Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Little beastie

I didn't get the little beastie going, but I did find out exactly why she wont run, it turns out my very first assumption was right, the head gasket is blown see the picture, the assumption I was working on which involved the parts from dubbo was that the carby was broken, for those who aren't into this stuff, the black bits outside the hole are the only pieces of the gasket left, with out the gasket there is no vacuum or something like that, any way it stops the pieces of metal having a tight seal, fuel comes in but too much air and well... She don't run The boy suggested using some cereal box to fix it with, I suggested that I use gasket goo instead but he shook his head and wouldn't say why not to use it so I have ordered the replacement part from NZ and will wait until it arrives to get the beastie going again hopefully it won't be too long there might be a trip into town before then.
There is only one British spares shop left in Sydney and that is on the verge of closing, basically their prices are high and there is no parking, I usually park my bike on the foot path out the front, buying from NZ is cheaper even with postage firstly because of the exchange rate and secondly because it's overseas I don't pay GST making it 10% cheaper all the time

apart from the slight disappointment of not being able to repair the bike I had a pretty good day, I got up around 05:45 had breakfast woke the dogs up and went for a walk, It is absolutely freezing I was thinking the poor dogs need booties because my hands were cold and they weren't on the cold concrete the poor things really didn't want to sit and Champ just didn't want to go for a walk at all, The poor baby is a little lazy but he is getting a little tubby/cuddly so the walks are good for him too

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