Friday, September 28, 2007

a new kitchen toy

the old electric kettle has been banished from the kitchen due to its habit of attracting roaches it has been replaced by this

a small dilema - I want a wheel chair

ok I'm going to get a little distracted - I smell devon, at least I think its devon, it could be butcher rissoles(yum) I have been smelling it all day wish I knew where it was and what it is

Now where was I yes thats right .... Gummibear's bridal shower is on tomorrow...... I looked up where her new house is (gummibear and her DF bought a house Yay!) its on the other side of the next suburb, I looked up 131500 the sydney public transport trip calculator, I can walk 200mtrs then catch 2 busses and walk another 900mtrs :'-( (note to any of the Blogger team out there - I want little yellow smilieys like some forums and email have) thus the wish for wheelchair or even crutches either would make my traveling easier, I can walk to the stop at the end of the street but not almost a Km, I also wish to go to the shop to get a book for gummibear which would mean a bus then shop then train then bus :-S thinking the last bus may be replaced by a taxi or the whole trip replaced by a lift from the boy on the back of his bike :-S I don't like that Idea much

Thursday, September 27, 2007

food and exercise again

well it sorta fell apart yesterday but here goes

0630 crossant + blueberry muffin
0830 yoghurt
0840 fell over spraining my ankle and receiving grazes to my knee and elbow
1745 cup a soup hearty spanish tomato flavour wouldn't recomend it)
1830 red rooster tropicana pack + fanta
0030 mug of milo

exercise hobbling to first aid, then to psuedo ambulance then upstairs to see doc then downstair for transport back to work then to office then in front gate at home

today is looking healthier

1030 2 weet bix and milk(despite the boy telling me lunch would be ready in an hour ands I don't want to blow out cause his brother said E never managed to loose her baby weight... seriously E has alot of heath problems and excuses I am not E)
1215 roast lamb and vegies

Plan to add
1615 strawberries + vanilla yoghurt
1830 fried leftover vegies with chicken thigh

exercise hobbled to loo several times, hobbled around the shops for an hour after visiting doc

Off to get those strawberries and yoghurt

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I fell over ;'-(

yep clumsy me again fell over at work this time I lost some skin and sprained an ankle.... by the time I leave the place I should have found all of the trip hazard for them

The boy is now pushing even harder for me to finish work in the middle of october instead of the start of november grrrr

I'm going to bed I've had enough of today

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hmmm a food and exercise diary

I have been asked by my midwife to fill out a three day food and exercise diary.... it will be dificult not to lie.

today I had
0500 1bowl of porridge
o900 3 biscuits
1230 1 Chicken snitzel swiss cheese and sweet chilli sandwich (silly lady at the shop was supposed to have avacado insted of sweet chilli
1300 fruit salad and yogurt

so far thats it I did about 15 minutes of walking I am thinking tuna and cheese jaffels for dinner even though I really want a Mc Chicken, its too far to walk right now

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally went shopping

I finally did it I finally got around to shopping, the two SILs offered a while ago but they took too long and didn't contact me oh well I now have some summery clothes that actually fit

mission 1 was to find a dress - nothing fancy just something I don't feel embarrased to wear at the shops or to hang out the washing

mission completed I now have 2 dresses, I may even take the risk of wearing them to work and home again since I catch the train no and all

mission 2 find something to wear to and from work

Mission completed I now have a nice pair of 3/4 pants and a simple skirt and a kaftan style top, I plan to find more in the way of tops

Mission 3 Find an outfit for gummibear's wedding

Mission complete really pretty top and a super comfy black skirt

damage ...... since I don't get paid till thursday I owe dad $300 and I also, owe mastercard an extra $50, not really debts that I wanted but I'll manage, the boys who came to look at the car said they were interested in bidding on it hopefully a few other people will bid too it ends tomorrow if I get 8000 or close I will be very happy because that means that much extra to go on the master card which means we will own our bed very quickly especially with the insurance money back after we sell the ute and the ute repayments going on it and I won't have to worry about any more debts other than the house of course for a long time.... we are considering using the baby bonus or part there of to buy a small car but that won't be until much later, well after baby arrives how will we cope with out a car? probably the same way we did before we got the ute, borrow, hire or use public transport

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

insert title here

I can't think of any thing that fits..... for that matter I have very little that fits :-S.

But to start on a better feeling I'd like to congratulate Rae and Duane on the birth of Xavier(that is such a great name :-D) and I'd like to thank Tinydonna and Jen for posting the news

Now on to the fit issue, I saw a lovley dress in pumpkin patch I went and looked at it twice it was a little more expensive than I would like but if it fitted I wanted it, when I tried it on I found a very interesting thing has happened my awkward to fit bit has moved .... ok so that bit is not affected by dresses anyway, the awkwardness is in my lower back, I either have a very sticking out bum or a sway back ...... it is now my boobs :-( I tried a Medium and it fit everywhere but the chest I was sorta squished in, I tried a large and it gaped at the chest grrrrrrr so mum and I are going shopping to find something that fits it dosen't have to be fancy just something nicer than my work clothes at te end of the day

I'm getting tired of trying to sell the ute I should have just sold it while the boys bike was broken. this week I have a bloke who sent his brother to look at it and based on what his supposed expert brother said he offered me well below the value or the price I want then agreed to pay my minimum but complained about it being under finance, I told his brother that it was, and didn't trust me to pay the loan out X-( next time he rings I'll tell him I've had a better offer I really don't need tyo deal with people like that, especially when without looking at it someone has placed a bid on e-bay no questions for the minimum price that I will accept and there are 4 watchers I plan to pull ads from elsewere and see what happens

Thursday, September 06, 2007

rain rain go away

I'm tired of the rain, for months and months we get half a drop, today we had 3.6mm before 9am and probably that much everyday this week, I can't go for a walk, I can't do the washing, I have no motivation to do any of the other things that I had planned this week. the whole reason that I kept this week is so that I could do things I normally dont have the time or energy for.

tomorrow is a public holiday only in the sydney basin, I'm not impressed, I was planning to go and visit a friends in newcastle then I realised that they don't have a public holiday there.......Grrr

14 weeks to go, which means either 10 or 8 weeks till I stop work depending on how I feel

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

anyone for silverbeet???

the boy got into my vegie garden today...... grrrr....... he pulled all of the plants out he's planting corn and redesigning the vegie area of the yard so that I can have raised beds :-)

raised beds also mean I can grow ground dewlling and root veggies much more easily, I'm looking forward to giving carrots ago I'd like to grow lettuce and broccolli too I did manage to get some to grow this year (brocolli that is but I didn't pick it so it went to flower, very pretty tiny yellow flowers :-D, I will in the not too distant future be spending quite a bit more time at home so it will be nice to have something to drag me outside in the sunshine

I didn't get around to going to bunnings so no mulch and no cork :-S I did stop by coles on the way home and think I might make lemon slice tonight and maybe carrot cake but i'll probably stick with the slice then bed

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

exercise is important

I made a big leap again today :-)

I rang the fitness center to find out about aquarobics :-), now that I am on permenant dayshift for a while and I'm not walking around at work so much and I am no longer comfortable walking the dogs on my own (if anyone has seen my physical strength could you please send it back to me I really miss it) I asked mum if she would walk the dogs with me of an afternoon, she has recently develpoed arthur in her ankle (good reason not to wear high heels ever) and cant walk so far anymore especially not with one of our dogs :-( but she suggested aquarobics, hopefully we can get it happening mondays and thursdays or something like that

cootamundra was really nice we are seriously considering moving there if
a) we win lotto/powerball
b)we inherit alot of money or suddenly develop really good budgeting skills.
we went on a bus trip around the town, it surprised me that they have an olympic sized swimming pool, most country towns I have been to only have 25mtr jobbys, they also have alot of sporting grounds and they play every code of football that I know of, not that I'm into football but I don't think we have every code avaliable to us here. Another plus is that we could get a house on twice the block that we have for around half the price thats gotta be a good thing

I'm thinking if its a nice day tomorrow I might attack our somewhat overgrown garden and get a couple of those mulch cubes, the ones where you just add water and there you have a barrow full of mulch while I'm there I'll be looking for cork board material the boy wants to make one wall of the dining room a cork board for all of those important bits of paper