Monday, May 28, 2007

bloody viruses

well it had to happen didn't it, it all started with a girl where calendar girl works, deciding it would be funny to sneeze on calender girl, and as much as we don't see her, she caught whatever it is that this girl had (guessing flu) which is obviously something that I have not been vaccinated against or at least not this year anyway (I did get a flu shot at work was unhappy that I missed out on the lolly pops)
so of course I caught it, on Thursday I was aching bones all over, on Friday night I was feeling pretty cruddy falling asleep all over the place, Saturday I woke up stuffed up and clogged in the throat (not happy) Saturday night, the boy was ready to throw me on the back of the bike and take me to the hospital, I decided a very steamy shower would help which it did then the boy made me eat a mandarin and coated my chest and back with chest rub (aka cheap Vick's) and cuddled me to sleep (he really can be sweet sometimes)
yesterday I woke up to a cup of lemsip and was very firmly told to stay in bed which I did other than to shoo the few visitors that dropped by (dad had to borrow the Ute ) and to have another steamy shower, the boy came home when I was in the shower to find the Ute gone, thinking that I had gone out and calendar girl was in the shower, he wasn't impressed until he realised I was still home, he got me some orange juice and insisted that I have a few glasses, I went back to bed and was woken for dinner(chunky spag boll), followed by another mandy and several glasses of juice and back to bed, he wouldn't Vick's me last night just handed me the jar and told me to put a little up each nostril to help me breathe(grr)

now normally I would have taken some night day cold and flu tablets and continued on as normal, and now I know why, I very rarely take any pain relievers or medication except in the case of flu and bad period pain there are some things that get better quicker without the symptoms hampering life, I went to the doc and got the next 2 days off work, I figured it would be just my luck that we would be working outside in the cold and I'd end up with pneumonia, now that would really suck

Oh well, I'm tired again, I have to take the clothes off the line before the dew sets in an then its back to bed for this little duck

Friday, May 18, 2007

oops I did it again

Ok so last time it wasn't me honest but this time it was, I caught the grill on fire stupid me made really healthy cheese and tomato on multi grain toast for breakfast then shut the grill and walked away, I looked up from my breakfast in front of the TV to see smoke "Oh shit" (I have been swearing a lot lately, gotta get out of that habit) ran into the kitchen to see flames coming out of the top of the stove Oh no I instantly though wet towel will put the flames out so I threw some in the sink then the boy came in ad yelled "Belinda that's a fat fire" he went out to the shed and grabbed the fire blankets and the extinguisher, the blankets did nothing so out with the extinguisher "is this alright for fat?", " I dunno whats in it?" then I saw the white stripe (powder good for almost every fire imaginable) "yep go for it" and I opened the grill shhhhhhhhh goes the extinguisher and everything goes black.
I went outside to get way from the smoke until the boy was yelling at me again to shut the smoke alarms up I got the one in the lounge room but the one in the hallway is way to high for me to reach and there was an awful lot of smoke up near the roof, not a healthy place for me to be so I left it.
I have spent all day scrubbing the stove and the oven and the bench tops and the floor I'm tired and hungry I SMS'd the boy to get me a kebab on the way home but he didn't check his phone so we have ordered Dominoes pizza for dinner, he said he's eaten too much today but might have a slice or two I haven't eaten since cheese on toast so I'll probably fit a whole one in

Saturday, May 12, 2007

poor woofa

poor Champy has a nasty rash on his paws we took them to the vet today girly got her vaccine and champy got cortisone, antibiotics and mange injections, next week if the rash clears up he gets his vaccine

We didn't end up going to the pie sale last week and we didn't go to nans until Sunday, we had a nice lazy day.

Tomorrow is mothers day, I have decided that I will give mum a Pizza stone since I bought myself 2 and it is unlikely that we Will use both at the same time, I was going to get a pasta machine because her's is almost broken, I think I will get one while they are on sale and keep it for her birthday if I remember to give it to here that is

new plan is to try and plan some menus for the week, I bought myself some more rock 'n 'serves the big 800ml flat round ones I would like to make dinner and put it in those and freeze them so I can take them to work rather than spending so much money on either junk or lean cuisine type meals I also need to learn to cook more things I get bored with plain old meat and veggies
I want to be able to do mums fried rice and marinated chicken or fancy sounding pasta dishes that are really simple to make

Friday, May 04, 2007

Trying not to sleep........

Is very hard when you are very tired.

So Why am I trying not to sleep well mostly because if I sleep now I wont sleep later and because I have to go and pick up the boy later hopefully he dosen't work too late tomorrow morning he wants to go to the sargents factory seconds sale ........ yep they have factory seconds in pies all of the ones that are missing some of the sargents badge or just aren't shaped right....... at 530 in the morning the sale dosen't start till 730 but mum and dads place is just around the corner from the factory and I know that the line up starts well before then.

Hoping not to offend anyone here but there are an awefull lot of minibusses loaded with islanders when we have gone past in the past, there is a limit to something like 3 boxes per person/family, I have heard some people give their kids the money and every member of the family gets the limit which is a bit sad because I can't imagine anyone needing 12+ cartons of pies considering the sale is on once a month no wonder there are so many very overweight people around.

Oh I should say the best thing about living near a pie factory is when you are riding to school to the smells of fresh baked pies comming down the street almost as good as driving past the arnots factory on the freeway when they are making chocolate Tiny Teddys or Iced vovos

I got the bits for the bike today went out earlier to fit the new coil at least ...............grrrr requires a security bit to remove the old one, oh well I put the ohm meter on both and compared the readings the old one is definatley on its way out so at least I didn't waste $300 now hopefully that will fix the problem for good and soon we will get the boy's bike back and I can convince him that it would be stupid to sell it after only 4 months and an extra $3000 on top of the purchase price he'd loose around $8000 which isn't play money any more the old bikes he would get to replace it will cost alot more time and money to keep running and thats providing they have been well looked after, modified for modern reliability and ridden regularly before he buys them, once we sort the bugs out on my bike and get his back they should stay reliable with very little time needing to be spent on them, perhaps one weekend a month at the most, Oh well we will see what happens.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Have I mentioned ....................

I Hate Nightshift

1st noght the stupid security guard wouldn't let me in the gate because my vehicle Identification wasn't in the window (Man I can't wait untill I get my bike back)

**I found it the next day on the tallboy where I'd put it so that I could hand it in after we sold the car, unfortunatley the car is needed right now, the boy's bike has major problems and despite the ammount of money they are going to make out of it they are still treating it like someones toy rather than their only mode of transport and it has been pushed to the back of the que in favour of the regular customers who are more than likely getting their bike serviced ready for garaging during the cooler months and can do without them for a few week quite comfortabley, they only ordered the parts last week and it is going to take 2 weeks for them arrive they could have ordered the parts straight away and had then done the other work grrrrrrr***

because I had allowed for a 5 min walk from the carpark to the sign on office I was now running late, of course, and I thought that the really strict clerk was on so I'd be likley to lose 15 min for being 5 mins late, any way I ran........ I shouldn't run I know that..... then I tripped and fell........ I have discovered that I now bruise very easily I have two very sore thigh muscles and a sore wrist, I hope I haven't done anything major to my wrist it seem to be getting a little better but still hurt to turn my hand (another thing that happens much more often than you think about)
O got up and kept going at at much more sedate pace then spent the next hour or so trying to catch my breath..... I really shouldn't run.

the rest of the week has been fairly uneventful. We have come to the decision that rather than a small car we will be looking for a dual cab Ute which will be almost as use full as the single cab but much less tray space and you can fit a baby seat to it apparently.

I am getting a little frustrated in my research, I have found a midwife (the one mentioned earlier has found herself an assistant we meet on the 1st of June) but still, reading various bits of information one thing really stands out to me,

it is expected that everyone owns a car...... this one really bothers me, "the hospital will not let you leave unless you have an appropriate child restraint fitted to your car"

in other topics like birth options and prams/strollers alternatives are briefly mentioned but this one there is no alternative offered in any info I have found,

would it hurt to mention that if you do not have a car you will need to request that the taxi is fitted or something like that or in the case of many people I have seen at one of the the local hospitals walking to the station, the train station is only 500mtrs away perhaps people are planning on taking a walk to the station no cars involved at all but there is no mention of what happens in that situation do they make sure your pram is appropriate before you leave?

anyway that is enough Of my whinging, I have started to feel off a lot more lately, bread is my best friend it makes me stop feeling sick, cold dairy snack do two, I know that its not overly great nutritionally but if works for now, I'll have to start looking into eating real foods again soon and making the time to make food