Friday, June 30, 2006

Nu Shoos :-)

I Finally went and got some new shoes, I very rarely buy ladies shoes but today I did in wait for it ....... Size 11 :-O I never thought I was really a size 11 normally its 9.5 or 10 but 11 ????? then I realsed all of this time it has been size 9.5 Mens which explains why the 9.5 ladies were too short I hate having big feet I don't think I'm all that tall, those of you who live in aussieland have a look next time you go shopping at the socks, If you find any pretty pink explorers in a 6-10 or something like that any way anything above size 8 let me know, ok so they don't have to be pink or for that matter pretty ,just ladies sizes.

Its raining again Da daa da da da di da da

I can't remember the words for the song but yep it is raining again, so much for it getting warmer, dad used to always sing that song when it started raining he probably still does, an incredibly sweet yet annoying man my dad is, seriously..... he has this get out there and get 'em attitude to life perfect for the sales man that he is, any party we go to dad slots himself in as waiter or barman he always tries to make everyone happy and enjoy themselves, of course if you have one extreem you must have another my dad is also an incredibly frightening man if someone makes him really angry, not that he is violent at all but it's all in the eyes they can go from lighting up the room to ice in a blink, he is still a wonderfull man he will do almost anything for me and my brother.

It interesting the things that bring in memories

This is us at a cousins wedding the year before last dad on the right brother on the left guess who in the middle, was really close to goal then

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Little beastie

I didn't get the little beastie going, but I did find out exactly why she wont run, it turns out my very first assumption was right, the head gasket is blown see the picture, the assumption I was working on which involved the parts from dubbo was that the carby was broken, for those who aren't into this stuff, the black bits outside the hole are the only pieces of the gasket left, with out the gasket there is no vacuum or something like that, any way it stops the pieces of metal having a tight seal, fuel comes in but too much air and well... She don't run The boy suggested using some cereal box to fix it with, I suggested that I use gasket goo instead but he shook his head and wouldn't say why not to use it so I have ordered the replacement part from NZ and will wait until it arrives to get the beastie going again hopefully it won't be too long there might be a trip into town before then.
There is only one British spares shop left in Sydney and that is on the verge of closing, basically their prices are high and there is no parking, I usually park my bike on the foot path out the front, buying from NZ is cheaper even with postage firstly because of the exchange rate and secondly because it's overseas I don't pay GST making it 10% cheaper all the time

apart from the slight disappointment of not being able to repair the bike I had a pretty good day, I got up around 05:45 had breakfast woke the dogs up and went for a walk, It is absolutely freezing I was thinking the poor dogs need booties because my hands were cold and they weren't on the cold concrete the poor things really didn't want to sit and Champ just didn't want to go for a walk at all, The poor baby is a little lazy but he is getting a little tubby/cuddly so the walks are good for him too

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting warmer

It has been getting warmer again today was bright and sunny and warm for a change, the dog was laying in the sun panting even, untill I convinced her to get out of the sun, I went for a walk to the shops today and decided that my girly sneaker looking shoes just don't cut it, they are great for going out in but for serious walking they are really bad. I am thinking about giving th couch to 5k challenge a go, it involves brisk walking with intervals of jogging untill you build up to a 5k run, but I will need some new shoes before then

I am hoping to get my little beasty running tomorrow I got a heap of parts from dubbo the other day so I should have the right bits to get it to work, I would be great to have it reliable enought o ride to work some times especially with the cost of fuel these days, the whole tank is only 8ltrs and part of that is oil, they have been known to run with old engine oil in the tank

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have finally started to get rid of some crud, I have just listed a few more things that I have been needlessly holding onto on Ebay, I think this weeks theme on Dr Phil and Opra might have gotten to me somewhat, For those who don't have the chance to or just dont like to watch these shows this weeks theme seems to be Hoarders, thats definitley me I had all sorts of things that I was holding on to "For sentimental reasons" I finally threw a lot of it out today our spare room has gone from this.....

to this....

Ok so there is still a little bit of junk around and you really don't want to see the lounge room, the keep stuff stull needs sorting but it will all hae its place in the wardrobe I am no longer alowed to clutter, When we get our fancy new house There is only enough storage in the garage for the important things

Monday, June 26, 2006

Why I miss meals

I thought after all of these week of posting about me missing meals I had better explain myself just in case anyone thinks I'm doing so on purpose.The main reason I miss breakfast is simply that I get up way to late to bother with breakfast and go straight into lunch, the other reason is similar to one that causes me to I miss lunch, then there are the days that I get up with plenty of time but just don't feel like anything, eg: I feel like bacon and egg muffin but we have no bacon and no muffins so I don't bother making anything.

main reason I miss lunch is when I'm on dayshift I don't make it the day before or I do make it but I forget to take it, It's an hour trip to work in the morning way to long to turn back half way and buying lunch is just too expensive (average bought lunch for me is $10) for the same reason I occasionally miss breakfast on dayshift, when I'm not on days see as for egg and bacon muffin
why I miss dinner? well see lunch but change day for afternoon and see egg and bacon muffin example

Breakfast is important

I had a gain again this week I really need to concentrate on eating breakfast but with my new shiny scales it was only 0.8 I'm not going to buy so much junk when I go shopping next time maybe I'll get some special K or something similar, Maybe that can wait until summer time,I like to have my special K or cornflakes with Juice or yogurt on them instead of milk don't need sugar then

Mum and I had a go at making sushi last night It is sooo easy won't have to spend a fortune on Sushi ever again tasted just as good as the stuff you buy from the shop, I'll be having some of it for lunch today

This week

  • I walked the dogs once
  • I missed meals
  • I ate a heap of club
  • I had lots of junk food

Next week I intend to

  • not miss any meals
  • walk the dogs at least once
  • not buy any more club(this fortnight's block is gone)
  • avoid eating junk

Sunday, June 25, 2006

What an awesome day

Mum left her phone here last night so we got up earlyish to it ringing, I am waiting for the bloke who won the auction for the desk to come and pick it up so I had to convince the boy that we still have time to go out in the morning because he said he would be picking it up in the afternoon, after a lot of convincing we threw the dogs in the ute and headed off to "new" Homeworld, it(homeworld display village) moves every so often as the companies change the houses in their range so there is always a New homeworld anyway we went to see the place we want, It's absolutely awesome, I was worried that it would be to "Castle Hill" no offence to those that live out that way it's just not my style........
Castle Hill Style: very large open housing no overly associated with coziness these are either decorated with country crafts or ultra modern minimalisim (also viewed by us as having spent so much money on the house that they can't afford to furnish it properly) a very un lived in look.
....... But it was gorgeous just the right size, the bottom floor is approximately the same size as our house and the top floor has the bedrooms, the ensuite is bigger than our current bathroom and the master bedroom wardrobe is the same size as our current bathroom. The boy couldn't get over how big it is he was worried about it being too small downstairs, we asked on the way out about getting the garage made drive through and colour bond roofing they can do both of these things. Probably because "Jim wouldn't have it any other way"

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Expensive peices of plastic

ok so the TW party happened today to my great joy my aunty brought 2 of my cousins, we cooked double choc fudge brownies (definatly not WW food but absolutley brilliant) I think I might look into making these as gifts at xmas time, Food always makes a good gift. we had good fun making and eating them

Here is another vid this one is from my new phone I'm not sure what exactly they are chasing, the boy thinks its lizards, whatever it is they seem to have a lot of fun

Friday, June 23, 2006

My babies

Ok so this is my first attempt at adding video this one is of our babies, the day that we got them. its not overly great quality because it came from my old mobile phone the new one is an N70 and it does much better pictures

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Scales

I went shopping with mum today she wanted new jeans, she didn't get any they were all too long in the crutch ???? I thought jeans were supposed to be that way to allow movement, anyway I got 2 new tracksuits (I will start walking more really I will) and ...A new set fo WW scales, the old ones only measure in 0.5kg increments the new ones measure in 0.05 increments I figure eventually I will get to a stage where I am loosing too little to be picked up by the old scales but the new ones will show something

thanks for the message Rae I will drag myself at least across the road tomorrow and ask the lady that lives there she seems nice enough, they call our dogs the twins :-D funny cause that's what they are, I still have to ring old aunty and my cousin, I got stuck talking to an old school friend till it was too late to ring anyone else. The boy suggested that my friend and I get together and do something each week, she mentioned Kareoke (spelling) not to sing but to watch sounds like a good night out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I can't find my phone I spent some of last night getting numbers from mum's phone book to call people about the TWparty on saturday now I can't find it or the keys to mum and dads place I'm sure I left it there, I rang it this morning and couldn't hear it.

So far we have mum, dad, dad's baby sister and me going, I was hoping to call my old aunty (dad's big sister) and maybe my grandmother and see if I can get a few cousins if I can't get any one I may resort to asking some of the ladys in the street ooooooh scary, anyone guess that I don't step outside my little square very much it's nice and comfortable in my little square no one can see me I can watch the world, ok so I'm not that bad I certainly make alot of "noise" when it comes to chat rooms and message boards occasionally I even turn my webcam on and attach a microphone, hey I might be able to bring myself to do a video blog one day HAHAHA yeah maybe

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dream house

This is our house in a few years time

After discussing extending up and doing up the kitchen, adding a front veranda or a bay window and having a rear barbecue deck we looked into the option of knock down rebuild last night and decided that it wouldn't cost that much more in the long run to just replace the whole house, the boy was a little disappointed that it only has 4 bedrooms (somehow I get the feeling he wants a few kids) but then he realised it has 2 1/2 bathrooms and a family room and a rumpus room and a living and dining room so all renovation plans are off we will make do until we pay off our personal debts and have enough $$$ to build a new shiny house

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bloody soccer

As in the movie last night (escape to victory)Sylvester stalone"this game is ruining my life," the boy kept the telle on until 2am this morning when he decide to have a nap before the 3am game..... We missed the game his alarm went off he turned it off and I was awake for the next half hour or so now I am buggered, still deciding what to have for lunch, looks like another few days of poor choices, had a fried mushroom sandwich for breakfast.

I did manage to fold the clothes today I will work on the rest of the lounge room this evening that will be 1 room down 3 to go I don't even know if anyone is coming to this tupperware party why do I have to be such an anti social body I have 3 friends that I have kept some form of contact with I have e-mailed them but as yet no reply my phone died a few months ago so I lost all of my phone numbers grrrrrrrr....I hate phoning people any way I get all muddled up with what I want to tell them that of course leads to jumbled and stuttered words which make no sense

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Now I am starting to think there is something wrong with my scales, I weigh myself in my knickers so it's not the clothes I'm wearing but this week I lost 2Kg, I did some things differently this week

  • I did have all three meals a day
  • I ate chocolate every day (fundraisers are point free)
  • I did not walk the dogs
  • I had takeaway lunch twice (1 hamburger, 1 Chicken burger)
  • I did not count my extras points
  • I have started my 10,000 step challenge

Hopefully this week I do just as well should be fairly easy since I am on hols so I'll be home for 2 weeks might even manage to take the dogs for a walk

as for the list in the post below

I have managed to list the desk in ebay and have already had 2 questions Yaaaay, the boy put the dishes away, I have put some dishes in a sink of hot soapy water when I can get my hands in I will wash them

Crudy and cold

Been feeling pretty off today could be that I don't want to do anything or that I have not done anything, definatly not because there is nothing to do there is plenty to be done around here,

  • list the computer desk on e-bay so that I can bring the weight bench into the room,
  • sort out the boxes of crud so that I can set the weight bench up
  • clean the weight bench before I bring it in and set it up
  • clean and repaint the weights before I can use them
  • put the dry dishes away
  • wash the dirty dishes
  • fold the clothes and put them away
  • Make the bed
  • vacuum the lounge room and bedrooms
  • mop the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and sunroom
  • sort out the crud in this cupboard so that I can set up the printer
  • sort out the crud in my wardrobe
  • sort my clothes ( I noticed the other day my jeans are almost worn out in the crutch)

I have plenty to do just no drive to do it I hate it when I get Like this I'm having a tupperware party on saturday so the place needs to be spotless if I can afford it I'd like to get the pest man in and get the roaches gone, I hate the Idea of chemicals with the dogs enjoying chasing insects so much but it will have to be done

Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Aid

I did a first aid course today, one that is aimed at motorcyclists. I now know how to take a helmet off without moving the persons head too much...... things have changed heaps though, now there is no pulse checking just breathing aparently they have discovered that CPR on a living person does not upset their heartbeat and may actualy help keep things going better also there is no two person technique it is 30 compressions to 2 breaths for everyone, if you have two people you take turns seems a much more economical way of doing things than the two man one breaths the other pumps method, that way you both don't get worn out and can go for longer if you have more people, the more the merrier and the longer you can go for also this time they say that you will not re-start a persons hearts using this method so they won't just wake up like they do in the movies, I was told a few months ago that it can happen, the paitent vomits then starts breathing on their own, or some thing like that... anyway It was a good day and every course I do I get more confident in the way things are done which may save someone oneday

I forgot my pedometer today so I can't log my steps I doubt that I did as many as yesterday since I was sitting in a classroom all day, tomorrow is weigh in day, hopefully I do better than last week.

Net down

It seems that tonight most of my favourite websites are down, all coming up as page not found .... grrr. I got my pedometer today its a pretty blue one I have done 8364 steps since around 11:00 today we'll see how I do over the next two weeks while I'm on holidays hopefully I'll get some things done around the place but I'll probably just spend most of the day in bed. I moved the computer into the wardrobe today in readiness(is that a word) for the weight bench our computer room is about to become our home gym I'll have to drag the boy's old body building books out and learn a bit about technique and what exercise is good for what body parts, I am not going to build up I was told that when I went to the gym b4 it is impossible for a woman to bulk up with weights unless she used steroids or certain supplements

Thursday, June 15, 2006

mmmmmmmmmm warrrrrmmmm

We finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought and electric blanket, how awesome is it to get ino a nice warm bed and to be warm all night, has to be the best sleep I have had since winter.
We looked for three very important things , machine washable, fully fitted and anti hot spot/over heat device, found exactly what we wanted and it has a fleecy top too.

On the pedometer front My soggy one has dried out and started to work haven't checked it for accuracy yet but the new one was sent yesterday in an express bag so hopefully it will arrive today or tomorrow, I might offer the soggy one to mum if it proves accurate or keep it as a spare (I always forget where I put things)

I found a new way to have porridge to day I know it might sound really discusting but while I was making the porridge I threw in my daily allowance of club chocolate and sprinkled some chocichino on top in the bowl

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To the boy

I love you with everything I have but sometimes you rip all of that to shreds, today you read my blog because I left the screen open. This is not the problem, today you also questioned who can read this, I replied, anyone who wants to, you went off on a tangent about how there is an awful lot of personal stuff in there and how your sister in law might read it and be offended by my bagging out their parenting, one thing you must understand is that this is my own personal view on the world thus MY JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN.
I am currently a 23 year old lady who with you has grown from a 19 year old girl who lived with my eyes closed, you have opened my eyes and made me aware of the ways people are different and see things differently.
The views I have expressed and until the 27th of November will express are those of me aged 23, yes your sister inlaw may be able to read this but most people I have mentioned blogging to have instantly asked "what's a blog?" I think I'm pretty safe on that bet, if she does read it I expect her also to understand that these are my current views and they may change in the future I do not say these things directly to her because I Know it is not my place to tell people how to raise their kids especially since I have none, But, this is my place to let those thoughts out to release them into the world. Let the world think what it will

Love Always
Your Grumpy Little Wombat

Found 1 soggy pedometer

Guess what I found my pedometer today I thought it was in the pile of dirty clothes in the laundry hahahahahaha nope maybe in the pile of dirty clothes in the bedroom ....nope ... I'll go and hang out that load in the machine .... jeans jumpers thermals trackys ...."thunk" one slightly damp pedometer grrrrrr I don't think it will work again. I have bought a new Ubeute one to replace it the new one has a clock and a stop watch and it can tell me how far I have walked ...Please allow 28 days for postage........grrrrr

yaaay Breakfast, Dinner out and a vent

I found another thing I can cook without burning it (I'm getting good at this) Porridge, I love porridge for breakfast, I never used to it might have been the brown sugar that was expected to go on it, along with the cream or maybe because mum always made it with water rather than milk. I make it with milk yesterday for a bit of an experiment I threw some sliced strawberrys in the pot too ....YUM .... it came out just as good as those instant flavoured packets but with bits of strawberry through it

we went out for dinner on sunday night to the band club, Its all you can eat but they don't haev piles of stuff just a little bit of everything which goes quickly and is replaced with more as soon as it is gone so everything is fresh and delicious. after dinner we went back to mum and dad's for a splash in the pond the poor boy was sick so he wouldn't go in mum and dad wrapped him up in one of dads jumpers and his driving hat (I'll explain that another time) and gave him a brandy coffee to sit under the patio heater with he looks very heartbeat

Yesterday we went for a BBQ at the in laws, I guess thats what they call them the boy and I aren't married so things like that are confusing, any way they have a three year old daughter who can add...?????.... when she takes too long her father says 'your a bit slow' :-o, Bloody hell Most three year olds I have met know the usuall nurserey rhymes and maybe what the numbers and letters look like and are and maybe they can do simple addition but their parents don't ask the what's x+y every five minutes, she is not allowed out side unless someone is with her despite them having no pets and no swimming pool and a huge window overlooking the very small backyard no wonder kids are getting overweight these days, after I warned her several times that the ice cream would fall of the stick if she didn't eat it (she lied to get the ice cream) her mother considered giving her another one when it did fall of the stick, the father said don't be silly it'll teach her to sit down and eat it rather than playing around with it in her hand. I asked the boy on the way home if I am ever that protective about any children we might have and if we have a three year old that we ask to add slap me, he agreed.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Lying scales

Ok so I gained 0.5 this week, half a kilo, 500grams after jumping on anf off them all day hoping to see a lower amount I think I need better scales . But this week:

  • I didn't walk the dogs
  • I ate chocolate 3 days
  • I had a masive pizza binge (gotta love that real turkish pizza)
  • I skipped lunch or breakfast at least 3 days

Next week I aim to:

  • walk the dogs at least once
  • find my pedometer and start my 10,000 step challenge
  • eat three meals a day
  • not have takeaway dinner

Sunday, June 11, 2006

This is Me ???

apparently this is me, the boy has decided that I am a grumpy little Wombat, Partly because of my teddy bear boots, partly because I sleep a lot and apparently I waddle........ I DO NOT WADDLE.

Too Bloody cold today

It is sooo cold today last night we both had way too much to drink, Ok so he had way too much to drink and forced 3 large glasses of velvet cream and milk on me now as we all know I work for the NSW Railway and one requirement is that you are under 0.02 BAC at work and you can be tested at any time so I very rarely drink at all you can imagine what 3 large glasses of velvet cream does to me
anyway the boy was all set to go across the road and "talk to the neighbours" he also wanted to go out to the club to "get out of this gaol" somehow I managed to convince him to stay and I would cook us a romantic dinner at home, we can't really afford to got to the club at the moment
I cooked split pea and ham soup (Ok so it came out of a tin I just reconstituted it and heated it), chicken drumsticks with roast chicken seasoning and sweet potato and vegies I went shopping yesterday and bought some WW Puddings (3pts each) so we had chocolate self saucing pudding for desert YUMO the boy then went promptly to bed and started snoring his head off

This is a pic of him waiting for the drumsticks and veg to be ready

Friday, June 09, 2006

And I thought my leathers didn't fit!!!!

Ok this morning I had to go for my medical into town I hate going into town it's such a drag I ride to work I catch a bus from work to the station (thanks to the drivers we now have a buss even though they get paid to walk from the station) then a train into town today it was a millennium(bug) they are just as bad as tangaras too cold and hard seats
anyway..... I get up early have a quick shower find my thermals then go looking for a pair of jeans realizing that my comfy jeans are in the wash and my big jeans are on the line I search my drawer and find my draggin jeans as I struggle into them I wonder when the last time I wore them is I get them over my bum only to find the damn things don't fit grrrrrr the button wont even go anywhere near the hole so it is out to the line for the big pair hoping that they aren't too damp, they weren't ....
I got into town early for my appointment wait around for a bit go and do sight (gee my vision has become bad I'll have to wear my glasses next time I renew my license) hearing, wee in the cup, back to waiting then on to the doc Q's about sleeping probs, alcohol and depression (yes I am a little depressed occasionally but I live with it ) , walk on toes, walk on heels, squat bounce stand up, arms over, head arms behind back, are you ticklish (yes) reflex tests on arms, tummy test, touch your toes, all good go back to work
On the way back to work I stopped into GJ's for a white choc mocha and a spinach filo roll, I forgot to ask for skim milk and I hadn't eaten all day (its 1015 by this time) I shouldn't have had the filo but it was delicious and I figured filo and feta is better than pastry and tasty.
I have gone totally of what I am supposed to eat mostly because It's the end of the fortnight and I haven't gone shopping yet I get lazy if I haven't got easy obvious stuff to eat in the house I found a recipe for chicken noodle soup in good taste magazine seems to be no count ingredients so I will make some soon to have for a few days

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My dream computer

I have to share this one
I really really want one but I just can't afford it
I almost bought it today at a hevily discounted price but I was talked out of it
I suppose I am in enough debt as it is

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Me and mum

This is a pic of me and my mum :-) I think it is at my brothers 18th birthday which was in march since then mum has lost 11.5 kgs.......Yes I am very proud of my mum :-D........

for some reason there are an awful lot of pictures taken while we are eating hmmm maybe that's a hint or perhaps just a coincidence I can't wait to see mum back at least to a size 16 although I know that before I came along she was even smaller than that

....... I remember the day a few days before mothers day a few years ago I was in grace brothers(now myer) looking for some cute jammies every rack that I looked on the maximum size was 18 I almost burst into tears right then and there mum was a 20 I couldn't buy any jammies in that size no matter where I looked eventually I made my way to bras and things where the wonderful lady at the shop found me a Matching underwear set which even though it was a size 18 she assured me it was a loose fit mum was wrapped it was her first ever matching set of pretty underwear you wouldn't believe how happy I was or how happy I will be to be able to find some cute jammies that will fit my mum

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Promised pics

Ok I have the pic I promised yesterday
the shirt was my BF's but It is too small for him I like wearing big flannys they are sooo comfy and warm it also stops me showing my knickers in this pic I usually wear a warm shirt with these pants anyway and it has to be tucked in otherwise you get cold kidneys

I cooked dinner tonight (wow) I usually burn rather than cook. Pies(11pts) veg and Wedges yum today we had morrocan wedges and lemon pepper wedges I don't recomend the lemon pepper unless you really like peppery stuff

  • this week I have lost 500g (Yippie)
  • I have taken the dogs for a run
  • I have eaten chocolate 4 days
  • I have eaten half a fundraiser bag of snakes alive over 2 days most went to the dogs after Champ became a sniffer dog and investigated my bag
  • I was on night shift prime time for junk food yet I did not go to the kebab shop at 0300 as I would have liked to

Thursday, June 01, 2006

You don't need to loose weight!!!!

That is one comment I hear too often, Since starting work I have gone from a size 12 to a size 14 the 16 touched on 18 for a bit, back to 14 then 12 now back to 16 unfortunately My size 16 leather riding pants are made for a size 12 bum,
this is something people who make the above comment don't realise, years of playing basket Ball has stuffed my knees so on top of having a $250 pair of pants pants that don't fit past my bum I get lots of pain in my knees and hips because I gradually change the way that I walk as well.
I will take a picture later to show how far off fitting they are