Monday, July 03, 2006

Back to work

I went back to work today...... I'm soooo tired People just aren't meant to be up that early in the morning unless they haven't made it to bed yet
anyway half way through the day I got a killer headache I haven't figured out what caused it yet I'm guessing lack of water or lack of coffee or even lack of sleep....hmmmmmm Sleep What a good Idea..... I made sushi yesterday for lunch today, It worked out pretty well but I think the real trick is to slightly overcook the rice with too much water so it gets a bit gluggy the roll I had today kept falling apart because I just cooked the rice, If that makes any sense. I usually overcook rice any way and the rice cooker usually overflows in the microwave, I have decided that I need a different rice cooker so when my little love hearts say 5kgs lost I will buy myself a nice microwave rice cooker with the double lid which stops it from spilling so much in the microwave, My current one will still be very good for things like broccoli Which don't require water to cook
I know I am going to have trouble walking this week or at least for the next two days especially if I am going to be this tired I knew there was a reason that I like afternoons or nights

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jen said...

A shift worker ehhhh, sux ehhhh? Ohhh well, good luck and keep trying. And ohhhhhhhh those rice steamers for microwaves are the bestest, only way I can cook rice !!!

Keep smiling,