Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I can't find my phone I spent some of last night getting numbers from mum's phone book to call people about the TWparty on saturday now I can't find it or the keys to mum and dads place I'm sure I left it there, I rang it this morning and couldn't hear it.

So far we have mum, dad, dad's baby sister and me going, I was hoping to call my old aunty (dad's big sister) and maybe my grandmother and see if I can get a few cousins if I can't get any one I may resort to asking some of the ladys in the street ooooooh scary, anyone guess that I don't step outside my little square very much it's nice and comfortable in my little square no one can see me I can watch the world, ok so I'm not that bad I certainly make alot of "noise" when it comes to chat rooms and message boards occasionally I even turn my webcam on and attach a microphone, hey I might be able to bring myself to do a video blog one day HAHAHA yeah maybe

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Rae said...

do it! you know you can! step out of the box, and ask someone from your street!
tehehe, i have the same problem, it's so hard isn't it!
but you are conquering your weight, how hard could asking someone to a party be?!??! :)
good luck, and have fun!
Rae :)