Tuesday, June 13, 2006

yaaay Breakfast, Dinner out and a vent

I found another thing I can cook without burning it (I'm getting good at this) Porridge, I love porridge for breakfast, I never used to it might have been the brown sugar that was expected to go on it, along with the cream or maybe because mum always made it with water rather than milk. I make it with milk yesterday for a bit of an experiment I threw some sliced strawberrys in the pot too ....YUM .... it came out just as good as those instant flavoured packets but with bits of strawberry through it

we went out for dinner on sunday night to the band club, Its all you can eat but they don't haev piles of stuff just a little bit of everything which goes quickly and is replaced with more as soon as it is gone so everything is fresh and delicious. after dinner we went back to mum and dad's for a splash in the pond the poor boy was sick so he wouldn't go in mum and dad wrapped him up in one of dads jumpers and his driving hat (I'll explain that another time) and gave him a brandy coffee to sit under the patio heater with he looks very heartbeat

Yesterday we went for a BBQ at the in laws, I guess thats what they call them the boy and I aren't married so things like that are confusing, any way they have a three year old daughter who can add...?????.... when she takes too long her father says 'your a bit slow' :-o, Bloody hell Most three year olds I have met know the usuall nurserey rhymes and maybe what the numbers and letters look like and are and maybe they can do simple addition but their parents don't ask the what's x+y every five minutes, she is not allowed out side unless someone is with her despite them having no pets and no swimming pool and a huge window overlooking the very small backyard no wonder kids are getting overweight these days, after I warned her several times that the ice cream would fall of the stick if she didn't eat it (she lied to get the ice cream) her mother considered giving her another one when it did fall of the stick, the father said don't be silly it'll teach her to sit down and eat it rather than playing around with it in her hand. I asked the boy on the way home if I am ever that protective about any children we might have and if we have a three year old that we ask to add slap me, he agreed.

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