Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Aid

I did a first aid course today, one that is aimed at motorcyclists. I now know how to take a helmet off without moving the persons head too much...... things have changed heaps though, now there is no pulse checking just breathing aparently they have discovered that CPR on a living person does not upset their heartbeat and may actualy help keep things going better also there is no two person technique it is 30 compressions to 2 breaths for everyone, if you have two people you take turns seems a much more economical way of doing things than the two man one breaths the other pumps method, that way you both don't get worn out and can go for longer if you have more people, the more the merrier and the longer you can go for also this time they say that you will not re-start a persons hearts using this method so they won't just wake up like they do in the movies, I was told a few months ago that it can happen, the paitent vomits then starts breathing on their own, or some thing like that... anyway It was a good day and every course I do I get more confident in the way things are done which may save someone oneday

I forgot my pedometer today so I can't log my steps I doubt that I did as many as yesterday since I was sitting in a classroom all day, tomorrow is weigh in day, hopefully I do better than last week.

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