Thursday, March 29, 2007

I need sleep

I hate nightshift................ all I want to do is sleep not this stupid broken, 4hrs here and 4hrs there sleep, a good quality sleep where

  • no phones ring
  • no parcels arrive
  • no opening and closing doors,
  • no noisey Mo-bikes

...........................I can't wait till tomorrow night I'm going to bomb the house tomorrow at around lunchtime, which is when I'll be going out for a decent ammount of time, there is a fundraiser on near work for one of the sign on clerks, he got cancer in his jaw, found out in feb, been off work since, lots of donations for him and his family and now a bit of a do I hope he is not off for too long, he came to visit a few weeks ago and apart from a lot of swelling in his face he looked pretty good

The boy has requested that I don't do night shift again, I will try but sometimes you just get stuck with shifts you don't want which is what happened this week oh well

I suppose I'll be off to work now .... last night yaaaaaaaaaay

Sunday, March 25, 2007

a failed mission and a sleepy day

well, we failed to get a wardrobe, all of the places we went looking at shut at or a little after lunchtime, along with that, the boy yet again loaded me up with and impossible amount of doing things.
He seems to forget that there are only 24 hrs in a day 8 of which are required for resting and 2 or 3 for preparing and eating, but then he doesn't eat often or rest very much so it doesn't matter to him.

Any way,
he wanted me to help his nan pick up a table and chairs set he had already told nan that I would do it, nan lives at least 30mins drive away we woke up at half past 9 I got there at almost 11, picked up table and chairs got back to nans at around 12 (aka lunchtime) left there got to mumand dads at 1245, Little bro was cooking pastizzis so we ate them, and got to the salvos at around 1340 they close at 1345 grrr vinnies at penrith close at 12 grrrrr so I'll go looking in the morning after work hopefully I'll find something suitable, If not I'll be looking at the cheap furniture places but I doubt those ones will hold enough clothing with out breaking

I also had to find time to vote in there somewhere, I ended up going at 1730 which was great because there were no lines and I wasn't sure which electorate I am in

today is a sleepy day, I'm getting ready for night shift hoping to sleep enough today that I won't get too tired tonight then have a really good sleep tomorrow afternoon

Friday, March 23, 2007

yet another exciting adventure

well, umm two or was it three days ago, My DLB, Darling Little Bro, sent me a message, his Gf had had a fight with her mum and needed someplace to go because the place she went to wasn't all that safe, a quick discussion with the boy and bang we now have a border , which is nice, but it makes life a little different, no more running around the house nakey, no more quick dashes to the bathroom, no more door open when sleeping, but other than that all is good, she is hardly here, she works 12 hr days in the city and doesn't eat very much , tomorrow I am on a mission to find a wardrobe, poor girl is still living out of shopping bags and we can't have that,

hoping to find a nice old one with a mirror on it and some drawers

Oh and I must not forget to vote tomorrow, I have to take the boy's nan to vote so I'm hoping I can absentee vote there otherwise I will have to go to 2 polling places, I knew I should have taken up that postal vote offer that they sent out I will have to do that next time, The Boy isn't registered so he doesn't have to , that is until they catch up with him and fine him $100s, I'm hoping that they don't catch up with him, he claims he will register when big issues are decided by referendum and it is no longer compulsory to vote

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

and life goes on

I'm tired I was working lots of OT in order to pay off the ute, new plan, we are selling the ute hopefully for a fair bit more than I owe on it then I'll get some back anyway because some of the loan is the cost of loan insurance, I hope it sells soon after I advertise.
Aparently I have to write to the bank for a bill of sale before selling it, I was hoping to be able to do it over the phone, they will also want a reason for me wanting to sell, especially since we are not buying a replacement the boy will help me with this tomorrow.
I still think it's crazy to do all of this just because we might have a child at the end of the year or early next year but it makes him happy and we aren't using the Ute atm anyway because we are both riding everywhere, but then there are the people who had to spend 6 months in bed/hospital due to sickness or something like that so it probably is not such a silly way of thinking I foun a quote I like I'll put it in my discription line it is

PLAN AHEAD It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark

It sorta reminds me of the way the boy thinks which is probably a good thing. the next few things that are on the list apart from moving the computer and re-aranging the wardrobe are all too specific to be worried about right now

the weight loss thing is working alot better now that I don't have th problem of the pills, (yes I know excuses excuses) weight gain is a side effect, I'm thinking I might stay off them, I have changed my diet yet again I am now only drinking shakes for breakfast untill I run out, Jen you were right losing weight quickly is inspiring but not eating real food and losing too quickly made me extra tired, so I am working on the whole portions and good food thing I eat only untill I feel comfortable, it is hard to teach myself that I don't have to eat the whole plate, the boy has been more supportive too, he asks me about halfway though dinner if I am full and do I really need to eat the rest which is a great help, I am now below the 73kg mark for the first time in ages which I'm very pleased with

well tis now well and truly bedtime for me, Merlot I'm working on updating more often I'm dissapointed I have let my updates get so far apart

Monday, March 12, 2007

now what happens if you don't take the yellow ones?

one of my deep dark thoughts which has been keeping me away from here,

after the weekend the boy did the affectionate things that boys do (Ok so he laid on top of me and nibbled an ear TMI?)
I told him I'd missed a magic pill so I had better take it before we start thinking like that, he replied that that's up to me.............. hmmmmm .................. so I quizzed him on it turns out that Like me he is starting to worry about getting too old to have/enjoy children and would like to get married and have babies ........... not necessarily in that order but soon ................ SO I didn't take it....................

now back to the question.................. what happens when you don't take the yellow ones. For those with no Idea the packet has many yellow pills and 7 or so white ones, the white ones are the ones that you take at TTOM they are pretty much just sugar. anyway the answer.................. stop taking the yellow ones and TTOM happens no matter when you stop. prolly should have checked that one out before I did it, oh well will see how we go.

The boy is insisting that we must start buying things now he is such a worry wort......... this means he wants the Ute sold in the next couple of weeks and a small 4-5 door car bought, OK so I want a smaller car due to cheaper rego he just wants something that a baby seat can be fitted to.............................. then various essential items bought, like child restraint and bassinet , then while we are there we may as well look at the other necessities like nappies. he mentioned something about my ability to procrastinate until its almost too late so while I was planning to do as much OT as possible to pay off the Ute, that loan will more than likely be halved now making it much easier to pay off then OT will go towards other things.

then there was the whole getting married bit, which I mentioned to mum and dad, we(the boy and I) have always discussed simple , nice park, immediate family only, mum and dad had the guest list to 34 without the boys extended family very quickly, they also offered to help out with up to $3000 so how do you tell them to keep things very small, I am aware some people spend in the 10s of thousands so 3 is very small but I was thinking around 16 people. I knew there was a reason people eloped, I'm thinking it's a pretty good Idea

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Wow 10 days since my lat post, I have many excuses but none of them really fit, except maybe the too tired ones and then theres the been thinking too much to type one then theres work but I have been on dayshift so no excuses there .

Anyway the weekend of my auntys party was great, I got a little sunburnt I suppose thats to be expected at a garden party in the mountains, I think every one was expecting low 20s or high teens try low 30s grrr was a very nice day, mum and her friends got very drunk, after the boy and I left she got even more drunk and told of my cousins partner who is very nice but only comes to big important family events which I think is good better than (now here is a long discription) my cousins aunty's husband who untill last weekend we haven't seen for 2 years and is very rarely at home due to work commitments (it is beleived that his work is very suss)

for a change rather than camping in the paddock we stayed at the jenolan caravan park in a cabin which was really great firstly because its nice to get away from the restriction and expectations of the extended family(they want everyone to join in all the time) my cousin told them this when we mentioned that we were leaving she was right it is nice for young couples to get away for some time on their own when it comes to these things I'm sure here partner would have dragged her away if he could, trhe boy found a take away and a bottle shop still open in oberon, I was suprised small country towns normaly close down at 12 noon on weekends he had chips and potato scollops and a beer then started to fall sleep, the poor boy spilled his beer when he fell asleep.

It was nice to ride with him again after soo long , I learn alot by following him on the way back we just missed the rain, then later in the day we got those awesome thunderstorms and lots of rain, its been like summer used to be latley, warm sunny days with not a cloud in the sky then and evening storm out of nowhere, brilliant !

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to the boy

yep its his birthday, 32 today hahahaha that's like really old :-P I made a cake, it wobbled in the middle when I pulled it out so I put it back in for another 10 mins , the boy liked the decoration, he even suggested other options like stencils and icing sugar

I have to work on the piping thing , I think I made the icing too runny

I got him 2 pair of shorts, 2 t- shirts, a 5 pack of undies and and garage roller stool with a tool tray underneath, puts him at the right height to work on bikes

I gave in to a piece of cake, sorta wishing I hadn't cause I don't feel very well after that I won't have any more save extra treats for aunty's party on the weekend