Sunday, June 18, 2006

Crudy and cold

Been feeling pretty off today could be that I don't want to do anything or that I have not done anything, definatly not because there is nothing to do there is plenty to be done around here,

  • list the computer desk on e-bay so that I can bring the weight bench into the room,
  • sort out the boxes of crud so that I can set the weight bench up
  • clean the weight bench before I bring it in and set it up
  • clean and repaint the weights before I can use them
  • put the dry dishes away
  • wash the dirty dishes
  • fold the clothes and put them away
  • Make the bed
  • vacuum the lounge room and bedrooms
  • mop the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and sunroom
  • sort out the crud in this cupboard so that I can set up the printer
  • sort out the crud in my wardrobe
  • sort my clothes ( I noticed the other day my jeans are almost worn out in the crutch)

I have plenty to do just no drive to do it I hate it when I get Like this I'm having a tupperware party on saturday so the place needs to be spotless if I can afford it I'd like to get the pest man in and get the roaches gone, I hate the Idea of chemicals with the dogs enjoying chasing insects so much but it will have to be done

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