Monday, July 31, 2006

Routines ,planning ,weighing and measuring

Ok so I did not good this week I havn't recorded my weight on the WW site and I can't be bothered working out how much I gained just know that I did gain and I'm not happy yes I am about to throw myself on the floor and throw a tantrum, I know everything I have been doing iws the reason adn alot of thing sI have not been doing are also the reason, I have also realised that my life has no routine no shape no form so......

  • Sunday is Ride day, not always but no reason not to at least go for a little scoot
  • Monday is cleaning and folding day also generally a workday (not so today)
  • Tuesday is sorting day, time to go through old things and find what I no longer need and throw out stuff
  • Wednesday is we'll come back to wednesday
  • Thursday, we'll come back to that too
  • Friday is shopping day even if its just a few things
  • Saturday is Washing day and 1hr of maintainence day

I have been busy yesterday I started changing my chain and sprockets over today I need to get a 'BIG' 36mm socket so I can torque a nut properly then I'll be finished we also gave the back half of the bike a really good clean I'll take pics when its all back together looks better than it did when I got it I'll have to do the front half later today or tonight
Weighing is happening I like my new scales they show smaller incriments than the old ones The boy is holding on to the old ones for some unknown reason
Measuring well if I ever find my 3m YEllow Tape I will start measuring

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A big day followed by a big night followed by a big day

wow that's a big title, well I spent most of yesterday working on the vegie garden moving 6 bricks at a time with the wheel barrow certainly makes for good exercise, I was going to do the chain and sprockets on the Bonnie but I decided that is not the sort of thing to rush before going to work and I had to drive anyway because dad wanted to borrow the ute (Oh the Joys of owning a ute),.
The boy spent the day making a super duper popper scooper since the old one was too small for the woofs business after a trip to bunnings for a 'few' things unfortunately I forgot to get some cement mix so my little brick wall will just have to hold itself up, don't worry there will be a dog resistant fence helping it, I will post some pics when it's finished that might be a while depending on what the tax man can do for me , we will need a load of dirt which will be a lot of fun, I'll also put a pic or a video of the backyard at some stage, If anyone has yet to figure out how to play the videos double click on them,
was a good night at work we got to do real work, Yaaay, ok so we got a call that the train which was in the city needed a new motor so we had to go to the workshop and get ready for it to come straight in for a motor change, very exciting normally they go for a couple of days they must have needed this one badly, it made the night go quickly too
I went to mum and dads to swap cars and stayed for tuna and cheese on toast, they have got a new pergola over their spa so we had to test it out, of course, By the time we got out it was almost 1 o'clock I still had half a Black Russian left so I left that to dad and went home, I really don't like mums car it's touchy and small and very low

got home the boy was listening to tunes and having a few beers with the woofs so I went to bed, the boy came to bed much later and woke up around 930 with a big hang over, after a drive to pick up a few things we thought about going for a nap and decided against it we went to the markets instead, we did really well we bought a banana cake, a tea cake and a bag of grapes, nothing silly that might come in handy or might look good here or there, so, I have decided next week we sure going to do our vegie shop at the markets there are so many shops to choose from and most of them will let you taste some of the fruit before you buy it not something that coles and wollies like, mum and dad said that we should get our fruit and veg together which for certain things will save $$$ by buying boxes of whatever rather than a kilo here or a kilo there

Friday, July 28, 2006

A productive day

I have started in the vegie garde today I dug a little trench wich will be the line for the first layer of bricks for the border and put the base of one wall in, I'm hoping we have enough bricks if not I will just have to reduce the size of the garden beds untill we find someone who is throwing out some. The boy suggested we take a trip to the bike shop for some parts so I can ride my bonnie again, $3xx later, we took a trip to petbarn for some more dog food and while we were there we got bigger bowls and a new collar for Girly which is a few sizes too big but hopefully she will grow into it, makes it difficult to remind her not to jump on the visitors without a collar or for that matter to catche her when she wont listen on our walks, on the way home we stopped in at bunnings for some more garden supplies and an extyension to the overflow on the rainwater tank which is either empty or over flowing we will be looking for a barrel to catch the overflow in very soon, lunch was baaaad we had KFC I had to try th eparmy burger which I have decided is a really good idea, if you have the simply too good cookbooks there is a recipie for chicken parmigana which has no crumbs or and is healthy fried its really yummy anyway throw that in a wholemeal bun with some lettuce and you will have a healthy parmy burger

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things to do and not much done

I've been getting pretty bad again, Sleepwise , Late nights and later mornings, I knew there was a reason I liked nights, I go to bed at a reasonable time and close my eyes roll over a few times turn the radio on then off then back on but quieter then off again eventually I do drop off after an hour or so, and so to avoid my nightly bed dance I go to bed later and later and.. Well you get the picture its 0122 I'm still up, the boy is trying to get onto a new late night quiz show which I'm guessing is trying to counter BigBrother uplate he's cursing because Our VOIP line won't recognise the number he wants to call so he has to call from the land line, its a funny thing VOIP if you ring say dominos or pizza haven which would normally direct you to a local shop to give your order it goes someplace else last time I tried it was north parramatta, for those who don't know Sydney the pizza would almost be cold by the time it got here it's at least a half hr drive, but the boy can ring his mum in Perth and talk for a few hrs for just 10 cents so its definitely worth having

Now back to the title .... We have decided to get a few laying hens , yep chooks, after talking to a bloke at work who keeps 6 in a small enclosure in his backyard and says they are quite happy we have decide to convert our old garden shed into a chook shed for 2 or 3 chooks so this afternoon before work I spent some time shoveling dirt from where the vegie garden will be into the garden shed which didn't have a floor since we moved it from one part or the yard to another and never re laid the pavers which were in it originally it now has an almost level dirt floor which will need some compacting providing of course the dogs don't get in there between now and then, the next step will be to cut most of the panels out to provide plenty of ventilation and maybe get some of that transparent or translucent sheeting to provide light, the plan is to let them out for a couple of hrs a day with the dogs locked safely in another part of the yard, first we have to have the shed modified,

I am going to start on the vegie gardens soon it's getting close to planting time for most of the seeds we have, I have noticed that my lettuce attempt which was destroyed by the woofs is starting to revive, if they keep growing where they are when the get a decent size I'll move them into the hopefully ready vegie garden they are those ones which you can pick a few leaves here and there but the plant can still grow, hopefully last years tomato plants which were destroyed as well, will also be revived soon then we have at least half a salad growing in the garden we have seeds for a lot of vegies, beans, pumpkin, eggplant, cucumber, capsicum (ick) and snowpeas we also have seeds for watermelon and rockmelon I don't know how they will go or for that matter the pumpkins they tend to be pretty messy plants , the boy wants to throw the seeds in willy nilly, I'm not too keen on that idea I like things to be a little bit organised I think they grow better planted in the same types together as well like the fruit trees we have they recon we would have heaps of apples if we had a second tree, it didn't do too bad last year it grew 2 the puppies (we think) stole the one on the lowest branch and I got the one up high this year we are also hoping for some pears hopefully pears are deciduous otherwise we need a new pear tree, last year it got burnt both in the frost and on that really hot day in summer it was a record temperature lots of people I know had burnt plants after that day

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tired days

Was doing some ball exercises on Monday just simple crunches squats and push ups, I thinl I need to focus more on what I do, I woke up yesterday with a sore back and tender muscles where my arm attaches to my body which I'm not too woried about but the back is a problem I am on the look out for a book or
DVD or VCD of ball exercises to make sure I'm doing things right unfortunatley they all seem to come with a ball GRRRRR I can't find the booklet that came with mine I'll have to have a look later, I bought my self a skipping rope today I figure if its raining I can do a bit of skipping insted of walking I think it's a little more intense than walking too so I might add it on to the end of a walk ...... Guess What...... I can still do cross overs hahahahaha I will definatley need to go bra shopping if I am going to keep up this type of exercise

Monday, July 24, 2006

People Notice

I have lost 4 kgs over the last 9 weeks but people have been commenting over the last few days, a driver who I haven't seen for ages couldn't believe how good I look and the boys mates gf commented that we had both lost weight the boy is simply working on the theory of eating untill full not stuffed being one of 4 kids he learnt to eat as much as possible as quick as possible he is now 31 and just realising that there is no need to do that now we have plenty of food to go around between the 2 of us it still worries me that he has started to talk about when we have children rather than if hmmm maybe he is getting a little bit responsible in his old age

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A day out

We went to the boys mates house today for a BBQ, it was ok we tool the woof to play with his old dog tyson, typical name for a rotti x shepherd, they had alot of fun,

The mates housemate/girlfriend/caretaker made a really nice salad and the mate made a really nice pepper sauce for the steak so it wasn't so bad a day, we stayed to watch the footy (Rugby Legue) which I find pretty boring but it was their favourite teames Parra for the boy tigers for the mate playing each other so there was much disscussion, heres a muvee I made on my phone while they watched the game

see here, here, here, and here for the clips I used to made the muvee with

eventually we left and seeing as though we were just around the corner from mum and dads we dropped in to say hello, its funny watching a fluffy little white thing attack our woofs she's pretty nasty mums dog but eventually they got over each other and sat on opposite sides of the room

Gained a little this week but I have been very slack eating crap for no particular reason not going for any walks etc, I have discovered gnocchi I love the stuff I even love the word gnocchi not sure what you are supposed to have with it I just throw it in some tomato based stir through, I bought some pumpkin gnocchi when I went shopping YUM

on to the important stuff
THis week I

  • ate lots of crud
  • didn't walk
  • didn't exercise
  • didn't buy the freezable food

next week I will

  • try to walk more
  • drag my ball out
  • eat better food

we will se how it goes I'm on afternoons again so there is no reason I can't get up and go for a walk before work

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Weekend..... sorta

Had a few big nights ok so they weren that big just got home late like tonight tomorrow is my weekend the boy wants to go to his mates for a BBQ not really interested myself but I'm guessing that I will have to go or risk the mate thinking I don't like him, which is sorta true he's a nice enough bloke and will do almost anything for us even offered to put his house up for us to get our own but he's also an alcoholic and a highly opinionated advice giving man between him and the boy I should have some big old kickstart thing cause they're better or something like that anyway hes one of those people who are great in small doses

I would really like to bum around and do nothing tomorrow maybe go for a walk and take a picnic to the park we used to have lots of picnic when we lived in a flat just down the road from the park have yet to find a picnic worthy park near here I'm sure there is somewhere appropriate just gotta find it

Friday, July 21, 2006

Internet Maintainance grrrr

I have been getting so frustrated latley every second page takes forever ever so often I get booted for no apparent reason, I haven't been booted for a bloody long time, my VOIP keeps dropping out, I look up the ISP site only to find that telstra are doing maintainence every day for the next month that sucks soo much sure I know that it has to be done alot of it is upgrades which hopefully will make it better for alot of poeple

On a Brighter subject tomorrow is shopping day I'll be getting my things for casseroles and soups yaaaaaay, ok so I sorta like the fortnightly wander around the supermarket

Internet Maintainance grrrr

I have been getting so frustrated latley every second page takes forever ever so often I get booted for no apparent reason, I haven't been booted for a bloody long time, my VOIP keeps dropping out, I look up the ISP site only to find that telstra are doing maintainence every day for the next month that sucks soo much sure I know that it has to be done alot of it is upgrades which hopefully will make it better for alot of poeple

On a Brighter subject tomorrow is shopping day I'll be getting my things for casseroles and soups yaaaaaay, ok so I sorta like the fortnightly wander around the supermarket

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My good mate the Microwave

I have just discovered that you can cook pasta in the microwave WOW
Been sitting around watching telley for a couple of hrs then thought gee I'm hungry
After many bread related suggestions from the boy (I had a roll for lunch only supposed to eat 1 bread roll or 2 slices a day) I thought pasta and the suggested tuna since we have a few small cans of the flavored stuff, throw pasta in rice cooker add lots of water to twice the depth of the pasta heat for 5 mins (I used boiling water from the kettle first) leave for 5 mins and perfect pasta with some tuna and pizza paste stirred through makes a good meal seems those pasta cooking tubes aren't such a scam after all but I refuse to pay $60 for one plastic tube with a lid no matter how well it can cook the asparagus

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's a big day

Yup back to days today glad I'm not doing that all week we started off slow enough and then it had to rain didn't it, I had a job to do and decided to do it after I had something to eat so as I was eating my fruit and yogurt I got a call that the job was going to be done a different way which meant I didn't have to go out to it until the fitters finish the job just to check that the problem was fixed, it was getting close to 12 and I was rather peckish so I chucked my lunch (Left over chop from last night and some vegies) in the microwave,

the phone rings just after I start the micro, It's the supervisor with a job so leaving my lunch to heat up I take my tools and trundle out to check out what sounded like a fairly simple problem HAHAHAHAHA Well turned out that 3 switches needed to be replaced due to them being corroded grrrr Oh well call the foreman get him to send out somebody with new switches while I start taking these ones off which would be simple enough except that the screws are also corroded grrrr grrr after bashing knuckles and stabbing fingers with screwdrivers another sparkie comes to the rescue YaaaaaaaaaaY between us we get the switches changed with much yelling at stupid little things by me for not doing what they are told (of course) train leaves all is well for now

Back to the lunch room throw lunch back in the micro for a few mins then I realise that one of our jobs has just come in and will be going out in less than 1hr grrrr My mate for the day has been working on other pre-arranged jobs so I head out to this one, one of the gauges needs replacing grrr we don't often have them floating around I head to the store today we do have them now my tummy is reminding me that lunch is waiting and my bladder is reminding me that I have almost drunk a litre of water today so answer the call grab the gauge and head back out to the job see the super on the way to find out how long I have turns out I have an extra hour Ok easy HAHAHAHa yeah right more grunting and yelling and bashing things but the job gets done in twice the time it should (bloody trains)

so back to the lunch room again the clock says 1435 just enough time for lunch then sign off you guessed it lunch goes back into the micro, by now vegies are over cooked and the meat is a little tough Oh well Felling rather dirty go for a shower 15mins to sign off....How awesome are the showers at work, at home we have gravity hot water which means no pressure, the one at work was so high the basin overflowed into the change area of the cubicle then out into the shower room Brilliant I think I've found a way to pamper myself at work strange concept I know but hey why not
getting changed foreman rings
"where are you"
"in the change room"
"what are you doing there"
"getting changed"
"are you naked?"
"NO Get that thought out of your head"
"Oh how did you go with that job"
"I'll come down and tell you about it"

I went to the office to tell the foreman about the job
"am I naked"
Foreman goes red
"um yeah sorry bout that couldn't resist"

Multiple stories told as to the look on his face when he realised what he had said,
Ya gotta laugh though this bloke has known me from My first day at work and is very much like a father or uncle (has a Daughter My age), dead easy to turn into a beetroot too

I never got to see if that first job was fixed either

Monday, July 17, 2006

Honey Mustard pork Chops

1 tbs white wine
1/2tsp orange rind
1/2 tbs wholegrain mustard
2 tbs honey

thow it all together in a bowl mix
put on pork loin chops marinate for 2 hrs and then cook
does 4 chops

unfortunatley I'm all out of oranges, wholegrain mustard and wine so it looks like it will be just grilled chops tonight oh well I'll get these things when I go shopping this week

Guess What

My Pants fit yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hahaha well they do up anyway I wouldn't want to be wearing them all day I'd end up felling crook sitting down too much, be fine If I would be standing up all day but well that doesn't work too well on the bike, its a little tight to tuck the shirt in too (new jammies I wear them almost all the time the boy doesn't like it when I go outside in them)
I have been thinking and decided when I get below 70 (little over 4 kgs) I'll buy myself a really good casserole dish since mine doesn't say whether it can be used on the stove top and using a pan which is good for now will result in more cleaning up for me which is one reason I don't really like cooking too much I will get there and hopefully in the process I'll learn to cook nice things I'm thinking Pork chops tonight just have to find out how to marinate it like mum does when I find out I'll throw the recipie for the marinade up here

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yay I made a ticker this week see that less than 10kgs to go, less than 1/2 kg and I will get me a new rice cooker Like I said at the start I haven't got much to move which is probably why I don't worry about so much which of course results in slower loss. It really bothers me sometimes reading the WW community boards which are my equivalent to meetings when you see someone who is disappointed in a 0.8 lost, seriously I want to jump through the computer and slap them and tell them to wake up to themselves 0.8 is almost 1kg, over 8 weeks I have averaged 0.5 which is along with gains and stay the sames I'm stoked at that, ok Vent over, since I did so well this week I have bought some tupperware on eBay (much cheaper that way)

This week I
  • walked the dogs 3 times
  • took some sort of lunch every day
  • averaged 10000 steps every day
  • ate lost of chocolate
  • ate lots of marshmallows

Next week I will

  • continue walking the dogs regularly
  • do a shop for frezable meals found in my cook books
  • drag my ball out and do some exercises with or without weights
  • Think about goals and rewards

Saturday, July 15, 2006

WOW....Post number 50

Yup welcome to my fiftieth post Yaaaaaaaaay...... anyone guess what I had for dinner today, I take the cooked vinegared rice some carrot and celery and whatever I'm filling with today was smoked salmon YUM and put it all together at dinner time, we also didn't have much work on, thats one real downside of being in maintainence you work whole shifts and eat lunch on the way home or just before going home or you are sitting around all day waiting for time to go home those are the worst shifts because well time flies when you are having fun today was a slow one

We (The woofs and I) got dragged for a long walk today to teach the woofs that the rain is cold and wet but you still have to go out in it, the tend to "go" under the BBQ when it rains and look at you like you are stupid when you throw their tug rope out in the rain so they got walked in the rain wasn't so bad untill we stopped at the shop and waited for the boy to go to the chemist, hes got a cold grrr that means in a week or so I'll probably have it too, we did get spring rolls out of the wait though, yes we, if I buy a sausage roll for the boy and I, I must also buy one for the woofs to share, yes my babies are somewhat spoilt but hey they are my babies, someone asked if they were pittys today, we have wondered about this but we did buy them as American Staffy X so thats what they are arent they sweet ....

We are guessing the cross is a distant Ridge Back or something similar

Friday, July 14, 2006

Busy busy busy

I've been Planning, ha ha, whether anything happens or not is another thing altogether I dragged out my contented tummy books and searched through all of the freezable recipes, the best way to survive winter on afternoons, Yep, frozen dinner so I have written myself a long list of things to buy so that I can make a few soups and stews to take to work and if I don't take them all I might be able to convince the boy to take one every now and then, Have I mentioned before he is on permanent afternoons don't think I have but well he is and like I did today takes fruit for dinner, with both of us on shift not much really great cooking happens, neither of us could really be bothered to cook dinner and hour or so before going to work so it doesn't happen.
Last year I went on a soup making frenzy and ended up with a freezer full of different soup, by the way if anyone has the contented tummy cook book, the original one I mean, I really don't recommend the mushroom soup. I looove Mushys I'll happily throw a kilo of them in a fry pan or microwave and eat the lot but this soup is very strange perhaps a little too mushroomy or something maybe I did something wrong maybe its because I don't have a blender and used a stick wizzer I don't know but I still have some of that in the freezer, all of the others were great for lunch or quick dinner
I got dragged out of bed early this morning for a walk yet another long way to the shops, today has been one of those throwaway days sausage roll for breakfast sausage sandwiches for lunch and sweet potato fruit and yogurt for dinner tomorrow will be better

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maybe its one of those days/weeks/months/years

I'm a bit slow today I probably went to bed a bit late last night, but then that's what you do on afternoon shift isn't it?
I need some bits for my Bonnie, She's ridable but I really should get these bits changed I might just take her for a ride tomorrow and get some juice if it's as low as it was tonight, she only takes premium unless they don't have any but she doesn't like the standard unleaded very much,
anyway for some reason today one of my bottom muscles was very sore and one of those places where you don't realise how much you use that muscle until it gets sore I haven't done any real exercise this week so I'll have to put it down to work (Bloody Trains) gotta be better than hurting my back though.
I'm feeling much Brighter today I was so stressed yesterday the poor boy threw one of my easi Yo lunch takers out because he thought it was a disposable thing, I must have screamed at him for at least 10 minutes about why you think before you throw things out,
I felt so bad when I realised what I was doing its just a little plastic container for goodness sake get over it, Buy another one if it's that important. Oh well he said he's used to it when I appologised gee am I really that bad every month

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I know too much information but unusually this time I and very grumpy and uptight and cramped. Naprogesic is my very good friend at the moment. I am guessing it's more to do with lack of water I really need to drink more I drink way too much coffee and no water. I also have been nibbling on chocolate like it's going out of style.

Over the last two days I have done 22197 steps, 17222 of those were yesterday most of today I didn't have my pedometer on, not that I did much walking anyway (see above paragraph)

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays posts

Mistie Moo (Love that nick) The pics were first put together in paint just like the pics Rae does then saved in Photobucket then I found the section in the code which controls the background for the header which looks like this
#header {
margin:0 auto;
background: #fff url( bottom left repeat-x; }

the address in the brackets is where the pics live I need to change it a little looking at Farmgirl fare's code so that the picture wont keep trying to repeat I did have the Ms Moto template with this pic on it but the background on that does funny things and was too frustrating to change, I want to get the heading to stay the same size no matter what your text size setting are ... another frustrating thing to do

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Like sands through the hour glass...

I missed posting yesterday, I've been trying to keep it up everyday mostly because it, getting my thoughts out into the world, helps even out my moods a little (I'm not that moody I just have dark days) and also if I don't this page will end up like all of my hobbies seem to, forgotten, anyway, I lost 0.3 this week brining me back to 76kg, I haven't made a ticker not sure if I really want to,

on Sunday night the boy's mate came over which of course means the boy drank more than usual and well didn't stop until he went to bed, I hate it when he does this it would be fine if he always got really annoying and then fell asleep but most of the time he gets sadder than he already is and carried on and on about all sorts of things one being that I met someone else online (I haven't) and should go and live with him If I want to spend so much time e-mailing he'll find ...... I'm not going to go there but it involved my lack of cleaning cooking and bedroom skills, I had a WW pudding, then decided to cook dinner I tried a chicken idea with drumsticks pasta sauce and pasta he wasn't interested but I eventually convinced him to eat which has to be a good thing because he went straight to bed......... around 11 he woke up and was still carrying on about how messy the house is, we had a long discussion which involved many tears on my side and lots of confusion on his (why should a person cry when their efforts to change their ways are not only unrecognised but they still receive the same criticism)
Anyway I have agreed that I spend way too much time on the computer and so yesterday only spent time checking my emails for some things on eBay we went out to dinner with my dad (mum is on holiday with her best friend) It seems the RTA has yet again changed its ID system without advertising it too well so the boys birthcard and phone bill weren't enough for him to join the club anymore, the poor lady at the desk coped a lot of complaint It was rather embarrassing but very unfair on the part of the RTA seeing as though he has been trying to get a proper addressed ID for ages did you know if you are over 25 you cannot get an 18+ card how stupid is that well now they have a plain old ID card I'm guessing enough people who being born in other states and unable to get a licence and over 25 were without any ID and complained seeing as though you need some form of ID to get into most clubs these days
Today was back to work 0645 what sort of fool decides we should start work that early I was hoping to get home and finish the service on the Bonnie which I started yesterday but I worked back today and didn't get home till after dark so it will have to wait

Sunday, July 09, 2006

winter views on the way home

ok so I know that you aren't supposed to use mobile phones in cars but these views were too awesome to miss, with my hold in general direction and click method I unfortunatley missed the awesome view of the Light Horse Interchange shrouded in fog, I might try one day when I am a passenger if that ever happens

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yup as much as I like night shift I hate that nothing gets done, My biggest achievement today was a nice big walk with the boy and the woofs I did run a little, Girly likes to run, Champ well he's another story I tried to get him to run with me but he wouldn't even have a go, so champy is definatley a walking only dog.

I didn't get around to servicing the bonne so I'll be driving the ute to work again grrrrr I don't like driving on night shift except for the fact that I have the heater, I don't feel as alert in the car,

I made soup yesterday from a soup pack, It had carrots, potatoes, onion, some white carrot looking vegie I can't remember the name of and a chunk of another white vegie which I have no idea of what it is, any way it was way too carroty, I like the vegie soup mum makes with pumpkin and broccolli and well whatever vegies she happens to have in the fridge this one wasn't even close, maybe I should have thrown some pumpkin in

Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday is shopping day is everybody happy....

Ok so the song doesn't quite go like that but you get the idea, I've been shopping this morning and we finally have fresh food again, and a freezer full of frozen veg and meat I looked at their (very small) range of plastic ware and bought 2, 1.8 ltr containers, I'll see what fits well in those then I might head off to howards or target or kmart next time think they will have more of a range, I bought some fresh gnocchi and sauce for lunch thats really good stuff Gnocchi I mean I though pasta made out of potato would be a bit strange, the longest part of cooking it was getting the water to boil too easy

My new gaskets from NZ arrived today so I'll be able to have another crack at getting the little beastie running, tomorrow I plan on servicing the big beastie I copied my workshop manual for one of the boys at work the other day he works on bikes on the side, usually the older bikes, he is helping a bloke out who has the same model as I do but wants more power out of it or something like that anyway he was very happy to have his own copy and said he will loan me the special tools for doing the clutch with when he gets them made up so it looks like my money box is going towards a new clutch kit, rather than the tools for the clutch first, but until then I will have to plod along do a basic service, it's been sitting in the shed for a few weeks because I couldn't be bothered getting my bum out there in the freezing cold shed the poor neglected baby, I might drag my nice new fan heater out there

I also got my new wireless keyboard and mouse set today so I don't have to sit so close to the screen Its pretty good too

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Notice something different??

I've been playing around with templates for a few hours its getting to the frustrating stage where I can't get things to do what I want them to so this is it for now, until I figure out how to create one from start to finish, which will be twice as frustrating or find the things that I want to be on the page, any way back to the important stuff I cooked the lamb shanks last night for dinner I did the whole dinner in the microwave, and guess what I make really good cheese sauce :-) even if I do say so myself, I've always avoided making white sauce because I thought it was too complicated but thanks to my daddy who gave me a Common sense cookery book a few years ago, I dragged it out and dusted it of and found cheese sauce...... Ok so white sauce with cheese in it along with other variations, I made it for the boy who only had a little piece of his lamb shank and decided it was part of the animal that he shouldn't be eating, Like kidney, lambs fry, brains etc yet he happily munches on black pudding for breakfast, he claims it has nothing to do with the taste, oh well he liked the sauce on his vegies

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kitchen clean up time

I got pretty bored this afternoon so I decided to clean out the kitchen which happens to be another clutter pit I now only have plastic containers with lids and also a lid with no container, I am hoping it will be around somewhere probably tucked away in an obvious place like on top of a table or in the wrong cupboard, anyway I have decided I need more containers to make things more organised, as much as I love the tupperware it is very expensive so I think I might just buy 1 appropriate container each time I go shopping but I may buy the odd piece of tupperware from my friend,
now if you followed earlier posts about the dreaded tupperware party which really wasn't so bad you will remember that I had trouble getting numbers here is No. 1 reason for this, about a week b4 I went to my cousins party and played the game which landed me with one I went to one of my family friends inaugural party.... So anyone in that circle I couldn't invite because it may upset my friend or her mother or father who my brother works with because she is really struggling to get bookings, any way not good, but I do like the clicky microwave containers though and I might ask her for some of those and some of the other gizmos I like, like the jelly mould, I was making jelly this afternoon and couldn't find an appropriate container for the jelly,
I am trying to cook a bit more I'm still deciding what to have for dinner, Friday is shopping day so you can imagine how much food we have left in the house, plenty of bases but not much decent to ad to them I will probably got for the microwave lamb shanks that we have in the fridge I like the microwave lamb stuff especially the ribs but they are very fatty,
If you don't have microwave lamb in your shop basically it is either ribs or shanks which have been slow cooked and sauce added the one in the fridge is apricot they are so tender I haven't had the shanks b4 but if you get the ribs you can't break them apart with the bones because they just slide out of the meat
anyway back to the clean kitchen, in search of an appropriate container to set my jelly in I found an oven set which I bought a while ago because it had ramekins and a casserole dish as well as a rectangle and a square and a quiche dish they were pretty grotty , have I mentioned that we have a roach problem, so I pulled them out of the dark corner cupboard and cleaned them up I cleaned the shelf which used to hold the good crockery which eventually became everyday crockery and now it is all in view, While I was at it I opened the box of Pyrex that the boy's brother and family gave us as a house warming gift (The boy is going to freak he wanted to give it to them when they move into their new house) and put it all up on the same shelf so now there is no reason (other than lack of ingredients) that I can't make some interesting meals, between the two sets I have 2 different sized long and square dishes 2 pie/quiche dishes 4 small ramekins a loaf dish and a 1/2 liter jug. I also got around to cleaning the fridge, I found

  • 1 iffy carrot which went in the rubbish bag

  • 1 squishy rockmelon which went in the rubbish bag

  • a lite'n'easy bag with some ham in it which went in the rubbish bag

  • an open tin of tuna which went in the rubbish bag

  • an out of date open tub of dip which went in the rubbish bag

  • a squishy apple which went in the rubbish bag

  • an open tin of skim condensed milk which went in the rubbish bag
  • an open packet of sausages which I put in to a container
  • some onions which are trying to grow I left them there
  • a bottle of Sunstone luscious fruity red with approximately 100mls in it (I wonder if its still good)

I now have a very empty looking tidy fridge hopefully It will stay that way for a while HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right

I'm off to find some dinner and maybe look at organising the freezer I wonder if it would be easier to put my meat in containers rather than freezer bags Hmmmmmmm

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Walking walking walking

I have done 12086 steps today, and I think I don't have an active job, Ok soe i only did my 10000 at work the rest are around here, I took the woofs for a long walk again today I'm starting to feel it now , It was starting to rain so I was walking pretty fast so we could get wet as little as possible I felt much better today after a decent sleep, after I posted last night I went and had a nap, headache gone so must have been lack of sleep, I have the next 2 days off so I will try to fit a few more walks in before I go back to work on friday night

Monday, July 03, 2006

Back to work

I went back to work today...... I'm soooo tired People just aren't meant to be up that early in the morning unless they haven't made it to bed yet
anyway half way through the day I got a killer headache I haven't figured out what caused it yet I'm guessing lack of water or lack of coffee or even lack of sleep....hmmmmmm Sleep What a good Idea..... I made sushi yesterday for lunch today, It worked out pretty well but I think the real trick is to slightly overcook the rice with too much water so it gets a bit gluggy the roll I had today kept falling apart because I just cooked the rice, If that makes any sense. I usually overcook rice any way and the rice cooker usually overflows in the microwave, I have decided that I need a different rice cooker so when my little love hearts say 5kgs lost I will buy myself a nice microwave rice cooker with the double lid which stops it from spilling so much in the microwave, My current one will still be very good for things like broccoli Which don't require water to cook
I know I am going to have trouble walking this week or at least for the next two days especially if I am going to be this tired I knew there was a reason that I like afternoons or nights

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Not so bad

Wow!!! People actually read this thing !!!! Thanks for the encouragement Jen and Berrie :-) any way I thought it would be another gain today but I have stayed the same, that's gotta be good Now I think it was Donna who said something about celebrating every success whether it be loss, stay the same or just a bad week that didn't end up so bad, so I have decided that since I know I have made bad choices last week yet I exercised more than usual and stayed the same I will reward myself, Mostly for the exercise, I will definitely be buying myself a small fan heater for the computer room, the little window AC in the kitchen is working its little heart out trying to warm the whole house while I use only one room which also happens to be the furthest away from the AC I can almost hear the Watt hour meter ticking over as I type...

any way on to the important stuff The boy dragged me out for a walk this morning girly was ready and rearing to go, she knows she is not allowed to go outside the gate without a lead or harness on but as soon as I put her halti on she went straight to the gate and sat there looking at me while I locked up, Champ was another matter he really doesn't like the halti and pulls away every time I try to put it on him, I suspect that he does not like walks very much especially at this time of year
It was a good 45 min walk around the extra big block to the servo to get the paper. At the reserve...... there are High tension power lines that cut our street in half where the towers are there are reserves that go between the streets following the path of the lines to where ever it is that they go, I intend to ride my pushbike as far as possible one day ......We let the dogs run of lead for a bit I ran with them for a little they loved it , Got home for bacon and beans, I had another go at making the little beastie go I bought some gasket paper made a gasket, It tried but just wouldn't start either my gasket making skills leave something to be desired or there is something else wrong with it my search will continue next weekend or when I have a few days off during the week I may end up pulling the whole thing apart and starting again we'll see

This week I...

  • Walked the dogs 3 times
  • had no block chocolate(except from the samples lady at coles)
  • missed no or very few meals
  • had double blend hot choc with turkish delight flavour and 4 marshmallows almost every night

Next week I intend to ......

  • keep walking the dogs
  • make my lunch for the 2 dayshifts
  • cook half decent dinners
  • Not miss any meals

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sweet and pretty

This is the Pretty its this new skirt the boy bought for me today the pic doesn't show it very well but there are sparkles on it, I don't have many skirts probably because I'm usually doing something unladylike(riding a bike, climbing ladders etc...) and skirts just aren't appropriate I'll have to do something about those lilly white legs of mine though

Here's the sweet yes I had to have a piece yes I did enjoy it tomorrow is another day and the start of another week :-)


Today is one of those throw away days, we went out for lunch to red rooster I had a strip sub meal but only ate a few chips and half the drink(No They didn't have any diet vanilla coke ) I got home after a bit of shopping and a cuppa with mum and dad and logged it into the new planner I am officially over my weekly points buy at least 7 and that's allowing for all of the walking around the shops, Its amazing how much a place can change in a year, anyway BBQ'd satay chicken sticks for dinner tonight then we'll get back into things