Sunday, July 02, 2006

Not so bad

Wow!!! People actually read this thing !!!! Thanks for the encouragement Jen and Berrie :-) any way I thought it would be another gain today but I have stayed the same, that's gotta be good Now I think it was Donna who said something about celebrating every success whether it be loss, stay the same or just a bad week that didn't end up so bad, so I have decided that since I know I have made bad choices last week yet I exercised more than usual and stayed the same I will reward myself, Mostly for the exercise, I will definitely be buying myself a small fan heater for the computer room, the little window AC in the kitchen is working its little heart out trying to warm the whole house while I use only one room which also happens to be the furthest away from the AC I can almost hear the Watt hour meter ticking over as I type...

any way on to the important stuff The boy dragged me out for a walk this morning girly was ready and rearing to go, she knows she is not allowed to go outside the gate without a lead or harness on but as soon as I put her halti on she went straight to the gate and sat there looking at me while I locked up, Champ was another matter he really doesn't like the halti and pulls away every time I try to put it on him, I suspect that he does not like walks very much especially at this time of year
It was a good 45 min walk around the extra big block to the servo to get the paper. At the reserve...... there are High tension power lines that cut our street in half where the towers are there are reserves that go between the streets following the path of the lines to where ever it is that they go, I intend to ride my pushbike as far as possible one day ......We let the dogs run of lead for a bit I ran with them for a little they loved it , Got home for bacon and beans, I had another go at making the little beastie go I bought some gasket paper made a gasket, It tried but just wouldn't start either my gasket making skills leave something to be desired or there is something else wrong with it my search will continue next weekend or when I have a few days off during the week I may end up pulling the whole thing apart and starting again we'll see

This week I...

  • Walked the dogs 3 times
  • had no block chocolate(except from the samples lady at coles)
  • missed no or very few meals
  • had double blend hot choc with turkish delight flavour and 4 marshmallows almost every night

Next week I intend to ......

  • keep walking the dogs
  • make my lunch for the 2 dayshifts
  • cook half decent dinners
  • Not miss any meals

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