Thursday, August 31, 2006

dogs eat cabbage?

yep while I was hanging the washing out I caught them starting to munch into my cabbages, sometimes I wonder if we have dogs or sheep they eat an awful lot of greens, I don't mind too much because so many have come up I don't think we will need them all, I might have to do a bit of a cull when they get bigger, but I don't want them to think it will be OK to pick whatever they like from the garden, as it was last year they stole an apple off the tree when we only got 2.
Today we have the addition of snow peas popping up :-) and many more silver beet. after reading my Good Taste mag I am wondering if I planted the capsicums in the right spot it appears that some of them grow as vines and I have no support for them oh well I guess I'll just have to keep them small

I have done another workout on the bench still not using any weight other than the bar yet for most things, I haven't weighed the bar but it certainly feels heavy and it is definitely doing something for me

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's raining It's pouring the old man is snoring

I was lucky this morning I took the woofs for a walk they needed a lot of encouragement half way through I must have sounded like a personal trainer for dogs, "C'mon Champ step it up" we got back about half an hour ago and its pouring I'm very happy that I missed that

you have seen the cabbages well today the first of the Silver beet popped up Yaaaaaaay they all look pretty much the same little green round leaves in pairs, I'm still waiting on:

  • snow peas
  • climbing beans
  • Eggplant
  • Tomatoes
  • capsicums
  • cucumber
  • pumpkin
  • rock melon
  • watermelon

I don't have much hope for the rock melon and cucumber because I heard on a garden show that they don't grow very well in clay soil which is where I planted them along with the pumpkin and watermelon because I ran out of garden soil and have yet to get some more but I wanted to get the seeds started, I have just realised I have planted quite a few things that I'm not all that fond of, cabbage, capsicum and watermelon but it is a bit of fun to see things that I have planted growing

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The bench gets its first workout

Well actually I had my first work out on the bench today using the muscle tone and fat burning program in Rocco Oppedisano's Barbell and Dumbbell only Home Weight Training book 45 min 3 days a week he reckons, I can feel it already I will be very sore tomorrow, Tomorrow I will go for a little ride on my push bike or I'll find some time to skip,

Another good thing the bed that the Boy had when I met him is finally on its way out the door, the mattress started getting springs poking though a few months ago, we considered getting a new one but the boy was reluctant to spend the money at the time, recently one of the dogs sneaked into our bed and had an accident so I had to wash the Lecky Blanket, the springs were originally on my side but with me doing opposite shifts we swapped sides, the boy has found that there are now 3 or 4 springs sticking through,

so today we went bed shopping, the old one was part of a package from freedom and has started to bend where we sit on the side to get on/off, but he didn't want to spend the extra to buy a mattress and a bed, we went to Penrith where there is a huge home maker center straight to Capt'n snooze where we got assessed and the lady was very help full and showed us around, the mattress was what I considered very reasonably priced and well within our budget so I suggested that we have a look at the beds to go with it, it didn't take much, he has always wanted a low "futon" style bed they had one there which has built in bedside tables with options such as lamps (which we got), Sound system and Ipod dock, neither of us has an Ipod, I prefer to listen to AM Talk back than to music over and over again, so we didn't want any of the sound system stuff, all I can say is that my MasterCard is now very close to its limit but at least most of that is 48months interest free or 24 months differed payment, the new phone will be paid for in next pay

Monday, August 28, 2006

We have cabbages!!!!


Aren't they cute? I have no Idea what we are going to do with all of that cabbage but I have seen some interesting recipies in my cook books now to convince the boy that pork mince will be OK since you don't cook mince rare no matter what the flavour

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Nanmas Day

I suppose I had better explain this one, Nan is no longer with us but today was her birthday, My cousin said to Pa If Christ mas is Christs birthday why don't we have Nanmas on Nans birthday,
So after lunch at a different cousins(I have 14 of them all up) house, Mum,Dad, The Boy and I went to pas to celebrate Nans birthday, we went out to the club for dinner which was really nice, I think Pa appreciated the company, days like this are difficult for him. unfortunately I have not got any photos of nan, if I find one I will post it, but for now, Happy Birthday Nan wherever you are

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The room is transformed again

From this to......


Yep the puter is still inside the wardrobe all of the crud has been either put away or thrown out or is waiting to be listed on eBay I did have an eBay store for getting rid of all of my crud through but it wasn't doing all that well so I closed it and sell as I used to when I get stuff that I need to move in my clean up I found my tape measure so I will put some measurements up on my side bar soon

Friday, August 25, 2006


For the last hour or so I have been stuck outside, stupid me forgot to take my keys when I left this afternoon its bloody freezing out there,

I have succeeded in throwing a heap of stuff out, I'm a bit of a disposaphobic so crud tends to collect and I have a lot of trouble throwing a lot of things out but today I went threw the pile that has accumulated in the room and while yes there is an even bigger mess than before, there are half the number of objects, some are things that are use full to have around, like pencil cases, note books and envelopes, some are things that need to go back to work, circuit books, technical instructions etc, and the rest is crud that I cant quite bring myself to throw out yet, trophies, incense

I'm a little disappointed in my veggie seeds I think I expected them to come up in a few days but no sign of them yet, the woofs got into the garden and had a bit of a dig so there may be a hole in the row of cabbage or cabbage mixed in with the silver beat and capsicum or any combination of the three no longer in rows. I really hope the capsicum comes up I don't really like capsicum but these were heirloom variety's which are in 7 colours so I am very interested as to what the 7 colours are

Jen"Tagged" me

Hmmmm now this I will have to think about, copied from Rae's blog here are the rules

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself ". In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their name's people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog:

Now my 5 things

1) I really don't like porridge with brown sugar and cream on it OK so I like the cream but you can keep the brown sugar I'll have jam thanks

2) I don't like cola, for those who don't understand that includes most types of coke and Pepsi and yes even though it is diet it is still cola, but I can drink litres of vanilla coke

3) I don't get all that excited about things mum reckons I could win a million dollars on a radio station and the station would be greatly disappointed (wow thanks that's great $1,000,000)

4) on occasions when people generally offer congratulations I have trouble finding words of the occasion (you're getting married? that's nice, Your having a baby?wow that's nice) I don't see what there is to congratulate, now pass a uni degree or win a competition and you'll get all of the congrats in the world

5) I am terrified of tunnels ( if the cross city, epping or lane cove tunnel collapse you get buried alive, if the harbour tunnel or the chunnel collapse you drown) but I like being in Small spaces

WOrk sleep work sleep work ... well you get the idea

Been pretty busy and lazy, is that possible to have both in the same time?? we got the rest of the weight bench on the weekend it is now fully assembled in this little room, I yet again have to do a big clean out and clear some crud to allow work out space, spring is close, I know because the trees are flowering, and just in case you didn't know yes pear trees are deciduous and that includes ours which has started to sprout leaves again

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pics and vid

My favourtie food, Pumpkin Gnocchi
Fathers day pressie

ok so I take alot of vids of the dogs people just do too many strange things when you video them

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lotsa posts today

Lotsa posts today, we got up late and there hasn't been much to do, OK so I'm just plain being lazy today

we did go to the markets today we got some fruit and I bought a fathers day pressie, for the first time ever its not the day be for or the day of fathers day, My dad is a very interesting man,
well to me he is, he loves going shopping not just food shopping but the type that groups of girls do the best thing is he picks out really nice clothes for me to try on and I know if it doesn't sit right or for that matter fit right he will tell me, the other great thing is that sometimes he pays, he also collects roosters (yes there are many jokes about cocks in that house), so at the markets today we saw a rooster made of different pieces of metal I had to grab it, there might be a jumper or a bottle of something to go with it later

I gained 0.2 this week which is probably the amount of pizza I ate last night for dinner, it also means I am still less 5kgs, we got the last of the pieces of the weight bench yesterday so I will put that together and start using it soon, the ball thing is going OK....... I did it 2 days in a row but haven't had time(or something like that) since I will start again tomorrow

I have also done a recovery on my puter, it was taking around half an hour just to start up, new rule .... no more stupid unnecessary downloads .... I know I am chief offender here so we will see how that Idea lasts hopefully this time I will stick to it, It takes a couple of hours to do a recovery and load the drivers for the printer and web cam etc I am sure I will find more things that need loading over the next few days

Millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches off my peach tree

when we moved in this tree was bare and tangled in roses and other vines, we decided it was dead and cut it down along with all of the roses and vines (never, never ever plant bougainvillea it is almost impossible to kill)

a few months later it started growing back and we maintained it at just below fence height, now it is flowering Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, until recently we had no idea what it was the leaves compared to similar at the nursery are either peach or nectarine but when the flowers came I started searching images and I have decided that it is a peach tree

What did we have for Breakfast?

he is such a grot I have no Idea how he managed to get oats on top of his head, I made a little extra today, since we ran out of dog food on friday night they have been enjoying shares in some of our food

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Warning possibly Long and boring just need to type

OK so if you got past my title it's another one of those days which require much whinging and well release into the WWW

I got my seeds planted today, the boy's mate came over for a "few" (Like 20) they were talking about the boy's last bike which all three of us had managed to drop and how hard it was to ride, I told them I didn't think it was hard to ride and before I got out that it just didn't handle very well at low speed which is when it fell over on me, (not on top of me) he started saying something to the effect of how wrong I was even though I was simply expressing my opinion, I saw red and yelled at him to not cut me off like that, the mate went home very shortly after that I don't like him but I also don't want to be one of those women who tells their boy who they can hang around with so I sit there and bite my lip most of the time as the mate encourages the boy to do things that break the law

for example last night he got pulled over on his motorized push bike and threatened to be charged with drive while disqualified because the motor was more than 200 watts, now if he knew this he would not be riding it with 5 months till he gets his licence back, he came home and decided he would give it to a bloke he works with who would be traveling on the freeway and less likely to get pulled over, the mate made a big deal of all of the nasty things he should say next time they pull him over on it and bugger getting rid of it that's a stupid Idea by the end of the conversation the motor was staying

I got a big lecture about pulling my head in and I have only 5 years experience while between them they have 40 or 50, I don't normally swear on thing that I publish but it shits me that he drinks so much I could handle criticism if it didn't only come when by definition (swaying, glassy eyes, slurred words, warped perception on life) he is drunk,

One day I got the courage to tell him that I think he is an alcoholic, unfortunately I did this when he was drunk, not a good Idea, one of his mum's BF's was an alco who beat him and his brothers up which left them sleeping in the car and too scared to got home etc.... I have not yet told him that some nights I ring before I leave work so that I know what to expect when I get home or for that matter weather I should go the very long way like via penrith........It's not like he is always drunk but he binge drinks and way too often tries to drown his sorrows with alcohol I'm glad he has reduced his Bourbon drinking I worry every time he buys a 4 pack that I will have to as promised leave

after his mate left and his dad finally dropped off the ute we went shopping, he wanted to get something to eat first so we went to hungry jacks, he wanted to finish his beer b4 we went in, we must have sat there for around an hour the beer hardly got touched but he just dribbled crap for ages, he thinks he might need to go to a mental hospital before he hurts someone (not me) I offered to take him but he said we would probably loose the house, I think I could handle it(repayments) but then there are his personal debts which I could not handle I have to pay for the ute yet

so after all of this I am sure some are saying why hang about, well .............. seriously.............. I love the man he tolerates my moodiness he drags me out of downs he has faults but I can be really nasty come that time of month,
I do wish some times that he would go to a hospital and get his problems sorted

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thanks Blogger

I had to write about it, yesterday or the day before I swapped to the new beta version of blogger,
thus the changes to my page again, they haven't got the html section running yet when they do I will put my pics back up in the title,
for those who can but have yet to try go for it, you can add and change links without spending ages playing around with the html and ending up with strange things happening
the best thing though is ..... spell check now understands proper English :-) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY no more spelling flavour right only to be prompted to change it to flavor

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Smoky flavoured poridge

yep you did read it right, this mornings breakfast is smokey flavoured porridge, It's absolutely Gross but I can't stand to throw food out I had to put extra jam in it to hide the flavour and the pot needs a really good scrub, I suppose that's what happens when you are tired and sore and a little bit distracted hopefully tonight is a lot easier

I was planning on starting the second garden bed but well I'm still in my PJ's so it probably isn't going to happen today, the second bed will be for things like pumpkins and melons which tend to grow wild the idea is to let them go but trim anything that goes over the border we are thinking of fencing the whole section of the yard all we need for that are a pair of gates, the fence is already there, veggies need privacy and it hides the clothes line

What a night

I was thinking it would be an easy night tonight then .... well something happened and we didn't stop working until 2250 I had dinner a 2300 and didn't get home till well after midnight I have finished moving the dirt, next step will to dog proof the garden and then plant the seeds, I know I should raise them in a punnet or somethng first but it will be so much easier to put them where I want them to grow

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Bonnie

I had to take this one before I went to work this afternoon,she hasn't looked that clean for a long time and it was going to rain which will make her look dirty again, also I have no pictures like this, would have been better without the bag of clothes on the back but I didn't have time to take it off and put it back on again
two good things today, I wore my leather pants, they are still a bit tight to do any serious trips in but they are also a little stiff, wearing them more will fix that problem and gives me that little bit of motivation
the other is I made it to work 15 mins early YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I hope to keep theis effort up at least for the next couple of weeks


from here
to here
Like this
and thats only 1/4 of the load can't wait to start planting the seeds

Monday, August 14, 2006


NO I'm not really sick, but at 230 this afternoon My Phone had not arrived, and I had to be home to sign for it, so I made the call and took the day off, just as I hung up the phone the delivery van arrived,
bloody hell, nothing seems to be working right at the moment

I also got my careflight bear today, I like them I think I might collect them, I already had Diver bear and now I have Road Services bear I think next time I will get the engineer bear

Most of the cost is donation to careflight, I like them too because

  • they only call once or twice a year
  • they are always polite
  • I get something out of the donation (the bear)
  • and one day I may need their help myself

arent they cute

I had a very bad lunch today which seems to have upset my stomach , fish portion sandwiches with home made cheese sauce, I always thought people were being silly when they say food that they used to eat all the time makes them feel off now, Ok so admitedly I never used to have cheese sauce on them it used to be masterfoods extra creamy tartare sauce so perhaps its the sauce I think it was just the whole thing, can't wait till friday, I am going to buy some fruit.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ok so I'm too lazy to remember or work out how much I have lost this week, but I have reached the 5kg mark YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, that did mean a nice rice cooker that won't spill in the microwave so much, but, see the post about expensive lessons and you and guess what my new reward is, yep a replacement phone, It should get here tomorrow or Tuesday hopefully early tomorrow before I have to go to work

No post yesterday, I mentioned earlier I like to keep my blog up to date so that it doesn't become like most of the things I start and enjoy, yesterday I was planning on going for a ride to Berima from what I can figure its south somewhere on the way to Goulburn and they have markets on today so I wanted to get home and to bed straight away

as seems to be the way atm my plans went astray, I opened the door and saw something on the floor .... The battery from the cordless phone.... Then further in there were little peices of something scattered around, I thought Oh No he's thrown a tanty and destroyed the phone, I later found that the phone wouldn't work and he threw it across the room or something like that he can't remember too well what happened, anyway the white bits were pieces of a bowl , next to the microwave there was half a plate and on the floor small shards of plate and a pile of what I later found out was pie filling in the sink was the packed and tray for a frozen apple pie
I figured something had happened and it was likely someone would be up during the night and get bits of glass in their feet so I spent the next half hour or so cleaning up and got to bed a little after midnight

I did ask about the plate and the bowl, apparently the bowl fell off the table and he dropped the plate getting it out of the microwave I'm guessing the bowl coped the phone then fell, the phone will never work again, the apple pie was eaten with however much icecream was left, Oh well that saves me from eating it, he did make a small attempt to clean up since there were a few pieces of bowl in the bin and the other half of the plate, we will be getting one of those multi handset phones hand the boy will be paying

anyway I 'm off for a quick ride while its still a brilliant day

Friday, August 11, 2006


I draged myself out of bed this morning, around 730, and went for my little bicycle ride to the mechanics, It felt really goo, I could get used to this racer thing but I think my legs have grown since I last used it, the seat is a little low for my liking
I also went to the tax man and got that sorted, lucky me I get just a little more than the tax mans fees back, hey its better than owing $XXX like I did when I started before he added the deductions and donations
I got back home and fell back in bed where I stayed till 1230, later in the afternoon, the boy who hardly moved from the first time I got up to when I got back, mentioned that he thinks he has cronic fatigue or something like it, I thought about it for a while but I think its either a lifestyle thing , late nights, burnung the candle at both ends etc.. or we have both managed to catch minor doses of colds or flu for the last month or so. first thing is first we deifnatley need to go to bed earlier and see how that goes, so, Good night I'm off to get some sleep

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A good day turns bad and two expensive lessons learnt

Today I put the Ute in for a service had a talk with the mech who said it would be ready by 2 o'clock so I could get to work

The boy couldn't beleive it "all day just to do a service!?"
"yep thats how long it takes"
"Just let it go"
"you have to haggle on these things"
you can guess where the conversation went after that, one thing I don't do is haggle, I ask how much or how long and leave if the number given is too high for my liking,
Maccas for breaky, gloria jeans mudslide for morning tea
lots of walking around the shops
caught the bus home and decided to give my old racer a service (pump up the tyres, lube the rusty chaine, etc...)
Mechanic called I could tell it was going to be expensive by the way he was talking
turns out pretty much every fluid needed changing, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, front brake pads, wiper blades, I sorta expected all off this, it hasn't had even an oil change since I bought it and this gives us a clean start to work from
the big Q "how much?" tick tick tick tick , thumpathumpathumpathumpa
$785 .......gulp,....... "hang on a sec"
after a quick conversation with the boy it was decided that we would go with it
"yep go for it",
"it won't be ready by 2 for us to do all that.....",
"its ok I have another vehicle",
"Oh thats good I was going to offer the use of one of our little cars, will someone be able to pick your car up today or would you like us to lock it up here tonight?",
"no keep it there if you can",
No. 1 expensive lesson, keep the car serviced or do it yourself,I have to pick it up tomorrow morning now, it will be bloody cold on the pushy

back to the racer, I took it for a test ride up and down the street which felt good, a little wobbly in the front end but then I'm used to MT bike tyres
I got back and made a coffe, the boy noticed the dogs playing with something which did not look like a dog toy
this is what he found....................

I cried... the boy didn't understand why I was crying to him it is just a phone, to me it stores and organises my life, takes pictures and videoes, entertains

I thought about it for a few minutes, I could just go to cash converters and get something cheap , but it wouldn't have the features that the N70 has soooo....

I did a very bad thing, I pulled out my GO mastercard normally reserved for intrest free defered payment for xx months purchases, got online and ordered a new one, I now have $475 to pay off within 62 days so I don't have to pay interest .....

My punishment for doing this silly thing will be to accept all OT offered untill it is payed off which shouldn't be too hard or long since there is an abundance of OT at the moment

that is my second very expensive lesson

I am not talking to the dogs atm and they are no allowed inside


I am on afternoons again YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! and I was only 5 mins late YAAAAAAAAAAY!! can only get better from here, but then, The car is getting serviced tomorrow so I may have a minor setback

I baked today, pretty flower shape chocolate cakes, I would post a pic but my computer dosen't want to talk to my phone or my phone dosen't want to talk to my computer wil try again tomorrow

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new goal

My new goal is to get to work on or a little before time

today I got up a 0500, yep I hate dayshifts,
dragged meself out of bed
had a shower
packed a weeks worth of clean workclothes into a bag
grabbed some crispbread since the normal stuff was in the freezer and a tin of tuna and threw them into my lunch box
put some oats and milk into a container and jam into another, into the lunch box too with a mandy and an apple
strapped the bag of clothes onto the bonnie
found my helmet and jacket
put them on
0605 kissed the boy
0610turn the key and hit the start button (know by old fellas as the electric leg)
neah neah neah neah blah
neah neah neah neah blah
neah neah neah neah blah
neah neah neah neah neah neahneahneahneah bombom blah
throw lunch bag into the ute
unstrap clothes bag and throw in tray of ute
remove helmet and jakcket and put away, change shoes, its bad luck to drive in riding gear
open gates start ute back out close gates
0620head to work
traffic traffic and more traffic some silly fools decided to crash on the M4
ring work
ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
hang up keep driving for almost an hour
0743 arrive at work
several mentions of how late I was and how I will be docked 1 hr (oh well)

apparently there will be a please explain something about allowing for things to happen on the way to work ..... I wonder at these times when we will be getting a dorm/barracks built so that we can all be on time and go home for 8 or 10 hrs a day rather than to work..... I probably should leave at 5 instead of getting up at that time then find someplace warm to curl up at work

Monday, August 07, 2006

I have made phone calls and organised stuff yaaay

Ok so if anyone hasn't yet noticed or read here my communication skills leave something to be desired, I think my typing is ok but it's the talking bit that is a problem I have mentioned before that I will do a vlog one day on that day in front of the camera I will be shaking in my boots, knocking at the knees and shivering at the fingers
so any way I am very pleased with myself today I have made 2 phone calls and made appointments, the car is booked for a service at 0800 on Thursday and I have an appointment with the tax accountant at 0900 on Friday (I know it should be done by now), the boy has refused to make anymore phone calls on my behalf so I have to do it myself I would have preferred to go into those places and book in person but well petrol prices is all I can say on that one
tomorrow I am working so if I find the time I will ring the sand and soil place for a price on some soil and gravel, soil for the vegie garden, the fun of gardening in Sydney is the amount of clay in the ground we have put loads of gypsum down but its still very hard to dig in and I imagine it will be hard for the plants to grow in . I have been told that the vegie garden is all my responsibility, the boy is not going to interfere, gee I hope the vegies grow, almost everything that I have ever planted has died either from over or under watering, I might throw some water crystals into the soil when I get it
now the gravel that is to finish off the back driveway which with all of the rain over the weekend is very muddy

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New week new day

so you can have an idea of how I went last week I'm - 0.2 this week yaaay if I keep on track for the whole of this week I'll be back below 75 very soon

we went for a walk this morning which was good I sorta ran for most of it since the woofs haven't been out for at least a week I was encouraging them to burn up some of that destructive energy it feels good to really stretch my legs and run a little, perhaps one day I'll be fit enough to go for a run rather than a walk
I do worry that running is a lot harder on the joints but then all of the sports that I have ever been involved in have been hard on the joints, Gymnastics, trampolining, basket ball, soccer and Oz Tag, its funny now to think of me being a gymnast I think I would be a little too tall and a little big to be competitive, if I didn't work shifts I would definitely get back into the basket ball and oztag again its good fun but the games are all in the evenings during the week too many people to let down as well
I have got a new weight training book and a book on the ball exercises coming soon, I like the idea of training and exercising by myself the new weights book made me laugh though the recommended diet for weight loss basically involved tuna baked beans and weightloss shakes, how anyone could possibly stick to that I don't know or even if the bloke who wrote it tried it, I seriously doubt it
I wanted to got and get a set of dumbbells and a bar today but the boy is in veg mode so it didn't happen :-( maybe tomorrow when I will go and find out the price of a load of soil for the vegie garden

Saturday, August 05, 2006


that about explains it, didn't get to bed till 2am was woken by various outburst resulting from rugy league on playstation until around 4 woke up at 630 then 820 was eventually dragged out of bed by the phone ringing at 1126
The boy his baby brother and his dad went to the club to watch the footy the baby bro thought it was really bad that I was still in my jammies and dressing gown, mind you I got out of be and got dressed in the warmest clothes I could find which just happen to be my flannie jammies and my polar fleece dressing gown with my teddy bear boots

Mum rang and said that my young aunty was there and could I bring her tupperware around(yaay all delivered) so I hung around there for a bit and discovered how evil bakers delight is, spinach and feta scones and pumpkin and sunflower seed bread need no butter and are really yummy
I might go to bed soon and make an early start of it tomorrow, the start of a new week and a new day

I will do well in the new week

Friday, August 04, 2006

More planning and routining etc

I have been thinking today and yesterday it is good to have days for things but I also need to get into a general daily routine
I have not been walking or for that matter wearing my Pedometer or doing any exercise at all

I have been spending an awfull lot of time in bed, I woke up today at 0630 was too hot so I turned the blanket off and thought that clock can't be right it's still dark then I woke up again at 0830 and it was raining so I snuggled in again then I woke at 1116 feeling like absolute rubbish I think there might be a touch of flu coming for me soon, it was still raining.

I eventually managed to drag myself out of bed and into the shower, gee we have a crappy shower I've been spoilt using the ones at work all week which actually have some pressure, anyway the shower made me feel a little better

I had a can of beans and two or three coffees then a bowl of porridge and a few more coffees.
I made a chicken noodle stirfry (I had some angel hair pasta which I had intended to use for chicken noodle soup hahahaha) with oyster sauce, and went to work which was a pretty cruddy place to be luckily there wasn't much work on and I could sit in the nice warm office for most of the night.
Got home to find that the dogs had broken into the sunroom and attacked their lounge, little tiny bits or foam everywhere, silly animals it would have been cute if they hadn't destroyed everything and just went in there to be warm and out of the cold, wet night.

Anyway back to routines, ok so its more like habits , I have bad habits which have been developed over the last 3 or 4 years at least here are some points relating to changing those:
  • I must learn to get up not long after I wake up
  • I need to walk most days of the week so do the dogs
  • I must organise myself for work either the night before or in the morning so I am not in a rush
  • I need to replace some of my coffee with herbal teas or water
  • Breakfast is a very important meal which is usually easy to make I should do this more often
  • Lunch is also and easy meal to make and best eaten hours not minutes after breakfast
  • Dinner is not so easy but it doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time or even be fancy

I have no problem eating lots of fruit or vegies I have a cube of goulburn valley fruit snacks in the pantry for the end of the fortnight when there isn't much fresh stuff left these also go well in my easi-yo which isn't very sweet, I like it that way.

hopefully we are going to the markets tomorrow to get some more fruit and veg we did a little shop on Thursday which sorta threw me out for the week since Friday is shopping day not Thursday.

OH well the dogs a reeking havoc again which I will have to go sort out, there will definitely be a trip to bunnings included in tomorrows plans

Thursday, August 03, 2006

De widdle Bubba Mouse

We have a mouse, or more, which usually is fine we drag out the traps stick some soft rice to them and within a few days you will hear "SNAP", poor mousey, I kinda like mice and feel bad about killing them like that,

This one which at first the boy was annoyed about has become known by the above title, and for a long time wouldn't come out when I was in the room, so I got the description of the tiny bubba with ears that are almost as big as his body (I wish I could load a pic).

Then, the bubba mouse snuggles in the arch of the boys boot (under the sole not inside)

the other day I saw him playing around in the kitchen he is a little darling and his ears are almost as big as his body now here is where we come to a slight problem .....

How do you set a trap for a widdle bubba mouse????? Especially when you have looked him in the eyes and been almost close enough to touch,

since it is his fault that I feel guilty about setting the trap I have left this task to the boy I just hope the weather warms up and the Mouse finds his way to a nice field outside and stays there because I don't think the trap is going to be set

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spring is comming but it is sooooo cold

I don't understand it, we had three or four days of beautifull sunshine and 19-21 degrees, brilliant, it was very difficult to get up this morning bed was soooo nice and warm and it was soooo cold outside didn't get up till almost 1030 then, Shock horror, I got ready for work and spent the rest of the day bumming around trying to keep warm, I did venture out to the vegie garden which I have covered in palm leaves, those big fan shaped ones, cut from our palm tree in an attempt to kill the grass, the hoe just wasn't working too well, we will have to get a load of topsoil eventually, tried mulching the plam leaves today but the mulcher blade is blunt, the boy is going to try and sharpen it tomorrow, he isn't home yet and he has left his bum bag with his wallet and phone in it here so I hope he is OK he's usually home a bit before I am

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to August

Well It's the first day of august Yaaaaaaay, It's and appropriately named month I think I'm not sure about anywhere else but this is when we get the big gusts of wind hahahaha today funnily enough was not all that windy but yesterday was, It makes an awesome noise the wind everything has a sound when it blows really hard yesterday Our Hammock was getting caught in the wind, here's a pic of My little Brother in the Hammock, I cut his Mohawk so he could get $60 for a dare then he kept it till the Korn concert

the Hammock makes a similar noise to corrugated plastic pipe being swung around, the shed rattles and bangs, the trees Shush and creak and the washing dries really quickly

I haven't got around to taking any pics of my shiny clean rear end (on the bike ) or what should be done on Wednesdays and Thursdays still thinking, I forgot that today was Tuesday so nothing has been thrown out yet , Rae I would love to throw out the old scales but apparently they are "good German scales" so they will go on the Boys side of the bed until he gets sick of them and does something with them

I have to admit the last few days have been very junky Bacon and egg sangas for brunch one day was KFC the other ( yesterday ) was hungry jacks which resulted in a trip to KK and almost half a doz original glaze, no I don't feel guilty, I refuse to feel bad over food its just not right, as mum once said about me, I could never be Aneorexic I just like food too much, But I do know that these are things that should be kept to a minimum, I will not go back to eating fast food every day for most meals, I like cooking even if the boy picks on me about my cook books and lack of adventure in the kitchen, but I don't like the tiding up bit and our kitchen is too small to be washing and cooking at the same time so the old clean as you go method just doesn't work