Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maybe its one of those days/weeks/months/years

I'm a bit slow today I probably went to bed a bit late last night, but then that's what you do on afternoon shift isn't it?
I need some bits for my Bonnie, She's ridable but I really should get these bits changed I might just take her for a ride tomorrow and get some juice if it's as low as it was tonight, she only takes premium unless they don't have any but she doesn't like the standard unleaded very much,
anyway for some reason today one of my bottom muscles was very sore and one of those places where you don't realise how much you use that muscle until it gets sore I haven't done any real exercise this week so I'll have to put it down to work (Bloody Trains) gotta be better than hurting my back though.
I'm feeling much Brighter today I was so stressed yesterday the poor boy threw one of my easi Yo lunch takers out because he thought it was a disposable thing, I must have screamed at him for at least 10 minutes about why you think before you throw things out,
I felt so bad when I realised what I was doing its just a little plastic container for goodness sake get over it, Buy another one if it's that important. Oh well he said he's used to it when I appologised gee am I really that bad every month

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