Monday, June 26, 2006

Why I miss meals

I thought after all of these week of posting about me missing meals I had better explain myself just in case anyone thinks I'm doing so on purpose.The main reason I miss breakfast is simply that I get up way to late to bother with breakfast and go straight into lunch, the other reason is similar to one that causes me to I miss lunch, then there are the days that I get up with plenty of time but just don't feel like anything, eg: I feel like bacon and egg muffin but we have no bacon and no muffins so I don't bother making anything.

main reason I miss lunch is when I'm on dayshift I don't make it the day before or I do make it but I forget to take it, It's an hour trip to work in the morning way to long to turn back half way and buying lunch is just too expensive (average bought lunch for me is $10) for the same reason I occasionally miss breakfast on dayshift, when I'm not on days see as for egg and bacon muffin
why I miss dinner? well see lunch but change day for afternoon and see egg and bacon muffin example

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