Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Scales

I went shopping with mum today she wanted new jeans, she didn't get any they were all too long in the crutch ???? I thought jeans were supposed to be that way to allow movement, anyway I got 2 new tracksuits (I will start walking more really I will) and ...A new set fo WW scales, the old ones only measure in 0.5kg increments the new ones measure in 0.05 increments I figure eventually I will get to a stage where I am loosing too little to be picked up by the old scales but the new ones will show something

thanks for the message Rae I will drag myself at least across the road tomorrow and ask the lady that lives there she seems nice enough, they call our dogs the twins :-D funny cause that's what they are, I still have to ring old aunty and my cousin, I got stuck talking to an old school friend till it was too late to ring anyone else. The boy suggested that my friend and I get together and do something each week, she mentioned Kareoke (spelling) not to sing but to watch sounds like a good night out.

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