Friday, July 14, 2006

Busy busy busy

I've been Planning, ha ha, whether anything happens or not is another thing altogether I dragged out my contented tummy books and searched through all of the freezable recipes, the best way to survive winter on afternoons, Yep, frozen dinner so I have written myself a long list of things to buy so that I can make a few soups and stews to take to work and if I don't take them all I might be able to convince the boy to take one every now and then, Have I mentioned before he is on permanent afternoons don't think I have but well he is and like I did today takes fruit for dinner, with both of us on shift not much really great cooking happens, neither of us could really be bothered to cook dinner and hour or so before going to work so it doesn't happen.
Last year I went on a soup making frenzy and ended up with a freezer full of different soup, by the way if anyone has the contented tummy cook book, the original one I mean, I really don't recommend the mushroom soup. I looove Mushys I'll happily throw a kilo of them in a fry pan or microwave and eat the lot but this soup is very strange perhaps a little too mushroomy or something maybe I did something wrong maybe its because I don't have a blender and used a stick wizzer I don't know but I still have some of that in the freezer, all of the others were great for lunch or quick dinner
I got dragged out of bed early this morning for a walk yet another long way to the shops, today has been one of those throwaway days sausage roll for breakfast sausage sandwiches for lunch and sweet potato fruit and yogurt for dinner tomorrow will be better

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