Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yup as much as I like night shift I hate that nothing gets done, My biggest achievement today was a nice big walk with the boy and the woofs I did run a little, Girly likes to run, Champ well he's another story I tried to get him to run with me but he wouldn't even have a go, so champy is definatley a walking only dog.

I didn't get around to servicing the bonne so I'll be driving the ute to work again grrrrr I don't like driving on night shift except for the fact that I have the heater, I don't feel as alert in the car,

I made soup yesterday from a soup pack, It had carrots, potatoes, onion, some white carrot looking vegie I can't remember the name of and a chunk of another white vegie which I have no idea of what it is, any way it was way too carroty, I like the vegie soup mum makes with pumpkin and broccolli and well whatever vegies she happens to have in the fridge this one wasn't even close, maybe I should have thrown some pumpkin in

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