Thursday, June 15, 2006

mmmmmmmmmm warrrrrmmmm

We finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought and electric blanket, how awesome is it to get ino a nice warm bed and to be warm all night, has to be the best sleep I have had since winter.
We looked for three very important things , machine washable, fully fitted and anti hot spot/over heat device, found exactly what we wanted and it has a fleecy top too.

On the pedometer front My soggy one has dried out and started to work haven't checked it for accuracy yet but the new one was sent yesterday in an express bag so hopefully it will arrive today or tomorrow, I might offer the soggy one to mum if it proves accurate or keep it as a spare (I always forget where I put things)

I found a new way to have porridge to day I know it might sound really discusting but while I was making the porridge I threw in my daily allowance of club chocolate and sprinkled some chocichino on top in the bowl

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