Saturday, July 29, 2006

A big day followed by a big night followed by a big day

wow that's a big title, well I spent most of yesterday working on the vegie garden moving 6 bricks at a time with the wheel barrow certainly makes for good exercise, I was going to do the chain and sprockets on the Bonnie but I decided that is not the sort of thing to rush before going to work and I had to drive anyway because dad wanted to borrow the ute (Oh the Joys of owning a ute),.
The boy spent the day making a super duper popper scooper since the old one was too small for the woofs business after a trip to bunnings for a 'few' things unfortunately I forgot to get some cement mix so my little brick wall will just have to hold itself up, don't worry there will be a dog resistant fence helping it, I will post some pics when it's finished that might be a while depending on what the tax man can do for me , we will need a load of dirt which will be a lot of fun, I'll also put a pic or a video of the backyard at some stage, If anyone has yet to figure out how to play the videos double click on them,
was a good night at work we got to do real work, Yaaay, ok so we got a call that the train which was in the city needed a new motor so we had to go to the workshop and get ready for it to come straight in for a motor change, very exciting normally they go for a couple of days they must have needed this one badly, it made the night go quickly too
I went to mum and dads to swap cars and stayed for tuna and cheese on toast, they have got a new pergola over their spa so we had to test it out, of course, By the time we got out it was almost 1 o'clock I still had half a Black Russian left so I left that to dad and went home, I really don't like mums car it's touchy and small and very low

got home the boy was listening to tunes and having a few beers with the woofs so I went to bed, the boy came to bed much later and woke up around 930 with a big hang over, after a drive to pick up a few things we thought about going for a nap and decided against it we went to the markets instead, we did really well we bought a banana cake, a tea cake and a bag of grapes, nothing silly that might come in handy or might look good here or there, so, I have decided next week we sure going to do our vegie shop at the markets there are so many shops to choose from and most of them will let you taste some of the fruit before you buy it not something that coles and wollies like, mum and dad said that we should get our fruit and veg together which for certain things will save $$$ by buying boxes of whatever rather than a kilo here or a kilo there

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