Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To the boy

I love you with everything I have but sometimes you rip all of that to shreds, today you read my blog because I left the screen open. This is not the problem, today you also questioned who can read this, I replied, anyone who wants to, you went off on a tangent about how there is an awful lot of personal stuff in there and how your sister in law might read it and be offended by my bagging out their parenting, one thing you must understand is that this is my own personal view on the world thus MY JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN.
I am currently a 23 year old lady who with you has grown from a 19 year old girl who lived with my eyes closed, you have opened my eyes and made me aware of the ways people are different and see things differently.
The views I have expressed and until the 27th of November will express are those of me aged 23, yes your sister inlaw may be able to read this but most people I have mentioned blogging to have instantly asked "what's a blog?" I think I'm pretty safe on that bet, if she does read it I expect her also to understand that these are my current views and they may change in the future I do not say these things directly to her because I Know it is not my place to tell people how to raise their kids especially since I have none, But, this is my place to let those thoughts out to release them into the world. Let the world think what it will

Love Always
Your Grumpy Little Wombat

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