Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to August

Well It's the first day of august Yaaaaaaay, It's and appropriately named month I think I'm not sure about anywhere else but this is when we get the big gusts of wind hahahaha today funnily enough was not all that windy but yesterday was, It makes an awesome noise the wind everything has a sound when it blows really hard yesterday Our Hammock was getting caught in the wind, here's a pic of My little Brother in the Hammock, I cut his Mohawk so he could get $60 for a dare then he kept it till the Korn concert

the Hammock makes a similar noise to corrugated plastic pipe being swung around, the shed rattles and bangs, the trees Shush and creak and the washing dries really quickly

I haven't got around to taking any pics of my shiny clean rear end (on the bike ) or what should be done on Wednesdays and Thursdays still thinking, I forgot that today was Tuesday so nothing has been thrown out yet , Rae I would love to throw out the old scales but apparently they are "good German scales" so they will go on the Boys side of the bed until he gets sick of them and does something with them

I have to admit the last few days have been very junky Bacon and egg sangas for brunch one day was KFC the other ( yesterday ) was hungry jacks which resulted in a trip to KK and almost half a doz original glaze, no I don't feel guilty, I refuse to feel bad over food its just not right, as mum once said about me, I could never be Aneorexic I just like food too much, But I do know that these are things that should be kept to a minimum, I will not go back to eating fast food every day for most meals, I like cooking even if the boy picks on me about my cook books and lack of adventure in the kitchen, but I don't like the tiding up bit and our kitchen is too small to be washing and cooking at the same time so the old clean as you go method just doesn't work

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