Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's a big day

Yup back to days today glad I'm not doing that all week we started off slow enough and then it had to rain didn't it, I had a job to do and decided to do it after I had something to eat so as I was eating my fruit and yogurt I got a call that the job was going to be done a different way which meant I didn't have to go out to it until the fitters finish the job just to check that the problem was fixed, it was getting close to 12 and I was rather peckish so I chucked my lunch (Left over chop from last night and some vegies) in the microwave,

the phone rings just after I start the micro, It's the supervisor with a job so leaving my lunch to heat up I take my tools and trundle out to check out what sounded like a fairly simple problem HAHAHAHAHA Well turned out that 3 switches needed to be replaced due to them being corroded grrrr Oh well call the foreman get him to send out somebody with new switches while I start taking these ones off which would be simple enough except that the screws are also corroded grrrr grrr after bashing knuckles and stabbing fingers with screwdrivers another sparkie comes to the rescue YaaaaaaaaaaY between us we get the switches changed with much yelling at stupid little things by me for not doing what they are told (of course) train leaves all is well for now

Back to the lunch room throw lunch back in the micro for a few mins then I realise that one of our jobs has just come in and will be going out in less than 1hr grrrr My mate for the day has been working on other pre-arranged jobs so I head out to this one, one of the gauges needs replacing grrr we don't often have them floating around I head to the store today we do have them now my tummy is reminding me that lunch is waiting and my bladder is reminding me that I have almost drunk a litre of water today so answer the call grab the gauge and head back out to the job see the super on the way to find out how long I have turns out I have an extra hour Ok easy HAHAHAHa yeah right more grunting and yelling and bashing things but the job gets done in twice the time it should (bloody trains)

so back to the lunch room again the clock says 1435 just enough time for lunch then sign off you guessed it lunch goes back into the micro, by now vegies are over cooked and the meat is a little tough Oh well Felling rather dirty go for a shower 15mins to sign off....How awesome are the showers at work, at home we have gravity hot water which means no pressure, the one at work was so high the basin overflowed into the change area of the cubicle then out into the shower room Brilliant I think I've found a way to pamper myself at work strange concept I know but hey why not
getting changed foreman rings
"where are you"
"in the change room"
"what are you doing there"
"getting changed"
"are you naked?"
"NO Get that thought out of your head"
"Oh how did you go with that job"
"I'll come down and tell you about it"

I went to the office to tell the foreman about the job
"am I naked"
Foreman goes red
"um yeah sorry bout that couldn't resist"

Multiple stories told as to the look on his face when he realised what he had said,
Ya gotta laugh though this bloke has known me from My first day at work and is very much like a father or uncle (has a Daughter My age), dead easy to turn into a beetroot too

I never got to see if that first job was fixed either

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jen said...

Welllllll what a day, glad you did finally get to eat lunch, was beginning to wonder thereif you were ever going to!!
keep up the great effort...