Wednesday, November 29, 2006


well ....WE GOT WET.......... Ok so I expected to get a little wet, we were doing ok even with the wind being so gusty we'd get going then the wind drops of then we're off again then all of a sudden its up and over with both of us in the water we had a good go at righting it but eventually some nice men in a motor boat gave us a hand and towed us back to the ramp we came from, it was very exciting and the water was just a nice temperature which is definitely a good thing we now know, why our life jackets came with leg straps and which pieces of rope need replacing

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthady to me :-D

yaaay its my Bday to day , mum and dad got me a kitchen set, apron, oven mitts, pot holder, tea towel in Green I'm going to go tomorrow and get a pink one as well so I can still have some available when that one gets washed

My Little brother got a Impact driver (very use full for those of us who can't undo tight screws) and a swimming costume with matching Bordie's

Pa Got a little indoor step so that I can reach all of those things that the boy puts on top of the kitchen cupboards

The boy found the most gorgeous frog on a swing

last night we had lamb roast with salads and squashed potatoes and for desert every ones favourite Caramel Dumplings MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there goes WW for this week, one of the boys at word got a cake too

Thursday, November 23, 2006

help!! !

there are times when life just turns you upside down and shakes you around a lot ............. for me this is what a the week before ttom is, I want to be happy I have been achieving stuff, my house is tidy, I have the bits required to get my bike going again, we just got ome more fruit trees which seem to be settling in well and we are going sailing on saturday ................ all I want to do is curl up and cry until nothing else comes out or go to bed and stay there for at least the rest of the year maybe the next ten years ........... and before anyone starts, no I am not going to see a doc there are 2 things they will do, 1 will be counselling which I have be there done that, I rather go for a coffee with a friend who knows me, or they'll want to give me drugs of some sort which will result in another pill that I will have to remember for the rest of my life, if it waqsn't for the conveniance factor I wouldn't be taking the one pill I do take.

An old friend I grew up with got engaged earlier this week mum keep trying to get some glimps of excitement or intrest out of me
.... very short version of events which mum dosen't know and wouldn't understand, dad does gee hes good when it comes to stuff like this............

  • XBF proposed several times to which I replied I eould think about it eventually agreeing he promised we would marry at the end of my apprenticship,
  • a month later he broke up with me saying he would always be there for me ( what a way to lead a girl on me thinking we were just having a short break),
  • three months later he engaged his now wife
  • they married two weeks after I completed my apprenticship
ever since then, I cant stand movies about weddings and it rips me apart every time some one around me gets engaged
As I said dad understands where these feelings come from or at least tries to ......... mum thinks I'm being silly

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Its not the heat that gets you its the humidity"

I think that's how it goes ........ anyway it is yet another humid day in sunny Sydney, you sit there thinking it must be nearly 40 only to find its low thirties, the storm clouds have been drifting by for the last couple of days, its gotta rain soon................hopefully...................... when it does it will be a big one the air doesn't get this heavy without a big storm attached ...... hopefully it doesn't hail while I'm at work, we don't get hail very often here but in the areas surrounding work they get huge hail, the type that leaves half of the suburb with blue and green tarps on their roofs

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Cherry Ripe Day

click on the image below to see the poem, that my cousin wrote about her dad you may need to click again to get it to reading size..........

Garry Lyon passed away on the 18Th of November 2001, he was taking part in the Forster Iron man when he suffered a massive heart attack, he was 55 and had no previously known heart problems and had been very active for his whole life.
those of you out there who have been a little slack with your exercise or if you plan on drastically increasing your exercise level please go and get checked out before you start, my cousin was my uncles trainer for the triathlon and because he was active didn't see the need to get checked she did partly blame herself for a little while.

cherry ripe day is the day we remember his love of the chocolate bar, for his birthday he was given a huge box of snack size cherry ripe, we joked at the time that it was a lifetime supply, he took one to work every day.

On Cherry Ripe day we share cards and Small gifts involving cherries and of course snack size cherry ripe bars.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok so maybe the postie isn't so bad

First I want to thank Mel for posting about Fly Lady, wow its amazing how inspired you can be just by cleaning the sink, OK so its scrubbing the sink until it shines and putting away the now clean dishes rather than leaving it till tomorrow

Today the postie rang the door bell....... yes it does work............. I must have answered the door in a similar state(half asleep in my nightie) one day and he decided not to wake us if we don't need to sign, who would expect the postie to come at 730 in the morning especially when they used to come at lunchtime,
now what did he bring,
well there was:

  • a mysterious little parcel for the boy(Bike bits)
  • a very heavy little box (bits for the little beastie)
  • a fairly light big box(I found where to get pasta cooking tubes cheaper then $80)
  • a parcel post satchel("Disturbingly good" T-shirt)
so I spent all morning out in the shed getting the Little beastie ready for her new bits, I have discovered that I really need to touch up on my welding skills, the boy ended up doing that bit for me grrrrrrrrrrrr we got the new stand on only to discover that I need another tool I have not got to put the new bits on, luckily there was one in Melbourne hopefully it arrives COD on Friday, for some reason all of these old bike parts shops are also behind the times, no online shop no credit/debit card facilities, oh well I suppose that's what gives them their charm

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

is saaaad is very sad

Ok whats sad........ read below post........

as soon as I can figure it out or they make it an option I will make the days appear in the order that they do but have the times work top to bottom and the person on blogger help group who said just change the time so they go in that order ............ I'M NOT STUPID I already considered that but I would like the actual times of each post to show properly after all it is a written memory and I would like to know sometime in the future that I sat up at 1 in the morning writing letters to the postman which he is never going to get to read GRRRRRRRR..........

sorry ppl and there's the sad bit I write letters to the postman even though he will never see them, no I would not hug and kiss our new postman he is in too much of a hurry at least the old one would have a little chat and was sorta good to look at, we never see the current one, I'm starting to think the doorbell has stopped working, I'll have to pull it apart tomorrow..... perhaps some new batteries and a good clean will make it work better or maybe I should go to bed at 12 instead of well after 1 and try to get up before the postman arrives

Dear Parcelman

Please bring our life jackets tomorrow, this is getting very frustrating, they were posted Thursday before last from Brisbane.Had they come from Melbourne, I could understand the delay with cup day being a public holiday and all but I'm sure Brisbane doesn't take that day off. I know that they don't suffer from daylight saving which with the current time difference may cause a delay of a couple of days even though the difference is only an hour. Please hurry I'm keen to go sailing this is driving me barmy I have to work for the next 4 Sundays so I will be very limited for boating time

Hugs and Kisses

Saturday, November 11, 2006

remembrance day

well today we actually went and mowed the boy's nans lawn again....... today was almost remembrance day, at around 5 to 11 we were in the car on the way to mow the lawns, they played the usual last post, then "the Ode", then reveille along with some people speaking about their experiences, then the radio went silent, as is expected at 11 o'clock on the 11Th day of the 11Th month.
I was deeply disappointed that the boy didn't shut up for the whole minute not even for part of it. I told him off straight after because he couldn't even be quiet for that one particular minute the reply was some thing about how me and dad constantly gibber when we are out together........ I know we both would stop for that particular minute. I am surprised considering how into war history and things the boy is yet he couldn't stop talking for 60 seconds to honour those who have been involved in war. I know its a small thing but I was brought up believing it is very important to respect people especially those who have been.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Well last night mum and I went shopping I bought 3 pair of shorts and a pair of jeans, I discovered I love Susan Grae, I always thought it was old lady clothes but their sizes are generous and there weren't many things that were affected by my sticking out bum ( the reason I cannot wear most hipsters) I was very disappointed in Target I always remember them having very generous sizes like their 12 being equivalent to 14 everywhere else well.... I usually grab stuff in two sizes according to how the make looks I tried on some size 12 pants which didn't get much past my knees then I tried some 14 shorts which got to my hips but would not in a million years do up I didn't bother with the rest, the funny thing is I bought a T-shirt of e-bay which came in the mail today its a target 14 and its almost too big, I think it's supposed to be fitted but it will be a good T shirt fitted or not for a while
After target I lost heart and we went to the almost closed food court for dinner
I went to the shop this afternoon to get some things, I collected a few ingredients for my baskets and some fruit, I got apricots I'm not sure if they are ripe but we will see, they'll get eaten anyway when I came out the rain Had started and there was this big black cloud overhead
Don't you just love the smell of rain on the hot road, I hope we get a lot more and whoever decides these things can figure out a way of directing the storm water to the catchment rather than out to sea, unfortunately people think too much about where their water is coming from and so wont agree to recycling plants, which by the way send out 5 star water while stubborn people drink 3 star. OK so I would like to be able to water my fruit trees a little more often than I do and I don't have the space for a bigger water tank, ours is either overflowing or empty grrrrrrr

No Parcels X-(

we have been hanging for weeks to take the hobie cat out, we spent hours replacing bolts repainting rusty bits, making plans to improve the lighting situation the only thing we are missing is the all important safety equipment, there would be nothing worse than falling off in the middle of a lake without a life jacket
.... Thursday last week we got an e-mail that they are on the way ..... that's 5 working days, yes they did say allow 7-10 working days but it's very frustrating when things have generally been arriving within 3-5 days, I hate to do it but I have to blame something, first I figure austpost may have too many people on holidays so that they have plenty of staff for Christmas time when we get 2 delivery's a day.
I was happy with that ...... until.... I got an e-mail from a seller in Victoria who I bought a dress off apologising for the delay in postage and contact due to Melbourne cup day being a public holiday in Melbourne or is it all of Victoria, there has been much discussion about doing the same here, something about reduced production on that day, I have yet to see that we go about our usual business up to 3 o'clock then stop until around 10 past 3 or however long after 5 past that the race takes, then go back to work or home depending on the shift.
So I am blaming the melbournites and their public holiday for the massive delay in postage I guess early next week there will be many parcels for us which will make me very happy I love getting parcels and letters even if they are bills.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

we have beens

I probably spelt that wrong, but we now have beans growing on the vine, I must remember to take pics later we also have snow peas and lettuce ant tiny mango's and olives, the pear tree is in flower, its a little late but better late than never, It seems to have picked itself up lately, its almost bigger than the apple tree, which is good considering how sad it was looking not sure if we will get any fruit of either of them this yer, we will see, I know that we may end up with a few mandarins but all of the other citrus trees completely dropped their flowers or their fruit bud I'm a little sad about that but they are very small, roughly knee height , so it may be that fruiting would bee way too much

Monday, November 06, 2006

I need to go shopping ........ or something

I'm dead bored, the boy is at work which is usual for this time of night and I have no one to annoy, I suggested today that a desk that I could set my hobbies up on where the freezer sits at the moment would be nice, he agrees that is a good Idea, but will there be enough light? I'm sure I can figure it out so that it is light enough, this was followed by a long lecture about how I need to consolidate my intrests.
The boy decides if he can't spend at least an hour a day persuing an intrerest it should be discarded, I get the feeling he has moved house alot which makes it important to reduce the ammount of crud you own.
I enjoy many hobbies at different times or for that matter all at the same time I would like to one day make cross stitch cards written in calligraphy and perhaps matching paper to wrap a kintted gift in
............ get the Idea............
at the moment I am interested in having more of a go at caligraphy give me a month or so and my intrest will be sewing or cross stich I never really spend enough time on one thing to become really good at it, for that matter I don't own a sewing machine(a fact which Pa wishes to remedy as soon as I have room for nans sewing machine) or an Ironing board, that makes it a little hard to be any good at sewing.
It must be a bit dissapointing when it comes to that, the only woman in mums family who has never sewn her own clothes,
maybe not but sometimes I think mum would have really liked a girly girl with a job as a P.A who dresses up and goes out for lunch with friends and loves to shop and cook and sew................ sometimes I would like to be those things too

Sunday, November 05, 2006


It's Christmas soon, I'm definitely going to go into panic mode soon, at Christmas time I like to make up baskets of things for my grand parents, what else can you give to an Octavian who has everything, I usually go for the things that they wouldn't buy for themselves, My grandmother saves on her pension to buy each of her 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, birthday and Christmas presents in her basket I know there will be some rocky road last year

  • I found some individual serve puddings and small tetrapak Paul's custard
  • a box of fruit mince pies
  • a box of glensomethingorother shortbread
  • a packet of Tim tams
  • a variety box of mochona coffee sticks
I'm sure there was something else in there ....... I lined the basket with some nice tea towels and tucked one in over the top then tied a length of that sparkly stuff you wrap around the Christmas tree, the name eludes me at the moment I'll remember it later when it's not important....... oh wait its called tinsel that's right, anyway grandma said grandad and her really liked it so did pa

this year I am thinking I would like to make some things to go in the basket ...... number 1 will be orange liquor chocolate truffles, I found a recipe for white rocky road in this Months good taste mag so I will definitely have a go at that, I would also like to have a go at making some nice boxes to put them in,

I have been collecting the art of calligraphy magazines even though I don't really have any place to practice there are some great ideas on gift bags and boxes and I do have a week off, the boy is focusing more and more on getting his bonnie ready for rego in 2 months 3 weeks and 6 days
not that I'm counting or anything,so I should have plenty of time to myself.

I wonder how long these things I want to make will keep, I get the feeling now would be too soon even if I did store them in the freezer so I thing I will focus on boxes and collecting ingredients until a few days b4 I see them I will need to find a very good hiding spot, I know the boy has a very sweet tooth and tends to eat things I have planned for something else, which is why planning weekly meals doesn't work

after I publish this I will be adding another ticker or 2 to my title :-)

That weight thing again

well today is weigh day ........... again.............on Friday I was almost back to 77kg but today wasn't so bad here are my results page

Your current weight 75.7
Weight change since last entry +0.2
Total weight change -3.3

ok so its only 0.2 but it all ads up I know I can eat right and I know I can loose weight and I know I am being completely lazy, we had Pizza last night, I felt soooooooo sick, I haven't been stopping when I get full I need to get back to that no ok I'll wait a few seconds and stuff more in, I'm full nothing more need pass my lips, It is hard being that I can't bring myself to throw anything out especially food

speaking of throwing things out .... I am yet again selling things on EBay I was told one day when I complained of having nothing to wear that I have plenty of clothes just not the right ones, and of course he's right again ....... most of my clothes are "good" which means too good to bum around in or duck down the shops or take the woofs for a walk so...... I am selling , anything "good" that I haven't worn for over a year and some things that I just couldn't wear

all size 12-14-16 mostly labeled as M or L which means I had to guess, if you are interested see here, I think I might put some more up, I have also bid on a heap of really cheap T-shirts, on Thursday I am going on a shopping trip to find more shorts

Saturday, November 04, 2006


hmmm even the word has the same effect as watching someone do it.

Well its come to that time of year again, Christmas build up, almost the whole time we have been living together, wow it's 5 years already, The Boy has worked in warehouses/Distribution centers this is the time of year it starts to get busy just before whichever company it is puts extra staff on for the holiday season, yesterday he didn't get home until well after 230am and didn't get to bed until at least 4.

I don't sleep very well when I am waiting for him, I can't wait until he gets his licence back then, I can be pretty sure nothing has happened to stop him getting home from work, believe it or not some people just shouldn't ride push bikes regularly, he still has bits of glass in his hand from the first accident which saw him covered in blood and crying (yep there was definite sobbing and tears) over the phone about how badly injured he was, that's what happens when you ride your pushbike with a glass bottle in your hand at night.

anyway tonight I gave him a lift and told him I will pick him up at whatever time he finishes, it could be a long night, thankfully the headache which hit me at around 2 this afternoon has gone, I'm still guessing lack of sleep is the culprit since a 2ltr bottle of water didn't do any thing, unless it was the cup of coffee I had before leaving work kicking in, I did have a 10 Mug a day habit which seems to have waned a little especially with the hotter weather. Oh well I'm off to have a cup of tea and read my book for a few hrs

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Its on its way

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the bit for the little beastie is on its way, unfortunatley I missed ride to work day with both bikes off the road but hope fully soon, Very soon I will have both back on the road again........ I can't wait