Monday, June 26, 2006

Breakfast is important

I had a gain again this week I really need to concentrate on eating breakfast but with my new shiny scales it was only 0.8 I'm not going to buy so much junk when I go shopping next time maybe I'll get some special K or something similar, Maybe that can wait until summer time,I like to have my special K or cornflakes with Juice or yogurt on them instead of milk don't need sugar then

Mum and I had a go at making sushi last night It is sooo easy won't have to spend a fortune on Sushi ever again tasted just as good as the stuff you buy from the shop, I'll be having some of it for lunch today

This week

  • I walked the dogs once
  • I missed meals
  • I ate a heap of club
  • I had lots of junk food

Next week I intend to

  • not miss any meals
  • walk the dogs at least once
  • not buy any more club(this fortnight's block is gone)
  • avoid eating junk

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