Friday, July 28, 2006

A productive day

I have started in the vegie garde today I dug a little trench wich will be the line for the first layer of bricks for the border and put the base of one wall in, I'm hoping we have enough bricks if not I will just have to reduce the size of the garden beds untill we find someone who is throwing out some. The boy suggested we take a trip to the bike shop for some parts so I can ride my bonnie again, $3xx later, we took a trip to petbarn for some more dog food and while we were there we got bigger bowls and a new collar for Girly which is a few sizes too big but hopefully she will grow into it, makes it difficult to remind her not to jump on the visitors without a collar or for that matter to catche her when she wont listen on our walks, on the way home we stopped in at bunnings for some more garden supplies and an extyension to the overflow on the rainwater tank which is either empty or over flowing we will be looking for a barrel to catch the overflow in very soon, lunch was baaaad we had KFC I had to try th eparmy burger which I have decided is a really good idea, if you have the simply too good cookbooks there is a recipie for chicken parmigana which has no crumbs or and is healthy fried its really yummy anyway throw that in a wholemeal bun with some lettuce and you will have a healthy parmy burger

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