Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I know too much information but unusually this time I and very grumpy and uptight and cramped. Naprogesic is my very good friend at the moment. I am guessing it's more to do with lack of water I really need to drink more I drink way too much coffee and no water. I also have been nibbling on chocolate like it's going out of style.

Over the last two days I have done 22197 steps, 17222 of those were yesterday most of today I didn't have my pedometer on, not that I did much walking anyway (see above paragraph)

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays posts

Mistie Moo (Love that nick) The pics were first put together in paint just like the pics Rae does then saved in Photobucket then I found the section in the code which controls the background for the header which looks like this
#header {
margin:0 auto;
background: #fff url( bottom left repeat-x; }

the address in the brackets is where the pics live I need to change it a little looking at Farmgirl fare's code so that the picture wont keep trying to repeat I did have the Ms Moto template with this pic on it but the background on that does funny things and was too frustrating to change, I want to get the heading to stay the same size no matter what your text size setting are ... another frustrating thing to do


Rae said...

it's not too much info, i understand completely!

and all hail the paint queen! you have taken the paint playing to a whole new level, i salute you! :)

the pics look great by the way!

Mistie Moo said...

Thanks so much for that Belinda!!YOu rock girl.MWAH!!