Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kitchen clean up time

I got pretty bored this afternoon so I decided to clean out the kitchen which happens to be another clutter pit I now only have plastic containers with lids and also a lid with no container, I am hoping it will be around somewhere probably tucked away in an obvious place like on top of a table or in the wrong cupboard, anyway I have decided I need more containers to make things more organised, as much as I love the tupperware it is very expensive so I think I might just buy 1 appropriate container each time I go shopping but I may buy the odd piece of tupperware from my friend,
now if you followed earlier posts about the dreaded tupperware party which really wasn't so bad you will remember that I had trouble getting numbers here is No. 1 reason for this, about a week b4 I went to my cousins party and played the game which landed me with one I went to one of my family friends inaugural party.... So anyone in that circle I couldn't invite because it may upset my friend or her mother or father who my brother works with because she is really struggling to get bookings, any way not good, but I do like the clicky microwave containers though and I might ask her for some of those and some of the other gizmos I like, like the jelly mould, I was making jelly this afternoon and couldn't find an appropriate container for the jelly,
I am trying to cook a bit more I'm still deciding what to have for dinner, Friday is shopping day so you can imagine how much food we have left in the house, plenty of bases but not much decent to ad to them I will probably got for the microwave lamb shanks that we have in the fridge I like the microwave lamb stuff especially the ribs but they are very fatty,
If you don't have microwave lamb in your shop basically it is either ribs or shanks which have been slow cooked and sauce added the one in the fridge is apricot they are so tender I haven't had the shanks b4 but if you get the ribs you can't break them apart with the bones because they just slide out of the meat
anyway back to the clean kitchen, in search of an appropriate container to set my jelly in I found an oven set which I bought a while ago because it had ramekins and a casserole dish as well as a rectangle and a square and a quiche dish they were pretty grotty , have I mentioned that we have a roach problem, so I pulled them out of the dark corner cupboard and cleaned them up I cleaned the shelf which used to hold the good crockery which eventually became everyday crockery and now it is all in view, While I was at it I opened the box of Pyrex that the boy's brother and family gave us as a house warming gift (The boy is going to freak he wanted to give it to them when they move into their new house) and put it all up on the same shelf so now there is no reason (other than lack of ingredients) that I can't make some interesting meals, between the two sets I have 2 different sized long and square dishes 2 pie/quiche dishes 4 small ramekins a loaf dish and a 1/2 liter jug. I also got around to cleaning the fridge, I found

  • 1 iffy carrot which went in the rubbish bag

  • 1 squishy rockmelon which went in the rubbish bag

  • a lite'n'easy bag with some ham in it which went in the rubbish bag

  • an open tin of tuna which went in the rubbish bag

  • an out of date open tub of dip which went in the rubbish bag

  • a squishy apple which went in the rubbish bag

  • an open tin of skim condensed milk which went in the rubbish bag
  • an open packet of sausages which I put in to a container
  • some onions which are trying to grow I left them there
  • a bottle of Sunstone luscious fruity red with approximately 100mls in it (I wonder if its still good)

I now have a very empty looking tidy fridge hopefully It will stay that way for a while HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right

I'm off to find some dinner and maybe look at organising the freezer I wonder if it would be easier to put my meat in containers rather than freezer bags Hmmmmmmm

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jen said...

When ya finished all your cleaning, mine needs doing too!!! The grandies have got into all my pots,pans, plastics and they scattered all over the cupboards!!
hehehehe enjoy!!