Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Me and mum

This is a pic of me and my mum :-) I think it is at my brothers 18th birthday which was in march since then mum has lost 11.5 kgs.......Yes I am very proud of my mum :-D........

for some reason there are an awful lot of pictures taken while we are eating hmmm maybe that's a hint or perhaps just a coincidence I can't wait to see mum back at least to a size 16 although I know that before I came along she was even smaller than that

....... I remember the day a few days before mothers day a few years ago I was in grace brothers(now myer) looking for some cute jammies every rack that I looked on the maximum size was 18 I almost burst into tears right then and there mum was a 20 I couldn't buy any jammies in that size no matter where I looked eventually I made my way to bras and things where the wonderful lady at the shop found me a Matching underwear set which even though it was a size 18 she assured me it was a loose fit mum was wrapped it was her first ever matching set of pretty underwear you wouldn't believe how happy I was or how happy I will be to be able to find some cute jammies that will fit my mum

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All the best in your quest to attain your ideal weight ;-)