Thursday, September 28, 2006


this time I am sick, after being kept awake all night with the boys coughing I seem to have caught whatever it is that he has.
It started a little last night with the sore throat and the headache, a couple of paracetmole, hoping it would help, a glass of water and straight to bed, I woke up at around 5 all stuffed up and feeling like I was going to be sick, the boy is a bloody fidget every time he moved I felt ten times worse eventually despite all of the sips of water, cursing him I just made it, sorry too much info, I dragged myself back to bed he got up not long after to do computer stuff, I had to get my own water he told me to have a shower but I felt sick again so ... back to bed, thinking he dosen't care, later he went to get some petty for the wippersnipper and brought back some cold and flu stuff so maybe he does care.

after some cold and flu stuff I feel much better, I still don't think I could eat anything so breaky juice it is today. the boy is trying to convince me to go to work, we'll see I'm not too keen on making everyone else sick but then I don't want to have to get a note from the Dr either

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is Tuesday???????

Wow it's tuesday already, my early morning walk didn't happen I woke up to the boy coughing constantly, he has some flu like bug.
I would have simpathy if he went to bed at a reasonable hr and rested more but, he tends to try and do more than he can handle and generally doesn't get to bed till after 1am. He complained today that it seems to be hanging on for ages, didn't agree with my reasoning, something about the clock always ticking and sleeping being a waste of time, oh well some people just can't be helped

we did however take the dogs for a long walk to get bread and milk, I also got the latest Good taste Mag, I did think about subscribing but it works out more expensive

Monday, September 25, 2006

is anyone else cold???

yesterday was a real scorcher too hot to stay in to hot to be out for too long today I was looking for the sun its sooo cold maybe that's exaggerating a bit but I have been busy, I have decided that it is time for our two sets of dining chairs to go I have cleaned and mopped the kitchen and done some washing the boy couldn't believe that I was doing things and started being very annoying when I had a go at him for standing where I was about to mop and dropping chicken crumbs on the floor I had just swept the very cute "I'm Sowy" only works once or twice.
Anyway I have gotten the EBay bug again and will need to sell things in order to fund by bidding habit Click Here to see my Items for sale hopefully the old chairs will fund a newer set of chairs that I am looking at and well the books will fund the books I'm looking at

Hoping to drag my bum out of bed early in the morning with the intention of going for a walk we'll see how that goes

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ever been to a clasic bike show??

No?? here's a good example,a nice big trip into the city, which seems to be becoming a weekend habit , at least it was away from the traffic this time It got very windy not long after we got there so we didn't stay long we also got there a little late because we stopped at his brothers new house, nice but the poor bloke definitely has his work cut out, lots of things to do, who ever built the house for them didn't finish it, we will be making sure we get a finished house before signing the contract when we rebuild here, neither of us have the time to spend building front and back steps or laying flooring

Saturday, September 23, 2006

hmmm football

can some one please tell me how long an AFL quarter goes for. Last night they played the final, Sydney swans v Freemantle Dockers??? I think for the first time ever it was on prime time TV, I watched the first quarter and part of the second, by the time I got home from work they were still playing!

anyway I think I could like this game, so far I understand

  • you can be out as much as you like as long as the ball stays in,
  • a goal is 6 points but if you get close you still get 1,
  • you bounce the ball every so many steps
  • try not to be tackled, I don't know why but its not good
The boy is a big rugby League fan, Parramatta Eels to be exact, to me
  • it's a field full of boofy lumps of blokes some with cute little bums
  • running head long into each other to take the ball from one end to the other
  • get it on the ground over the line "Try" that's 4 points
  • after a try you get a free kick at goal that's 2 points
  • but kick a goal while running and its only 1

Friday, September 22, 2006

wheres the mousey

The Wokness monster

well it turns out the Wokness monster has arrived I haven't mentioned it before because well, I don't think that much about those things, I try to avoid mentioning names, especially after the boy expressed his disslike at other people being able to see these things but in this case, my cousin Wok and his wife Ness are the proud parents of a baby boy, Nicholas James, 8 pound
(umm yeah whats a pound worth again)
anyway, I'm sure even if they aren't jumping over the moon they are very happy or at least I hope they are.

Mum always says I'm like Wok because we have similar manerisims and reactions to things, I can be jumping out of my skin but you wouldn't know it,

Thursday, September 21, 2006

yep spring is here

I was watching our cherry tree today it has a few little flower buds on it, yesterday was 2, today is 5, anyway I was watching one of these flowers and I swear it was growing and changing by the second, early in the morning it was a tight little bud which by later in the morning had become a half open bud and by the time I went to work was a fully open blossom how awesome is that.The mango is getting ready to flower, I'm really looking forward to that, yes I like mangoes but I'm interested to see how it flowers and mangoes grow, one advantage of not spraying for insects is that I am not all that worried about weather the trees will be pollinated or not, at the moment there are plenty of insects around, my favourite are the native bees, its amazing how they hover and dart around

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ah ha

Well it seems the wonder full people at blogger have fixed yet another bug in beta, I can comment yet again, and yep other people can comment here too ha haa

now on to today or is it this week I don't know, I've been pretty slack with things lately,

I have sent the part from the little beastie away to be modified, you don't want to know how much its going to cost, but for an idea I had to work 28hrs OT to pay for it. I got a call from the bike shop the parts I need have to be ordered from England, bloody British bikes, so there's another 2 weeks off the road, but with daylight savings and warmer weather on the way I MIGHT drag up the courage to ride my bicycle and catch the train, notice the big might, we don't live in the greatest of areas and its at least a 15 minute ride from the station, in the dark, I used to when we only live 5 mins from the station but that was on a bicycle track which is very well lit.......... I know excuses, excuses

I have decided that the best way for me to get the things I want will be to work for them, I don't like working extra hrs it plays with the mind a little, I get very moody if I work too much, but there are too many things I want and I don't want to be relying on credit all the time

I have been informed that I dress as my mum would and need desperately to go shopping, also discovered I have a triumph bra expert living with me and I didn't know it, I found out while trying to find something to go to work in. Apparently my blue checked shorts which are almost too big for me are really daggy, so i tried on some I haven't worn for ages, they were too tight so I found another pair which were a little snug but not ridiculous, then I needed a top to match, the first one was too daggy the next too dressy another I wouldn't be able to wear a bra under, the fourth was too big but it also showed, "gee I've got big boobs","its not the boobs its that daggy old bra with the dead elastic isn't giving you any support, you need to stop spending money on things you want and spend some on yourself for a change", so my next mission is to go and find some not to dressy casual clothes which I can wear when doing everything from walking the dogs to going to work.

Monday, September 18, 2006


I did it I diditIdidit, I called them ha haaaaaaaa I actually called someone on the other side of the world to order parts for a bike ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

OK so I'm a little shaky and bouncing of the walls, quick someone make me a coffee I'm so excited

For those who have never read My journey into the Unknown one of my biggest fears is talking to strangers or for that matter sometimes people I know on the phone, but as of about 5 mins ago I spoke to a really nice lady in England WoooooHooooooo

I also rang around for parts for my bonnie which didn't inspire me at all because the bloke didn't believe that I needed them, I almost went mad at him as I mentioned it has been almost my only form of transport for the last 5 years I forgot to mention it has almost 80,000K's on the clock that won't be cheap either but hopefully it will keep the baby working for another 80,000

new stuff

the bed finally arrived, I'll post a pic when I get a roundtooit It's soo nice I still wake up with a sore back but that's probably just me, so young yet falling apart, Kmart has a sale on Manchester 50% off some brands so.... two sets of new sheets and a really nice doona cover and a new doona the comforter and matching pillow cases can go back in the cupboard for the guest bed, they were originally bought for or the sofa bed but with the dogs sleeping on the sofa and tearing it apart, I would want to re-upholster and stuff the whole thing before I expected anyone to sleep there it's a little smelly and possibly uncomfortable, when we rebuild I will be pushing for a click clack lounge even though we will have at least two guest rooms the boy is now very discouraging of people drink driving it is likely we could end up with guests staying for breakfast, like the politician who recently got caught 0.06 after having 3 schooners at a function over a few hours he believes the limit should be 0.0 across the board, I got my licence at the start of Learners and p platers having to be 0.02 and had to stick to that for 3 years it's sort of ingrained I don't drink if I am planning to drive with in the next couple of hours

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I hate waiting

I bought some cabinets on EBay on Wednesday, gee it's been that long since I have been online, we went yesterday to pick them up, stupid me didn't narrow the search to within 75K's so we went to port kembela to pick them up at 0630 which means we left a 5, I really have to convince the boy to get a car licence when he gets his back, we were back by 1030 and that's with a detour through the city that much driving wears you out I crashed (in bed) when I got home and didn't get up until it was almost time to go to work, I was going to ring the company that makes the parts I need for the little beastie but they are in England and waiting until it is late enough didn't happen, I will try again tonight at the moment its around 1 O'clock in the morning there, grr

now for the waiting, I was hoping the bed would be coming early in the day, turns out it won't be here until some time between 2 and 5, grrrrrrr so I'll be trying to spend the rest of the morning cleaning up and getting the old bed out, we are considering keeping the frame, when we get a new house(looking at the next 3-5 years) that will be one less room to furnish even if all it has is a bed, Oh well I had better get in to it, we also need to get the woofs and ourselves some food, and new sheets for the new bed

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

how awesome is this

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Whats That?

yesterday I did a little gardening after the rain stopped, this garden has been very neglected, I actually thought these little sticks were long gone, rotted away, but they aren't they were just lost the long grass, originally the dogs chewed on the one below which is why it is so small, have you guessed what they are yet????

well they produce sour edible fruit, very small berries the plants are different colours of berry
the top one, I'm pretty sure is known as a Ribena Berry the bottom one is the red version or that's the other way round, the labels may have been mixed up

got it yet ???

the one is a black current an the other is a red current, as I was clearing the grass I was surprised to see buds on the big one, when I scratched at one underneath is green the little one has no buds but I scratched a bit of bark off to find it is also green, for their effort they got half a watering can of charlie carp

I forgot to take a before pic so here is one of the grass I removed

Sunday, September 10, 2006

While we are here and bored

I thought I might share some more pics

I sent my dad a sunrise for faters day, as well as the rooster, which he loved of course dad dosen't regularly check his sms so he didn't get it till well after sunset, oh well here tis.......
nice eh, one good thing about getting up super early unfortunatley was just before I started work
this one I took when I was waiting for the boy to pick up some things in Old Mt Druitt, I liked the way flowering trees line the street

Just when you think it's over

I thought I'd wander out and take a few pics of the flood in our backyard, seriously if this keeps up we'll need a houseboat, just as I get outside playing around with the dog, they don't like getting wet, it starts again, anyway the first one was taken three days ago and the other two a few minutes ago, I don't know what happened to the grass it just all died off during winter, it is coming back slowly

Bloody Rain

I'm thinking about buying one of these..............

Think it'll look good on the bike....... Not ................................ yes I am a little annoyed, the Boy was SO keen to go to the show which he wasn't last year or the year before or........ well anyway we haven't even considered going for the last 4 years .......... bloody courts.........

yes I know he did the wrong thing and he did get caught 0.15BAC but its pretty sad when the only reason he got pulled over was because his tail light was out (its all in the police report, doing the speed limit, not swerving, tail light out, pulled over) he gets 5 years yet some kid gets drunk and steals his dads car and almost kills the bloke he ran over during a chase gets 18 months and 2 years good behaviour bond

.................sorry vent over never ever get caught doing something wrong in penrith they'll throw the book at you...........................

anyway yet again we didn't go, we woke up to a nice sunny day out one window, pouring rain out the other oh well I'll have to find something else to do

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Driving in the rain, I'm driving in the rain, what a horrible feeling, not happy again

OK so it's not that bad, I went to get a new battery today, the boy wants to got to the Macquarie Towns and restoration show tomorrow, wait for it ....................................


Might not sound like such a big deal but since we got the Ute he refused to go on the back with me but apparently you can't go to a bike show in a car SO we must go on my bike which means I need to get the hiccups out of it battery is the last resort before puling bits off and changing little tiny parts

Friday, September 08, 2006

These things come in threes

Many people have been saying who's next and perhaps certain people should be careful yet even though it was illness and not an accident there were three

  • Don Chipp, Politician who was going to "Keep the bastards Honest" Tue, 29 Aug
  • Steve Irwin, Wildlife Worrier Mon, 04 Sep
  • Peter Brock, Race Car driver Fri 08 Sep
(Insert Multiple swear words here)

I don't know why but the first thing I think when I hear these thing are multiple swear words

Don Chipp I heard on the news, he had Parkinson's disease but believed in what he did and even up to a few years ago was doing television interviews He create the Australian Democrats Or some thing like that, I was either too young or no even thought of when he was at his peak

Steve Irwin and Peter Brock I heard from the bloke I was working with

"Did you hear about the Steve Irwin thing"

"Nah whats he got up to this time :-D"

"He's dead."

Whoa did some one just slap me "Ya what"

"yup he got stung by a sting ray in the chest or something"


a few days later

"I just heard on the news Peter Brock might be Dead"

I gotta stop working with this bloke he keeps slapping me "What, How"

"Car crash"

"will you stop telling me these things its becoming a bad habit"

anyway it always seems like a slap in the face except for people who have sorta gone into obscurity and have been forgotten about for a while then you see it on the news and every one go awe wow xyz died gee he had a good innings, remember when s/he did this or what movie/TV show was s/he from............

Quick edit

Berrie just reminded me

Colin Thiele The man who wrote Storm boy passed away Mon 4 sep

Here is an exert from his web page

Colin Thiele
Author Educator & Poet
Monday 4Th Sept. 2006, Colin Thiele died in hospital after a short stay due to breathing difficulties (and a failing heart). He was 85 years old.He leaves behind his loving wife Rhonnie and two daughters and their families.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wind and Rain

What a Night, What a Storm, I didn't realise it was quite so bad until this morning. When I got up the backyard was flooded, I thought it was bad on the way home last night.

My leathers are soaked I was thinking I was getting old, having trouble seeing thought the rain on my visor and having my glasses fog up, I'm outta practice, I thought, but then I read the news update I get e-mailed to me turns out it hasn't rained like that in a while, last time I rode in weather like that was on the way home from Oberon when I was on my 'L's ( I was 16 and 9 months) it bucketed all the way down the mountains I discovered the wet pants feeling, mum and dad were following in the car I was also learning to drive, Mum kept telling dad to get me to pull over and he could ride the rest of the way home, mind you he was also a learner rider, not that I would have, once you get that wet there is no point in stopping until you get to where you are going, except of course if you really gotta go or need fuel or get a red light

I'm going to look in to that rain ex stuff even if it never rains like that again it will be worth it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fish and Chips

I've been a bit off for the last couple of weeks, no breaky, whatever is easy from the pantry for lunch, and well whatever is easy for dinner, the boy was going mad at me for eating too many carbs I usually go for porridge for breaky, pasta for lunch and sometimes the same pasta for dinner or meat and veg the problem of course being this kind of diet works foe me firstly porridge keeps me full and so does pasta which stops me eating crud,

so with the lack of motivation to cook lunch or breakfast I have slipped into old habits of not eating then eating whatever is in sight another demotivator of course is the state of the kitchen thus one of my goals yesterday is to get the house tidy and keep it that way

OK so I'm just making Excuses I'm back in that couldn't be bothered mood again I still remember the June dally Watkins course the teacher said never ever couldn't be bothered
there were also these rules
Rule 1 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 2 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 3 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 4 Always be the best that I can be
Rule 5 Always be the best that I can be
definitely rules to live by

so starting tomorrow I'm back into it, Porridge for breakfast, we'll see what happens after that but it should start things back on the right track, after a discussion with one of the other Elecs yesterday night this week I am writing a Budget even if I can't get the boy in on it starting next pay I will know exactly where everything goes for me anyway. he has some thing about all of his money going on 2 debts and a carton of beer a week so he doesn't need a budget I think he would be surprised how much he actually spends on other things and how much he could be saving for parts for his bike ooh well that's my whinge for the day, dimmis for a late snack then back into healthy stuff tomorrow


I read a post on the NC board about september goals I put some ther but I thought I would also put them and a couple extra here

  1. Track food and count NC points
  2. Drink More water, lets start with 1 ltr very weak diet cordial a day
  3. do a small ammount of exercise each day
  4. reach at least 7kgs lost mark
  5. keep things tidy at home

Monday, September 04, 2006

Where have I been

well.... I've been working, as I promised when my phone got destroyed I must say yes when asked for OT, I was asked to come in four early on Saturday and I was asked to work Sunday which being fathers day obviously not many people were willing to work Sunday was just supposed to be 8 but the Foreman got us together with the list of jobs and said the fitters are doing 12 hrs if my mate and I wanted to hang about and help with the extra work we had the choice of staying I figured I'm here now I may as well stay, usually even though the work is worth 12 hrs if it gets done early we can go

I was getting a little worried because the crew we had were from the permanent day shift and they were working like they do on days bloody slow and mucking around with simple things one of them kept walking away to answer his Mobile phone where I have seen others answer their phone and keep working 1 handed obviously not long conversations the first job which with a decent crew take 1.5 hrs took almost 4 I couldn't believe it normally they are waiting for me to finish my bit but yesterday I was waiting for them. the rest of the jobs I have no Idea how long they normally take but at the end the fitter who was putting in allot of effort thanked me for the help and the foreman as we were leaving mentioned that we could have done with one more person

Sunday night I made dinner for mum, dad, Pa, my Brother and the boy. Turkey thigh roll roast eggplant and sweet potato and peas, I attempted a queen pudding but the custard wouldn't set so it was a little runny, mum informed me that you can't make bread and butter based pud until you are 30 I hope to perfect it well before then, it would be good to have a desert to take that people ask for, mums specialty's are Pavlova, baked cheesecake, Apple pie, potato salad and apple salad or those are the things she regularly takes to BB Q's and Parties anyway

The veggie garden has changed SO much in the last few days we now have a row of snow peas and a row of beans which are almost 5cm tall, the peach tree is loosing its petals and growing leaves, I can count 6 potential peaches the citrus trees are budding there are green tips on the cherry trees buds spring has definitely sprung