Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Found 1 soggy pedometer

Guess what I found my pedometer today I thought it was in the pile of dirty clothes in the laundry hahahahahaha nope maybe in the pile of dirty clothes in the bedroom ....nope ... I'll go and hang out that load in the machine .... jeans jumpers thermals trackys ...."thunk" one slightly damp pedometer grrrrrr I don't think it will work again. I have bought a new Ubeute one to replace it the new one has a clock and a stop watch and it can tell me how far I have walked ...Please allow 28 days for postage........grrrrr

1 comment:

Berrie said...

hehheh NO good if you have a wet pedometor...hope that your new one doesnt take 28 days..love your blog it is a great read...
Berrie :)