Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting warmer

It has been getting warmer again today was bright and sunny and warm for a change, the dog was laying in the sun panting even, untill I convinced her to get out of the sun, I went for a walk to the shops today and decided that my girly sneaker looking shoes just don't cut it, they are great for going out in but for serious walking they are really bad. I am thinking about giving th couch to 5k challenge a go, it involves brisk walking with intervals of jogging untill you build up to a 5k run, but I will need some new shoes before then

I am hoping to get my little beasty running tomorrow I got a heap of parts from dubbo the other day so I should have the right bits to get it to work, I would be great to have it reliable enought o ride to work some times especially with the cost of fuel these days, the whole tank is only 8ltrs and part of that is oil, they have been known to run with old engine oil in the tank

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jen said...

Go for it girl, get those sneakers moving! I am slowly jogging a bit more on my morning walks and I enjoy it, heck knows when I last jogged before this journey of mine.

Go go go !!