Monday, June 12, 2006

Lying scales

Ok so I gained 0.5 this week, half a kilo, 500grams after jumping on anf off them all day hoping to see a lower amount I think I need better scales . But this week:

  • I didn't walk the dogs
  • I ate chocolate 3 days
  • I had a masive pizza binge (gotta love that real turkish pizza)
  • I skipped lunch or breakfast at least 3 days

Next week I aim to:

  • walk the dogs at least once
  • find my pedometer and start my 10,000 step challenge
  • eat three meals a day
  • not have takeaway dinner

1 comment:

Rae said...

half a kilo? pah! It's not too much, and i am pretty sure you enjoyed that pizza, so it's all good! cos no pizza this week, and three meals a day and i KNOW you can do it!! :)
go go go!!!
and remember, once a week on the scales if you can! otherwsie it just messes with your head!!
Rae :)