together as well like the fruit trees we have they recon we would have heaps of apples if we had a second tree, it didn't do too bad last year it grew 2 the puppies (we think) stole the one on the lowest branch and I got the one up high this year we are also hoping for some pears hopefully pears are deciduous otherwise we need a new pear tree, last year it got burnt both in the frost and on that really hot day in summer it was a record temperature lots of people I know had burnt plants after that day

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