Monday, July 31, 2006

Routines ,planning ,weighing and measuring

Ok so I did not good this week I havn't recorded my weight on the WW site and I can't be bothered working out how much I gained just know that I did gain and I'm not happy yes I am about to throw myself on the floor and throw a tantrum, I know everything I have been doing iws the reason adn alot of thing sI have not been doing are also the reason, I have also realised that my life has no routine no shape no form so......

  • Sunday is Ride day, not always but no reason not to at least go for a little scoot
  • Monday is cleaning and folding day also generally a workday (not so today)
  • Tuesday is sorting day, time to go through old things and find what I no longer need and throw out stuff
  • Wednesday is we'll come back to wednesday
  • Thursday, we'll come back to that too
  • Friday is shopping day even if its just a few things
  • Saturday is Washing day and 1hr of maintainence day

I have been busy yesterday I started changing my chain and sprockets over today I need to get a 'BIG' 36mm socket so I can torque a nut properly then I'll be finished we also gave the back half of the bike a really good clean I'll take pics when its all back together looks better than it did when I got it I'll have to do the front half later today or tonight
Weighing is happening I like my new scales they show smaller incriments than the old ones The boy is holding on to the old ones for some unknown reason
Measuring well if I ever find my 3m YEllow Tape I will start measuring


jen said...

I am a dead loss without my routine, really have struggled these last few weeks while work is slow...ohhh well slowly learning to control me at home!!

Enjoy the routine, keep smiling,

Rae said...

good luck with the routine! i usually have a resonabley nice routine, but with the whole moving thing, i feel like i am all over the place!
and you have acknowledge where the not-so-good areas are for you, so it's a new week, and i'm sure at the end of this one you will be able to say, i did ok!
have fun with the new scales... maybe the old ones can be a throw out for tuesdays... *grin*
Rae :)